Bitcoin has risen to $15,000+: Here are some other cryptocurrencies on the rise.

  • Zcash

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    Zcash is the first open, permissionless cryptocurrency that can fully protect the privacy of transactions using zero-knowledge cryptography.


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  • Ethereum

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    Ethereum is likely the second most popular cryptocurrency and digital asset based technology. Its uses are more diverse than Bitcoin, in that it acts as much more than a virtual currency meant to replace traditional methods of payment. It is a cryptocurrency that allows you to build and use smart contracts. Contracts which automatically arbitrate an exchange between two parties. There are a tremendous amount of use-cases and practical applications for this type of technology, and it really requires reading up more on Ethereum to truely appreciate and understand what it is able to accomplish.


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  • Bitcoin Cash

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    Differences of opinions and views between developers of the original Bitcoin source led to this fork, Bitcoin Cash, now a separate cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash was created in an effort to improve upon some of the deficiencies people thought existed in Bitcoin, such as block size.


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  • Litecoin

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    Similar to Bitcoin, but with a couple main differences. Litecoin aims to have faster transaction times, compared to Bitcoin, and Litecoin mining uses the Scrypt algorithm rather than the SHA 256 that Bitcoin uses. The goal of the different algorithm is to make Litecoin easier and more efficient to mine for the average user/miner.


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  • Monero

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    A cryptocurrency meant to be a replacement for Bitcoin. Monero was created to resolve the privacy and anonymity issues that Bitcoin transactions have, giving users an untraceable and completely private digital currency.


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  • Ripple

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    Ripple is a bit different from other cryptocurrencies and its name isn't often heard, however it is among the Top 5 most widely used cryptocurrencies. Ripple acts as both a payment network and a cryptocurrency and is meant to be an improvement in how current banks process transactions, aimed at financial instituions.


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  • Factom

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    Factom is built upon the Bitcoin Blockchain and is meant to be a data layer built on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain. What this means, and what Factom does, is provide a secure and reliable method of data verification and identification. Due to the way the blockchain works, it cannot be modified or deleted, this means that data stored on the blockchain can be easily verified and you can know that it was not tampered with nor modified in any way. This also allows you to verify the existence of data or information, without necessarily having to see the data or information, allowing privacy to be maintained.


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  • Storj

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    Think of Storj as the decentralized and distributed alternative to Dropbox. Storj is a cloud shared by the users. When you use Storj, you can rent out your extra hard drive space to the entire Storj network. This allows Storj users who are looking for cloud file storage to pay to rent that extra hard drive space. All the information is secure, private and encrypted.


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  • FileCoin

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    Similar to Storj, FileCoin is a blockchain based file storage service and network powered by the FileCoin cryptocurrency.


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  • Sia

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    Another cryptocurrency aimed at file storage, similar to FileCoin and Storj. Sia, however, aims to become more of an enterprise solution rather than targeted to the average consumer.


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  • Bitcoin

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    Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency. Peer-to-peer (P2P) means that there is no central authority to issue new money or keep track of transactions. Instead, these tasks are managed collectively by the nodes of the network.
    Bitcoins can be sent easily through the Internet, without having to trust middlemen.
    Transactions are designed to be computationally prohibitive to reverse.
    Be safe from instability caused by fractional reserve banking and central banks. The limited inflation of the Bitcoin system’s money supply is distributed evenly (by CPU power) throughout the network, not monopolized by banks.


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