Microsoft Windows Software Collection

  • CCleaner

    Freemium Mac Windows Android Android Tablet Website

    uninstall applications and delete system garbage that are showcased by internet media over privacy and organization of computer information;


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  • GIMP

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android BSD ... Snapcraft FLATHUB Haiku AmigaOS Android Tablet Website

    drawing software and image editing tool presented as free software which are Photoshop compatible for graphic design operations;
    mostly focused by simplicity of desktop computer by using Paths Tool for lineart with mouse;


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  • Gravit Designer

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Chrome OS Website

    drawing software focused on design which has live stroke quality to work visually as in the final project results;


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  • Blender

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD ... Haiku Steam Website

    3D software modeling and rendering tool, free on companion of advanced presentations which controls are more restricted for developing process other than enabling featured sets at user graphic rendering customizations;


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  • Lazarus

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD OpenSolaris Website

    multi-platform software creation tool using the very clean Pascal Language;
    the editor has advanced functionally for developer customization and personal organization for project readability; (not as perfect and complete as Delphi)
    are said free software over internet perception about open source concepts in lack of productivity focus, which Visual Studio UWP are trending news for Microsoft range of Holographic and integrated devices development;


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