Backup Apps

  • Macrium Reflect

    Freemium Windows Website

    Protect your data, upgrade your hard disk or try new operating systems in the safe knowledge that everything is securely saved in an easily recovered backup file. Macrium Reflect supports backup to local, network and USB drives.


    Macrium Reflect icon
  • CrashPlan

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Web Website

    Automatic Data Loss Protection for Your Small Business

    $10 USD per month per computer.

    Never worry about losing business-critical data again. CrashPlan® for Small Business makes protecting files on your devices, including your file server and external hard drives, fast and easy.

    Runs automatically in the background. Doesn’t slow you down.

    No file size restrictions or additional charge for space.

    You control how long we keep your deleted files.

    Restore your files to the latest versions without paying a ransom for them.

    Included for no additional cost. Keep a local copy of your files for fast recovery.

    CrashPlan protects the files you’re currently working on first, and makes it easy to go back to previous versions of your files by date.

    Restore via desktop app or browser. No charge to restore your files.

    256-bit AES data encryption at rest, configurable security settings, and BAA available to support HIPAA compliance needs.


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  • Veritas Backup Exec

    Commercial Windows Website

    Backup Exec gives you simple, complete backup and recovery protection for your business—to cover all data wherever it resides.

    With the choice of up-front perpetual or subscription licensing, Backup Exec is available in three editions to best fit your needs. Bronze provides the most economic option. Silver offers the most-used features. Gold includes all the features and functionality available in Backup Exec.

    Enhance your DR strategy with full integration with Azure Site Recovery to ensure data and application availability with minimal RTO and RPO
    Benefit from advanced integration with some of the latest third-party software releases, including Microsoft® Server, Microsoft® Hyper-V and VMware® vSphere®
    Seamlessly scale Backup Exec to the cloud and choose from a range of fully tested and certified integrated cloud connectors for various cloud environments, including AWS S3, Microsoft® Azure, Google Cloud Platform Storage
    Locate and visualize your entire data estate to support General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other privacy regulations, using Veritas Information Map™
    Fast end-to-end deduplication performance to on-premise storage, as well as to public and hybrid cloud to reduce time, cost and network bandwidth


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  • Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office

    Commercial Mac Windows Web Android iPhone Website

    Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office is a software product produced by Acronis that provides data protection including, backup, archive, access and recovery for Microsoft, macOS, iOS and Android operating systems.


    Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office icon
  • Carbon Copy Cloner

    Commercial Mac Website

    Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) features an interface designed to make the cloning and backup procedure very intuitive. In addition to general backup, CCC can also clone one hard drive to another, copying every single block or file to create an exact replica of your source hard drive. CCCs block-level copy offers the absolute best fidelity in the industry!


    Carbon Copy Cloner icon
  • rsync

    Free Linux BSD Cygwin Haiku Website

    rsync is a software application for Unix which synchronizes files and directories from one location to another while minimizing data transfer using delta encoding when appropriate. An important feature of rsync not found in most similar programs/protocols is that the mirroring takes place with only one transmission in each direction. rsync can copy or display directory contents and copy files, optionally using compression and recursion.

    In daemon mode, rsync listens on the default TCP port of 873, serving files in the native rsync protocol or via a remote shell such as RSH or SSH. In the latter case, the rsync client executable must be installed on both the local and the remote host.


    rsync icon
  • Time Machine

    Free Mac Website

    Time Machine is the breakthrough automatic backup that’s built right into Mac OS X. It keeps an up-to-date copy of everything on your Mac — digital photos, music, movies, TV shows, and documents. Now, if you ever have the need, you can easily go back in time to recover anything.


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You can add entire Hyper-V hosts to a backup job. This way, all existing VMs and any new VMs added to the Hyper-V host in the future are also automatically included in the job.


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