Programming IDEs

  • CppCode

    Freemium iPhone iPad Website

    CppCode is an offline C/C++ IDE & Compiler:

    • compile C/C++ code offline (no internet connection required)
    • built-in libc and libc++
    • safe (no data sent to any servers)
    • code complete
    • real-time diagnostics (warnings and errors) and fixes
    • built-in file navigator (variables, methods, structure fields, etc)
    • smart syntax highlighting
    • auto indentation and auto pairing (configurable)
    • C/C++ code examples included
    • quick type keyboard
    • freemium, no ads


    CppCode icon
  • C4droid

    Commercial Android Website

    C4droid is a user-friendly (but powerful) C/C++ IDE + C/C++ compiler for Android.
    Basic features:

    • Offline C compiler: create your own applications on Android device and run them even without Internet access
    • Source code editor with syntax highlighting, tabs, code completion, code formatting, file association and undo/redo
    • Export&share your programs as APKs or native executables (for terminal apps)
    • No root required (but C4droid can use it for your programs if you want)
    • Full ANSI C and ISO C99 support with TCC (Tiny C Compiler) + uClibc
    • Git integration
    • Customizable GUI, choose where to place tabs and buttons by yourself, themes are also supported.
      More features with a free GCC plugin:
    • Full C++ and almost complete C++11 support with GCC + Bionic libc
    • NativeActivity, Qt, SDL and SDL2 support for GUI
    • Debugger with breakpoints and watches
    • Makefile support: use the same build scripts as on your PC (BusyBox is included)
    • Semi-automatic open-source library porting feature for enhanced programming & education

    C4droid is designed to be user-friendy out-of-the-box, but nothing is perfect


    C4droid icon
  • RAD Studio

    Commercial Windows Website

    Embarcadero RAD Studio is the industry’s most powerful rapid application development suite for visually building GUI-intensive, data-driven end-user applications for both native Windows and .NET. RAD Studio includes Delphi, C++Builder and Delphi Prism, enabling you to deliver applications up to 5x faster across multiple Windows and database platforms.


    RAD Studio icon
  • Xamarin Studio

    Freemium Mac Windows Microsoft Visual Studio Website

    Type intelligently
    World-class code completion unlocks the iOS, Android, and OS X APIs. Quickly look up methods and types, and discover API functionality.

    Find bugs quickly
    Debug in a simulator or on a device. Set breakpoints, step through code, and watch values change in real-time as your app runs.

    Target any platform
    Xamarin Studio includes full support for tvOS, Apple WatchKit, Android Wear, and compatibility with Microsoft Band’s C# SDK.

    Publish apps with ease
    Package and distribute your apps to the App Store and Google Play directly within Xamarin Studio.


    Xamarin Studio icon
  • MASM Builder

    Free Windows Website

    MASM Builder is a free Integrated Development Environment IDE for developing 32-bit Windows programs using the Assembler. MASM Builder contains many useful features which will assist you in creating Windows API based programs.

    MASM Builder Features: Code explorer; Customizable syntax highlighting; Source code editing tools; The familiar user interface, as in Delphi or C++ Builder; Export source code to HTML with syntax highlighting support; Debug with OllyDbg or MS Visual Studio debugger.


    MASM Builder icon
  • Microsoft Small Basic

    Free Windows .NET Framework Website

    Microsoft Small Basic puts the fun back into computer programming. With a friendly development environment that is very easy to master, it eases both kids and adults into the world of programming.


    Microsoft Small Basic icon
  • Ultimate++

    Free Windows Linux BSD Website

    Ultimate++, also called U++, is a Small C++ iconC++ cross-platform rapid application development framework focused on programmers productivity. It includes a set of libraries (GUI, SQL, etc..), and an integrated development environment.

    Rapid development is achieved by the smart and aggressive use of C++ rather than through fancy code generators. In this respect, U++ competes with popular scripting languages while preserving C/C++ runtime characteristics.

    The U++ integrated development environment, TheIDE, introduces modular concepts to C++ programming. It features BLITZ-build technology to speedup C++ rebuilds up to 4 times, Visual designers for U++ libraries, Topic++ system for documenting code and creating rich text resources for applications (like help and code documentation) and Assist++ - a powerful C++ code analyzer that provides features like code completion, navigation and transformation.

