Tab Management

  • BrainTool

    Freemium Chrome Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    BrainTool is a tabs, sessions, bookmark manager. Easily assign a page into a hierarchical set of topics and drop in a note. Then use your topics to open and close tabs and tab groups. Text search, keyboard control, accessible plain text storage.


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  • Current Software

    Stuff I currently use for my tabs

  • Tree Style Tab

    Free Mac Windows Linux Firefox Website

    This is a Firefox add-on which provides the ability to operate tabs as "tree".


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    Freemium Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Vivaldi Browser Chrome Safari Yandex.Browser Opera Firefox Website

    Save Anything from Around the Web, organize with ease, ind your content with search, and collaborate.

  • Session Buddy

    Free Web Chrome OS Chromium Chrome Website

    Manage Your Browser Sessions
    View and save the state of all open browser tabs in the current or past browser sessions.
    Quickly restore your tabs and resume your web surfing after a browser or system crash.
    Edit the sessions you've saved and restore them into the desired set of windows at any time.
    Create a session from a list of URLs and export sessions to text or CSV format.
    Consolidate sessions and eliminate duplicate tabs with ease.


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  • Obsidian

    Free Personal Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Website

    Powerful knowledge base that works on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files.


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  • Tab Session Manager

    Free Mac Windows Linux Firefox Chrome Website

    Save and restore the state of windows and tabs.
    Automatic saving is also possible, so it can be used as a backup when accidentally closing the window.


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  • Pocket

    Freemium Mac Web Android iPhone Blackberry ... Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Chrome Safari Opera Firefox Website

    Save webpages to read later, and eliminate cluttering of bookmarks with sites that are merely of a one-time interest. With Pocket, you can read at home, work, on the plane, or during your commute; even without an internet connection.

    Pocket is available as a bookmarklet, as a Chrome addon, integrated in Firefox, as several unofficial browser addons, and as a mobile app available for a variety of platforms.


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  • Tabox

    Free Web Chrome Chromium Website

    Tabox is a Chromium based tab manager extension that lets you save all your open tabs and groups into a collection that you can later click to reopen.


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  • The Marvellous Suspender

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS Chrome Website

    "The Marvellous Suspender" is a free and open-source Google Chrome extension for people who find that chrome is consuming too much system resources. Totally based on the original "The Great Suspender" but without ADS tracking and other problems.


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  • Discord

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet BSD iPad Epic Games Store Electron / Atom Shell FreeBSD Playstation Xbox Website

    I use a private discord server for my tabs and links I want to view later.


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  • Notepad++

    Free Windows Website

    Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages.


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  • Todoist

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Apple Watch Chrome Microsoft Office Outlook Android Wear Safari Gmail Firefox Website

    Todoist is a task manager thats useful, fast and easy to use.

    Accomplish more, every day.
    Millions of people rely on Todoist to get things done.

    Todoist lets you manage your tasks anywhere.
    At home. At school. At work. Online. Offline. And on 13 platforms and devices.

    • Collaborate on shared tasks
    • Access tasks everywhere
    • Beautiful design


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  • tabXpert

    Free Windows Web Chrome OS Vivaldi Browser Chrome ... Brave Chromium Website

    Manage your windows instead of tabs
    ? Real-time window and tab management
    ? Real-time sync with cloud
    ? Browser crash/restart resistance
    ? Pop-up and tab interface modes
    ? History of closed windows and tabs
    ? Activation and hot tabs shortcuts
    ? Drag-and-drop tabs
    ? Merging and split of windows
    ? Private windows
    ? Switching incognito and normal mode
    ? Filtering, sorting, and search
    ? Light and dark themes
    ? One-click mute
    ? The Great Suspender support
    ? Import from Session Buddy and OneTab
    ? Database export/import


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  • Microsoft OneNote

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Windows S Windows Phone iPad Apple Watch Android Wear Kindle Fire Website

    A digital notebook application that gives people one place to gather notes and information. .


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  • Evernote

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Blackberry Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Apple Watch Android Wear Kindle Fire Website

    Evernote is a cross-platform, freemium app designed for note taking, organizing, and archiving.

