Content Curation

  • Passle

    Commercial Web iPhone iPad Website

    A content marketing platform that turns busy experts into recognized thought leaders.


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  • Kadaza

    Free Web Android Website

    Kadaza is an easy-to-use and comprehensive webguide. Kadaza shows only the absolute best and most popular websites, covering hundreds of topics like news. You can keep your favorite and most frequently visited websites on the customizable homepage.


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  • ContentStudio

    Commercial Web Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Discover new, engaging & trending content for any industry or topic and schedule on multiple social media networks. .


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  • Neil - Personal Curator AI

    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Neil is a chatbot, a virtual assistant whose only goal is to find interesting stories for you to read.


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    Freemium Android iPhone Chrome Website

    Zest enables you to upskill your marketing talent through continuous digital marketing learning while limiting content clutter.

    Having built a community of 20,000+ monthly active marketers through a Chrome Extension, Zest is now a mobile native app that brings bite-sized knowledge-building experience on the go.

    Thanks to the community of contributors and moderators within Zest, the content delivered to your Content Stream on a daily basis doesn’t add to the feeling of content shock many marketing professionals are experiencing.

    Zest’s mobile app also has one huge advantage compared to the desktop version, and that is Zest Enlight. 🧠💡

    Zest Enlight is a premium, knowledge-building machine that allows you to tailor your self-learning path on a highly individualized level.

    Zest Enlight channels its curating potential with the power of AI to enable a personalized marketing learning experience for every member based on their learning preferences, schedule, and the topics they want to improve in.

    That means that you’re able to enjoy time-saving benefits such as:
    • An AI-guided learning path
    • Determining the quantity of the content you want to be exposed to on a daily basis
    • Tailoring your knowledge-building sessions so that they fit your schedule
    • Full tag customization

    Zest Enlight comes with a 2-week free trial and a monthly subscription of $5.99.

    If you don’t feel like Enlightening yourself after the 2-week trial, you’ll be able to switch back to the free version of Zest.

    Free Zest on mobile offers everything that Zest on desktop does:
    • Saving content for later
    • Audio/Video filtering
    • Tag customization (except with a 2 tags limit)

    Are you ready to kick off your self-learning adventure?


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