Infomaniak: The best free alternative to the web giants

  • Infomaniak Email Service

    Free Personal Web Website

    Get your free email address for life. Developed and hosted in Switzerland. Everything is advertising-free and privacy-friendly. 20 GB of email storage, calendar and contact management included!


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  • Infomaniak kDrive

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Store your photos, documents and e-mails in Switzerland with an independent company that respects privacy. 15 GB of storage together with the email service!


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  • SwissTransfer

    Free Web Chrome Firefox Website

    Send up to 50 GB of data for free with no registration. All Files are stored in Switzerland.


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  • Infomaniak kMeet

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Chrome OS iPad Website

    Free and secure videoconferencing solution. No registration required, no restrictions on time or participants and of course privacy-friendly.


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  • Infomaniak kPaste

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS Website

    Free service for sending encrypted messages to your contacts. Infomaniak respects your privacy and cannot read your messages. kPaste is end-to-end encrypted and stores your data exclusively in Switzerland.


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I would highly recommend you to try these services, you will be amazed.

Comments on Infomaniak: The best free alternative to the web giants

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I see infomaniak as the Apple of data privacy, they do collect data and don't always use encryption but the data they collect and see/analyse are only (or almost) used for them. But the swiss juridiction is always better than the one from the United States of America.
I won't present them as a privacy focused company but a non privacy invasive company.


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