Alternative WebExtensions for Firefox Quantum

With Firefox 57 a lot of legacy extensions stopped working (see the list Discontinued Legacy Addons for Firefox ). Luckily some developers created new WebExtensions as replacement of these popular addons, trying to restore all their functionalities in spite of WebExtensions API limitations.
This a list about the most interesting ones I have found.

  • Foxy Gestures icon

    Foxy Gestures

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Firefox Website

    Foxy Gestures implements mouse gestures for Firefox and is inspired by Small FireGestures iconFireGestures .
    Unfortunately, there are many limitations due to limited or absent Web Extension APIs: extension cannot integrate into about:newtab, about:home, view-source:, etc. Nor will it work on


  • Copy PlainText icon

    Copy PlainText

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Firefox Website

    Copy PlainText, as suggested by the name, is a replacement for Small Copy Plain Text iconCopy Plain Text and Small Copy Plain Text 2 iconCopy Plain Text 2 . It is Multi Process compatible and offers 2 keyboard shortcuts: F7 and the original Ctrl+Shift+F7.
    Anyway user can't define his own keyboard shorts and Copy PlainText can't be set as the default copy function of the browser.


  • Self Destroying Cookies icon

    Self Destroying Cookies

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Firefox Website

    Self Destroying Cookies is a WebExtension clone of Small Self-Destructing Cookies iconSelf-Destructing Cookies : it automatically removes cookies, after the tab closes or you leave the website, but it's not yet able to clear the LocalStorage, due to API limited access.


  • MySessions icon


    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Firefox Website

    MySessions is a simple session manager and crash recovery addon. It was made as an alternative to Small Session Manager iconSession Manager and can import saved sessions from it too.


  • Conex icon


    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Firefox Website

    Conex is a replacement for the discontinued Small Tab Groups iconTab Groups : it implements groups via containers and integrates a search function for tabs, bookmarks and browser history. At the moment hiding and showing tabs (one of the core features) is blocked by API limitations.


  • ReloadMatic icon


    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD Firefox Website

    ReloadMatic is the so-called spiritual successor of Small ReloadEvery iconReloadEvery with some additional features like reloading the page by skipping the browser's local cache, by random intervals or only if there are no network or server-side errors.


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