    TheIDE can work with GCC, MinGW and Visual C++ 9.0 as contained in free Windows Vista SDK and contains a full featured debugger. TheIDE can also be used to develop non-U++ applications.


    Ultimate++ icon
  • Sally - A Simple C++ IDE

    Free Windows Website

    "Sally - A Simple C++ IDE" is a GPL multi-compiler C++ IDE for WindowsXP/2000.

    What makes it different from other similiar programs is a .Net style Visual GUI Designer for native C++ application that can be used with both Mingw and Visual C++ compilers (it's based on the emerging static library SmartWin++). No extern dlls (or the .Net framework) are required to run the executables and native windows applications can be created with virtually no C++ code. Moreover, it contains an embedded icon and image editor that is able to edit, convert and save images in the following formats: .ico,.bmp,.gif,.tiff,.png,.jpg.

    It's a very useful solution for users of the Mingw or Visual C++ compiler that want to develop native applications for the Windows operating system with a visual GUI designer for free!

    The program is written in the C# programming language, and requires the Framework .Net 1.1 to run. It might work on Win98, ME, NT but it's not been tested yet.

    NOTE: "Sally - A Simple C++ IDE" needs write access to the installation directory.


    Sally - A Simple C++ IDE icon
  • XVT

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Website

    XVT is a software development environment for building cross-platform GUI applications in C or C++. XVT allows developers to graphically lay out an application's GUI, and provides cross-platform libraries to aid development.

    XVT currently supports the Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX platforms. With XVT, applications can be designed and developed once and then subsequently compiled on any of these platforms. XVT also allows programs to be built to run across a network, meaning that the processing would take place on a local host but the user interface would take place on a remote host.

    XVT has been in development since 1989 and has provided a cross-platform software development toolkit for the majority of that time. XVT software is utilized in a number of mission-critical production sites and applications.

    Their approach is not as a widget replacement look-alike set, but acts more like a universal API translator. XVT is an "abstraction layer" that removes the developer from being concerned with which OS the application will run on. When your application is compiled, the XVT API points to the native controls/widgets for the OS on which you are compiling your code. This matters to OS user-purists, who can be very fussy when the views "aren't quite right." It also allows you to build applications that will adapt whatever user themes the OS allows users to set.


    XVT icon

    Free Windows Website

    The BVRDE is a fully integrated development environment for remote cross-platform compiling and debugging of UNIX and LINUX console applications. BVRDE runs on a Windows platform, but compiles and debugs applications on UNIX systems or any system that allow a remote Telnet or SSH connection.

    There are many editor systems available on Windows; many of which allow some form of remote connection. But they rarely take remote compiling seriously. So this is an entire IDE with seamless integrated compilation and debugging facilities.

    So BVRDE allows you to compile native Linux/UNIX applications from inside a Windows IDE. Everything is perfectly integrated into the IDE - you will get compile warnings, hints and error messages, auto-completion, macros and will be able to jump to the lines in question by clicking on the message pane the same way as with the standard development environments you usually use on Windows.


    BVRDE icon
  • UEStudio

    Commercial Windows Website

    UEStudio offers all the functionality of UltraEdit plus other exciting and powerful features! Whether you are simply editing text, building applications, maintaining databases, or constructing websites, UEStudio's stunning array of innovative features offers the functionality of a bonafide IDE at an unsurpassed value.


    UEStudio icon
  • Wing Python IDE

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Website

    Light-weight but full-featured Python IDE with intelligent editing, testing, and debugging capabilities.


    Wing Python IDE icon
  • PyCharm

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux BSD Website

    Cross-platform Python and Django IDE with on-the-fly code analysis and code quality tools, graphical debugger, VCS integration and more.


    PyCharm icon
  • Eric

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Eric is a full-featured IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Python and Ruby, This is one of the best options for programming in Python.

    You can extend its functionality with plugins.

    Eric is written in python; and based on the Qt GUI Toolkit and Scintilla editor.


