My productivity system

  • Main apps

    This is the list of four apps that I use daily to manage my tasks, activities, keynotes, deadlines, projects, priorities, personal objectives

  • Apple Calendar

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    ()This is the first step in my system of productivity. Everything that needs my attention goes here; from events, deadlines, arrangements to personal objectives.


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  • Apple Reminders

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    (2) Next, I consider the priorities and urgencies of the task included in the calendar, planning my reminders weekly. Here I prioritize the events, deadlines, arrangements or objectives using five levels or importance.


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  • Overdo

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    (3) In addition, I use both Overdo (MacOS) or Deadlines (online) to visualize the time left for finishing an activity. Normally, I use Overdo for my exams or important deadlines related to work.


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  • Deadlines

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    (4) In addition, I use both Deadlines (online) or Overdo (MacOS) to visualize the time left for completing an activity. Although this is crucial for my deadlines, I also use it for counting the days left of events.


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  • Supporting apps - Secondary

    In addition, I sometimes used the following apps to complement my system of productivity. Specially I use them for special projects or team objectives at work.

  • Todoist

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    Todoist is a wonderful app to manage tasks, objectives and projects. This was the app that I use for issues related to my work (specially complex projects that I divided into small tasks).


    Todoist icon
  • JIRA

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    Jira is for me the perfect software to control and manage a whole group of people doing the same project.


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