My FLOSS list

This is a list of software that respects your privacy.
Bear in mind that I haven't found replacements for all of the privative, closed source software I previously used, so you may see some of it untill I find a proper replacement and remove it.

  • newsrdr

    Free Web Website

    newsrdr is a Web based RSS/Atom news reader that allows you to follow the latest news from your favorite websites in one place.


  • Copyleft

  • Open HUB

    Free Web Website

    Apps: 497,607
    Platforms: ?

    • Code: open (only front-end), Apache v2.
    • Content: open, CC BY 3.0.


    Open HUB icon
  • AlternativeTo

    Free Web Website

    Description: collaborative software catalogue.
    Replaces: ?

    Apps: 92,143.
    Platforms: Linux, Android, Windows, macOS, BSD, Solaris, others.

    • Code: closed.
    • Content: closed.


    AlternativeTo icon
  • PortalProgramas

    Free Web Website


    • English: 1,838.
    • Spanish: 13,907.

    Platforms: Android and Windows.


    • Code: closed.
    • Content: open, CC BY 3.0.


    PortalProgramas icon
  • Megaleechers

    Free Web Website

    Apps: 451.
    Platforms: Linux, Windows, macOS.

    • Code: closed
    • Content: closed.


    Megaleechers icon
  • Miscelaneous

  • Autopsy Forensic Browser

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    The Autopsy Forensic Browser is a graphical interface to the digital investigation tools in The Sleuth Kit. Together, they allow you to investigate the file system and volumes of a computer.


    Autopsy Forensic Browser icon
  • GNU ddrescue

    Free Linux Website

    GNU ddrescue is a data recovery tool. It copies data from one file or block device (hard disc, cdrom, etc) to another, trying hard to rescue data in case of read errors.
    The basic operation of ddrescue is fully automatic. That is, you don't have to wait for an error, stop the program, read the log, run it in reverse mode, etc.

    If you use the logfile feature of ddrescue, the data is rescued very efficiently (only the needed blocks are read). Also you can interrupt the rescue at any time and resume it later at the same point.

    Ddrescue does not write zeros to the output when it finds bad sectors in the input, and does not truncate the output file if not asked to. So, every time you run it on the same output file, it tries to fill in the gaps without wiping out the data already rescued.

    Automatic merging of backups: If you have two or more damaged copies of a file, cdrom, etc, and run ddrescue on all of them, one at a time, with the same output file, you will probably obtain a complete and error-free file. This is so because the probability of having damaged areas at the same places on different input files is very low. Using the logfile, only the needed blocks are read from the second and successive copies.

    Recordable CD and DVD media keep their data only for a finite time (typically for many years). After that time, data loss develops slowly with read errors growing from the outer media region towards the inside. Just make two (or more) copies of every important CD/DVD you burn so that you can later recover them with ddrescue.

    The logfile is periodically saved to disc. So in case of a crash you can resume the rescue with little recopying.

    Ddrescue also features a "fill mode" able to selectively overwrite parts of the output file, which has a number of interesting uses like wiping data, marking bad areas or even, in some cases, "repair" damaged sectors.


    GNU ddrescue icon
  • uMap

    Free Self-Hosted OpenStreetMap Python Django Leaflet Website

    uMap let you create maps with OpenStreetMap layers in a minute and embed them in your site. Add custom annotations, lines, shapes, import and add custom layers (KML, CSV, GPS, ...) and other data.


    uMap icon
  • Miscelánea 1

  • ImageMagick

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... iPad Xfce Website

    Description: image editor.
    Replaces: Adobe Photoshop.


    ImageMagick icon
  • WoeUSB

    Free Linux Website

    Description: GNU+Linux distribution burner.
    Replaces: ?


    WoeUSB icon
  • BlackBerry OS

    Free Blackberry Blackberry 10 Website

    Description: operative system for smartphones and tablets.
    Replaces: Android, iOS.
    Source: CLOSED.


    BlackBerry OS icon
  • Debian

    Free Windows Linux Windows S BSD Self-Hosted Website

    Description: GNU+Linux OS distribution.
    Replaces: RedHat's Fedora distribution.
    Partners: HEWLETT-PACKARD (military tech producer).


    Debian icon
  • LXDE

    Free Linux BSD Website

    Description: desktop environment for GNU+Linux OS.
    Replaces: ?


    LXDE icon
  • Xfce

    Free Linux BSD Website

    Description: desktop environment for GNU+Linux OS.
    Replaces: ?


    Xfce icon
  • nomacs

    Free Windows Linux Website

    Description: image viewer.
    Replaces: Picasa.


    nomacs icon
  • Better OneTab

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Website

    Description: tab storing.
    Replaces: OneTab.

    To be translated:
    Extensión para Mozilla Firefox y Google Chrome. Cierra todas las pestañas abiertas y las guarda en forma de lista para poder ahorrar memoria RAM. Las pestañas cerradas pueden volver a ser abiertas, de a una o varias al mismo tiempo.


    Better OneTab icon
  • Dark Reader

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Safari ... Thunderbird Firefox Website

    Description: dark themes for web browsers.
    Replaces: stylish.

    To be translated:
    Add-on para Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome y Safari. Se recomienda instalar este add-on para momentos de largas lecturas en internet, sobre todo de noche.


    Dark Reader icon

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