Download Managers

  • EagleGet

    Free Windows Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox Website

    EagleGet is a free all-in-one download manager; it can be integrated to Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, offering support for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocol as well as popular online video websites.


    EagleGet icon
  • Xtreme Download Manager

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Website

    Xtreme Download Manager is a powerful tool to increase download speed up-to 500%, save videos from video sharing sites and integration with ANY browser.


    Xtreme Download Manager icon
  • uGet

    Free Windows Linux Android BSD Xfce ... aria2 Website

    uGet is a lightweight and full-featured Download Manager for Linux and Windows. uGet allows you to download in multiple parallel streams for download acceleration, put files in a Download Queue, Pause & Resume downloads, Advanced Category Management, Browser Integration, Clipboard Monitoring, Batch Downloads, localized into over 25 Languages, and many more features.


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  • FlashGot

    Free Mac Windows Linux Pale Moon Thunderbird ... Firefox Website

    Download all the links, movies and audio clips of a page at the maximum speed with a single click.


    FlashGot icon
  • Free Download Manager

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android Website

    FDM accelerates downloads by splitting files into sections and then downloading them simultaneously.
    In addition, Free Download Manager allows you to adjust traffic usage, organize downloads, control file priorities for torrents, efficiently download large files and resume broken downloads.
    FDM can boost all your downloads up to 10 times, process media files of various popular formats, drag&drop URLs right from a web browser as well as simultaneously download multiple files!

    [With version 5.0 and newer the source code is not available and the GNU General Public License agreement has been removed from the app.]


    Free Download Manager icon
  • Chrono Download Manager

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Website

    Chrono Download Manager is a full-featured download manager for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. All your download management is done inside a browser tab. You can invoke Chrono Download Manager via the context menu, toolbar, or keyboard shortcuts.

    Besides download management, Chrono Download Manager is also a video download helper and bulk image downloader. The Chrono Sniffer can enumerate embedded resources and external links on a web page, categorizing them based on their content type (audio, video, image, and others.) You can select what you need faster by applying a regular expression (regex) filter against their URL.


    Chrono Download Manager icon
  • FreeRapid Downloader

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    FreeRapid Downloader is a simple Java downloader that supports downloading from Rapidshare and other file-sharing services.
    Main Features: support for concurrent downloading from multiple services, downloading using proxy list, download history, smart clipboard monitoring, automatic checking for file's existence on server, automatic plugins updates, simple CAPTCHA recognition, works on MS Windows, Linux and MacOS, easy to use, looks amazingly, simply works!


    FreeRapid Downloader icon
  • Video DownloadHelper

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Chrome Firefox Website

    DownloadHelper is a tool for web content extraction. Its purpose is to capture video, audio, and image files from many sites.

    Just surf the Web as you are used to, when DownloadHelper detects it can do something for you, the icon gets animated and a menu allows you to download files by simply clicking an item

    For instance, if you go to a YouTube page, you'll be able to download the video directly on your file system. It also works with MySpace, Google videos, DailyMotion, Porkolt, iFilm, DreamHost and others. You can even setup the extension to automatically convert the downloaded movies to your preferred video format.

    When you are on a page containing links to images or movies, you can download some or all of them at once. Moving the mouse over the items in the menu will highlights the links directly in the page to make sure they are the ones you want to pick up.

    DownloadHelper also allows you to download files one by one, so that you keep bandwidth to surf for other stuff to download.

    Because of Google WebStore restrictions, the Chrome version of the add-on does not download videos from YouTube. Use the Firefox version for this purpose.


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Download Managers

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why you have not not mentioned JDownloader?


yeah probably that is one of the best and most powerful download manager.

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Can I download these managers on my phone?


Probably not all of them just few of those on which "android" or "ios" tag is mentioned.
may be uget

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