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    Let's you isolate specified applications in a separate user profile that is "sandboxed" to prevent unwanted 3rd party access to your files and other personal data. It uses the built-in Android work profile feature to accomplish this.


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  • KeePassDX

    Free Android F-Droid Website

    In my opinion the best keepass-compatible password manager. Clean design and simple to use.


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  • AdAway

    Free Android Android Tablet F-Droid Website

    Powerful hostname resolver ad-blocker. You can either use it with or without root, and in rooted mode will manage your systems hosts file for (almost) un-circumventable domain and hostname blocking! Without root it utilizes a local VPN server so that it can act as a man in the middle for all your DNS traffic.


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  • Barinsta

    Free Android Android Tablet Website

    Third-party Instagram client just filled to the brim with useful features such as the ability to download posts, and even collections of media in posts. Allows for browsing without logging into an account, too.


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  • Bromite

    Free Android Android Tablet Website

    A wonderful fork of Chromium with lots of bloat and non-privacy-preserving components removed. It even includes support for custom user scripts and stylesheets!


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