10 must-have macOS apps for power users

  • Alfred

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    Alfred is Small Spotlight iconSpotlight on steroids. A must-have because of its functionality and speed. You can of course search your files, but also search the internet, check iTunes, do calculations, and much more.


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  • Popclip

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    Popclip is a handy little application that displays a small context menu when you select text or simply click in a text box, like on iOS, offering options such as copy, paste, bold or italic text, Google search, or many other useful things (159 extensions are available).


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  • aText

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    aText is an utility that quickly becomes indispensable when you start using it. It's an abbreviation manager that saves time when typing text. Its possibilities are almost infinite, but let's start with a simple example: to write "Thank you", we can only use the two letters ty and the software will replace them with the complete word automatically.


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  • BetterTouchTool

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    Those who use macOS on a daily basis and in any way, shape, or form can only appreciate the gesture controls. Whether they are performed with the mouse with a Magic Mouse or with a trackpad, gestures simplify life as soon as you master them. For those who want to go even further and add other mouse-keyboard gestures or combinations, BetterTouchTool is the tool you need.


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  • Spectacle

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    Spectacle is an open source window management app that moves and resizes windows with ease. Unlike with Windows, you can’t merely drag and snap windows to various regions; Spectacle runs via hotkeys. You can change any of these key combinations by going into preferences and setting each to your liking. There is even a guide at the bottom of the window to help decipher each shortcut symbol in case of confusion. And if you happen to mess up, there’s always the option to reset.


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  • Hazel

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    Hazel is your personal housekeeper, organizing and cleaning folders based on rules you define. Hazel can also manage your trash and uninstall your applications.


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  • Clipy

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    Clipy is a macOS clipboard extension. A clipboard may not sound like the most useful feature, since it just temporarily stores whatever you copy. But if you frequently copy and paste things, you would come to know the importance of a clipboard extension. Clipy helps your Mac remember earlier pasteboard entries when you have to copy multiple items consecutively.


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  • DaisyDisk

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    DaisyDisk is an application that allows you to visually see what takes up a lot of space on your hard disk, and delete files that you have forgotten and that take up space. The interface is very beautiful and functional. A pleasure to use!


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  • Keyboard Maestro

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    Keyboard Maestro is the hot-key solution that allows you to perform a multitude of tasks simply by pressing a keystroke! It also incorporates the wildly popular macOS Classic utility Program Switcher, which allows you to launch, switch, and quit applications with a simple keystroke.


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  • iStat Menus

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    Let's face it, iStat Menus isn't necessarily the most useful utility, but for anyone who likes to keep an eye on their Mac to make sure everything is working, it's a must. Thanks to it, one can have in the menu bar all the essential parameters of the computer, whether it is concerning the processor, the RAM or the hard disks and the battery.


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This is a non-exhaustive list, as I can't speak about all the numerous little apps that I like (Small AppCleaner iconAppCleaner, Small ImageOptim iconImageOptim, Small iTerm2 iconiTerm2, Small Transmission iconTransmission, Small The Unarchiver iconThe Unarchiver…). If you have any question or feel a software is missing from this list, feel free to comment this list or to hit me up on Twitter. 🙂

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