Survival RTS

  • They Are Billions

    Commercial Windows Steam Playstation Xbox Website

    They Are Billions is a survival real-time strategy game where the player builds and defends a colony against swarms of zombies that threaten to destroy what is left of humanity. The game includes a series of campaign story missions, as well as randomly generated survival maps with scaling difficulties and a high score system.


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  • Conan Unconquered

    Commercial Windows Steam Website

    A survival RTS game where players must build and defend a base against invading hordes.


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  • Védelem: The Golden Horde

    Free Windows Linux Steam Website

    A medieval Real Time Strategy and Survival game set in the 13th century. Build, expand and defend your lands against the deadliest Mongolian invasion ever witnessed.


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  • Second Earth

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    A a base-building game prototype by Free Lives. Expand your economy and fortify your defenses to survive a huge alien swarm.


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  • Age of Darkness

    Commercial Windows Steam Website

    A dark fantasy survival RTS game where the player must construct an army and survive against hordes of nightmares.


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  • Alien Marauder

    Commercial Windows Steam Website

    A science fiction survival RTS game where the player must build and defend base to survive against waves of aliens.


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  • Diplomacy is Not an Option

    Commercial Windows Steam Website

    An RTS game where hordes of thousands of enemies attack your castle and surrounding village. You must build walls and armies to defend against them by harvesting local resources and expanding your territory.


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