Dotfiles, or my favorite tools

  • Evince

    Free Linux Website

    Evince (or GNOME Document Viewer) is a document viewer for multiple document formats: PDF, Postscript, djvu, tiff, dvi, XPS, SyncTex support with gedit, comics books (cbr,cbz,cb7 and cbt) and others. See Supported Document Formats for details. .


    Evince icon
  • Clapper

    Free Linux Website

    One of my first meetings with a new line of GTK4 apps.
    Has a fullscreen time display on entering, can run Bad Apple, while having great looks.
    Also more rememberable, than Celluoid: with its shorted name!


    Clapper icon
  • Google Play Store

    Free Web Android Chrome OS Android Tablet Website

    Almost no android app did gone to my list.
    But Play Store gets a special place, for solving one of my insane problems:
    Phone bills, untalken, piling up and up!
    I only got tired of that last year, but as I can use it to pay for games, my concern is for the past.
    Also loads images globally, unlike these days..
    Maybe I can make a game to it, for the pocket change needed to publish.
    Speaking about it... can I do it 'this way', too!?!


    Google Play Store icon
  • OpenUTAU

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    In the time writing my list, I yet to try the open source UTAU successor.
    While I might not need it that much, after getting a microphone...
    Its light, clean style looks promising, and I hope for the best!
    OpenUTAU is the software I never hoped to find on github.
    Now, let's hope Alt...-to will recieve those recommends to compare against the other sing editors..!


    OpenUTAU icon
  • Helio Workstation

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android Tablet iPad Website

    Helio is interesting, the way minimalist music tools go, but still compatible with virtual instruments!?
    The very moment, I seen the fact it's on Android, too.
    Maybe that can use plugins on the phone?
    Time will tell it, time will.


    Helio Workstation icon
  • LibreOffice

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Website

    While these are some Linux Office families with better looks, LibreOffice stays in the sweet spot between style, goal, and functions.
    May not used all as much as I could, but definitely saved me from the pain of MsOffice activation messages in the past.


    LibreOffice icon
  • Bottles

    Free Linux Website

    Bottles is a better winetricks, at sometimes.
    Used to test NYKRA, one of the most bug-full games of last year.
    Maybe that will get fixed at last, this year.


    Bottles icon
  • Hyper

    Free Mac Windows Linux Electron / Atom Shell Website

    I picked Hyper now, but other terminal emulators are fine, too.
    A bit better themed, than extraterm!?


    Hyper icon
  • Museeks

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Well....... I found a new minimal gtk4 audio player...
    But som/tracks on Codeberg isn't listed here... yet! Also, it absolutely needs to be compiled, and I forgotten how to add jammy/impish sources on Ubuntu..
    Shorter and sound better than Harmonoid, but I prefer Museeks (som/tracks) anyway...


    Museeks icon
  • Min

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Min is my favorite desktop browser, even could watch the youtube ads for it, when the userscripts give in.
    Otherwise it works well, and its def. search engine: duckduckgo has an option to turn off the icons!
    Next time I may go for it, and try the 'Return y..t... dislikes' userscripts!!


    Min icon
  • OBS Studio

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD ... FreeBSD Website

    Has some plugins, volume mixer, and no watermark.
    I can try using a virtual camera, again!?


    OBS Studio icon
  • GIMP

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Snapcraft ... FLATHUB Haiku AmigaOS Website

    There is a little alternative called Pinta... but I don't want switch it for that.
    Yet somewhy, the webpage's screenshots are very-very old.
    Anyway, for image editing: it's useful..


    GIMP icon
  • Ventoy

    Free Windows Linux Website

    My choice for making bootable usb is Ventoy.
    While I used many other tools in the past, not one made use of my new pendrive's extra space..
    Now I can use 3+ disk images of Linux systems and switch out for new ones, on a 16 GB usb drive!
    Also were useful to install W10, then W11 with Rufus on unsupported hardware; lasted till got an update.
    Guess I enjoy Linux better, the way it calls for adventure.


    Ventoy icon
  • KTimer

    Free Linux Website

    I had an hard time finding a good clock with custom sound.
    In the end, I just timed Mpv to play a song with Ktimer.
    Customizable alarm clock, or timer for other tasks


    KTimer icon
  • Godot Engine

    Free Mac Windows Linux Haiku FreeBSD Website

    The legendary beast, what made general game development (in schools) more accessible.
    Maybe Love2d is there, it's more minimal: but useable on mobile...
    Also, the grand release of Godot 4 may come later in 2022


    Godot Engine icon
  • Atril

    Free Linux BSD Website

    Atril was a fork of Evince, but then it gone to its way..
    Might compare them to each other, with more care towards the details


    Atril icon
  • opti

    Free Windows Linux Website

    A favorite image viewer. Years migh gone without updates, but still holds its ground.
    However, there could come a successor....


    opti icon
  • Krita

    Free Mac Windows Linux Windows S Android Tablet ... Steam Website

    Last summer's MondoCon, I kindly hided it and downloaded Opentoonz to a Wacom pen display..
    But soon I will return to Krita, for animation, raster, pixel & vector art


    Krita icon
  • LMMS

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD ... Haiku Website

    Lmms is the most stable DAW I've used, though it has some bloat.
    Well, the filters and music effects are welcome!
    But not a sound recorder, or an audio (sample) editor


    LMMS icon
  • sfxia

    Free Windows Linux Website

    My fav. sound generator, by rxi: who made lite as well.
    It was the time I saw the potential of tool-wise.
    Oh, but now I would sell program on my webpage, if I have one worth to improve overtime.


    sfxia icon
  • Kdenlive

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD KDE Website

    A bit prettier, than Shotcut.
    And has glitch effects!
    Would try and go with Pitivi next, the first time..


    Kdenlive icon
  • Zrythm

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Website

    Zrythm is a Digital Audio Workstation, worth to compile when you have some time!
    After quite the failed times, I succeded compiling and building it with JACK: that was happiness!!
    Maybe with Yabridge(finally tried out!) I can use even more plugins, as it made magical8bitplug v2 work well!


    Zrythm icon
  • Lite

    Free Windows Linux Website

    Lite is a feature-full text editor, for notes, copyboarding or coding.
    The programing language bindings don't get updates that much, but sets the mood well for the typing.
    Just give a read or two for the keyboard shortcuts!


    Lite icon
  • KWave

    Free Linux Website

    After the controvertial changes in Audacity, I spotted someone using it... in video comments.
    And it good: both for sound editing and recording..!
    I more frequently used other sound recorders, but I will definitely return, when I need it


    KWave icon
  • Lizbox

    Free Windows Linux Website

    At the time JuiceFX has frustrated me big time.. then I found Lizbox.
    I asked for a Linux release on the Discord, and thanks to its developer: it got one!
    The tool can do some effects, but the color pallete swap is there, too


    Lizbox icon
  • Kooha

    Free Linux Website

    When I first dived into Wayland, I may needed a few tools ready for it.
    Or I just searched for it: to get new, shiny programs.
    Elegant and light, just for a few short screen recording.


    Kooha icon
  • Micro

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    micro is a stylish terminal text editor, and I couldn't ask for more.
    I could search for a less known alternative, but it's use best for the little time I use.
    But for a temporary clipboard, I'd open a traditional text editor: like Eddit for example.


    Micro icon

And that's it!
I wonder if some concepts will make to the Gnome 4X releases,
Waiting somewhat for PopOs's updates about the new desktop enviroment,
And to try some .iso sleeping on my toshiba pendrive...
Also, might-may go to work the year, to get a bit costful but nice Amd-gpu laptop from sys-76.

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