    Eric icon
  • IPython

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    IPython is an interactive shell for the Python programming language that offers enhanced introspection, additional shell syntax, syntax highlighting, tab completion and rich history. It is a component of the SciPy package.


    IPython icon
  • CodeTyphon

    Free Windows Linux BSD Website

    CodeTyphon is a fork/distribution of Lazarus with thousands of Lazarus/Free Pascal components bundled into distribution and with own Lazarus expansion features.


    CodeTyphon icon
  • Light Table

    Free Mac Windows Linux Electron / Atom Shell Website

    Light Table is a new interactive IDE that lets you modify running programs and embed anything from websites to games. It provides the real time feedback we need to not only answer questions about our code, but to understand how our programs really work.


    Light Table icon
  • Pelles C

    Free Personal Windows Website

    Pelles C is a comprehensive development suite that can help you create apps compatible with Windows and ARM platforms.

    It contains among other things an optimizing C compiler, a macro assembler, a linker, a resource compiler, a message compiler, a code signing utility, a make utility and an install builder.

    It also contains an integrated development environment (IDE) with project management, debugger, profiler, source code editor, and resource editors for dialogs, menus, string tables, accelerator tables, bitmaps, icons, cursors, animated cursors, animation videos (AVI's without sound), versions and XP manifests.


    Pelles C icon
  • Atom

    Free Personal Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS BSD ... Electron / Atom Shell Website

    Extensible, cross-platform text editor with a rich ecosystem of plugins and themes.


    Atom icon
  • AIDE - Android IDE

    Freemium Android Android Tablet Website

    AIDE is a monster of an app. It allows you to program Android applications directly on your Android device. That way, you basically cut out the middleman of having to use a computer at all. AIDE is fully compatible with Eclipse projects, so it’s easy to transfer your projects from your computer to your phone.

    • Building Android Apps using the Android SDK with Java/Xml
    • Building cross-platform Apps using PhoneGap with HTML5/CSS/JavaScript
    • Building Android Apps using the Android NDK with C/C++
    • Building Java Applications


    AIDE - Android IDE icon
  • CppDroid

    Freemium Android Android Tablet Website

    CppDroid is simple C/C++ IDE focused on learning programming languages and libraries.

    • code complete
    • real-time diagnostics (warnings and errors) and fixes
    • file and tutorial navigator (variables, methods, etc)
    • smart syntax highlighting
    • portrait/landscape UI
    • auto indentation and auto pairing (configurable)
    • configurable code syntax highlighting (themes)
    • compile C/C++ code (no root required)
    • works offline (no internet connection required)
    • great C/C++ code examples included
    • detailed C++ tutorial and learn guide included
    • add-ons manager and auto updates
    • Dropbox support


    CppDroid icon
  • IDLE

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Default IDE which come installed with the Python programming language. It aims to be simple and intuitive, and is especially useful for programmers just learning Python. The editor has syntax highlighting, search features, class browsers, and runs Python scripts in a separate, protected process.


    IDLE icon
  • gEcrit

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    gEcrit is a Python IDE. Its focus is on simplicity and ease of use. It is fast and lightweight. It features Python indentation, line numbers, code folding, syntax highlighting, shell access, code completion, a program runner, a source browser, indentation guides, a white space indicator, autosaving, an edge line, multiple tabs, printing, jumping to a specific line, word searching, word replacement, zooming undo/redo, code submission, Python syntax checking, the ability to change the indentation of many lines at once, autocompletiton, and bad brace checking.


    gEcrit icon
  • WideStudio

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Website

    WideStudio is an open source, Integrated Development Environment for desktop applications purely made in Japan. This enables you to develop GUI applications that can run on Windows95/98/Me/NT/2000/Xp, WindowsCE, Linux, FreeBSD, SOLARIS, MacOSX(w/X11), BTRON, T-Engine, mu-CLinux(wo/X11) in various programming languages such as C/C++, Java, Perl, Ruby, Python,Objective Caml Since an application is build on MWT(Multi-Platform Widget Toolkit) which runs on multiple platforms, WideStudio applications are all source compatible between these platforms. If you developped an application in C/C++ language, you only need to re-compile the source code to run on a different platform in as native code.


    WideStudio icon

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