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  • Sourcegraph

    Freemium Mac Linux Web BSD Chrome ... Safari Visual Studio Code IntelliJ IDEA Sublime Text Atom Firefox Website

    Powerful, instant code search across all your code:

    • Search in files and diffs using simple terms, regular expressions, and other filters.
    • Syncs repositories with your code host and supports searching any commit/branch, with no indexing delay.

    Enhanced code browsing with code intelligence: hovers, definitions, and references:

    • Code intelligence makes browsing code easier, with IDE-like hovers, go-to-definition, and find-references on your code, powered by language servers based on the open-source Language Server Protocol.
    • It even works in code review diffs on GitHub and Phabricator with our browser extensions.


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  • Bitbucket

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Self-Hosted Website

    Code collaboration version control. Offers hosted (freemium) for limited (5) users, and a commercial self-hosted for a subscription. Free licenses are available for qualified open source projects, nonprofits, and classrooms.


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  • Chisel

    Free Web Website

    Chisel offers free hosting for an unlimited number of fossil repositories. It's codebase is free software, licensed under the ISC license.


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  • Codeberg

    Free Web Website

    Codeberg is a free Git source code hosting service, with the objective to give the Open-Source code that is running our world a safe and friendly home, and to ensure that free code remains free and secure forever.


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  • DAGsHub

    Freemium Web Website

    DAGsHub is a web platform based on open source tools, optimized for data science and oriented towards the open source community.

    It is a central location where projects can be hosted, discovered, and collaborated on by contributors.


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  • Gitea

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Self-Hosted ... Raspberry Pi Cloudron Website

    Gitea is a community managed fork of Gogs lightweight code hosting solution written in Go and published under the MIT license.


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