Every software you need to make videos

  • VSDC Free Video Editor

    Freemium Windows Website

    The best video editor out there for free, yes you can still buy the best ones but why though. This can do everything a paid video editor can do. While it is not best for pros it still is something for anyone who wishes to learn video editing.


    VSDC Free Video Editor icon
  • HandBrake

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Xfce Website

    Because a video is too big and you need it.


    HandBrake icon
  • Mobizen

    Freemium Windows Android Website

    Currently, the only good app that records within your phone sound system. Unless you have an iPhone7+ or Android 5.0+ you can use Google play record function but otherwise, for low-end users, this is the only one.


    Mobizen icon
  • BSPlayer

    Freemium Windows Android Kindle Fire Website

    Because Window-video player and VLC are awful. This software is only ment to play videos from the unknown files you do not understand to the common ones.


    BSPlayer icon
  • MSI Afterburner

    Free Windows Website

    Don't let the description fool you, almost any computer can download it (Mac and Linux are possible but you need another software). If you are having problems with recording videos this is the one for bypassing them. 99% will work on all games. Less lag on gameplay but takes up a whole lot of space if you want HD video.


    MSI Afterburner icon
  • Gameshow

    Freemium Mac Windows Website

    Streaming and recording, all in one software. Many amateurs would normally recommend OBS but Gameshow does everything easy. I highly want you to download it or test it out.


    Gameshow icon
  • YouTube

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Blackberry Chrome OS ... Android Tablet iPad Apple TV KaiOS Fire TV Nintendo Switch Xbox Website

    You just can't beat youtube, it's the most share and easy place on the internet. While other social media do offer video services, youtube is always the one that people liked. There are others if youtube is not your pick but each coutry and website is different so remamber that.


    YouTube icon

The list is small since it is only for starting a video and sharing it with the world. Best advice I can give you is always look for newer software in the movie industry. I'm saying this for many reasons, long ago you'll never could have found these softwares in 2005. That may sound too long an ago but as someone who started when youtube became a thing, I can say I know a few things to keep an eye on.

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