    The app allows users to create a "note" which can be a piece of formatted text, a full webpage or webpage excerpt, a photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten "ink" note.

    Notes can also have file attachments. Notebooks can be added to a stack while notes can be sorted into a notebook, tagged, annotated, edited, given comments, searched, and exported as part of a notebook.

    Evernote Premium features:

    Offline notes
    Your notes are available anywhere, anytime, even without an internet connection. Perfect for flights, international travel and working on the go.

    Passcode lock
    Make sure only you can access your notes. Add a layer of security on mobile devices to protect your valuable information such as business plans, receipts, health information, and photographs.

    Business card scanning
    Leave behind your stack of cards by scanning them using Evernote's camera. Capture and store all contact information, a photo of the card and choose to automatically pull additional profile details from LinkedIn.

    Presentation mode
    Present directly from your notes in a full-screen layout for more collaborative, efficient meetings.

    PDF annotation
    When a picture’s worth a thousand words, you can avoid lengthy email dialogue. There’s no quicker way to call attention to contract edits or design changes.

    Context and Knowledge Discovery
    Context reveals notes with related content and documents, and Knowledge Discovery identifies co-workers who are experts on the topic or project you're working on.

    Faster image recognition
    Find what you’re looking for, faster. We scan your images faster, so text within them is searchable sooner. Find text in handwritten notes, Post-it® Notes, whiteboard drawings and more.

    Search in PDFs and Office docs
    Your files are easily searchable within Evernote. Quickly locate your Office and work documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDFs.


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  • View Later

    Apps I want to try out or explore more of

  • VivaldiFox

    Free Windows Firefox Website

    This dynamic theme provides the following features:

    • Custom theme creation like in Vivaldi
    • Integration with page colours
    • Ability to set night theme

    Works along:

    • Tree Style Tab
    • Tab Center Redux with "Integrate with current theme" setting.


    VivaldiFox icon
  • Tablerone

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Chrome OS Website

    Browser extension for saving, organising, and exporting tabs. Save multiple tabs with one click. Get more done with a clean browser.


    Tablerone icon
  • Workona

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone iPad Microsoft Edge Vivaldi Browser Chrome Brave Chromium Website

    I heard the new free plan sucks.


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  • OneTab

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Firefox Website

    Conflicts with Simple Tab Groups


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  • Memex

    Freemium Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Vivaldi Browser ... Chrome Brave Firefox Website

    A privacy focused browser extension to eliminate time spent bookmarking, re-googling or copy-pasting notes into scattered docs.
    🔍 Full-text search your web history and bookmarks
    📝 Annotate Websites
    🗄 Tag, bookmark and sort pages into full-text searchable collections
    📲 Import your existing history and bookmarks from any bookmarking service
    ? ?30s to get started. No account needed
    😎 All data stored on your device


    🔍Search: Type in 'm' followed by pressing the 'space' bar or tab in the address bar.
    📝Annotate: Highlight any piece of text and use the tooltip
    🗄Organise: Move with the mouse to the right side of the screen, or click on the little 'brain' icon in the extension bar


    Memex icon
  • wallabag

    Freemium Windows Linux Web Android iPhone ... Windows S Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Self-Hosted Chrome Cloudron Opera Firefox Website

    wallabag is an opensource self hostable application for saving web pages.

    Comfortable reading

    wallabag extracts the article's content (and only its content!) and displays it in a comfortable view.
    Moreover, wallabag is responsive: you can read your articles on your smartphone or your tablet.

    Applications for smartphone

    Android, iOS or Windows Phone: wallabag application is available for your smartphone.
    It's so easy to read your saved articles on your phone. And it also works when you're offline!

    Migrate from other services

    If you already have an account on Pocket©, Readability©, Instapaper© or even wallabag, you can import your data into wallabag.

    Retrieve your articles easily thanks to filters

    wallabag provides a powerful tool to filter your saved articles. It's so easy to look for them.

    Available in your language

    wallabag is translated into more than ten languages. If yours is not yet available, please help translate.

    Keep your data

    All your data belongs to you. You can download all your articles in many formats: PDF, ePUB, .mobi, JSON, CSV, txt or HTML.


    wallabag icon
  • Diigo

    Freemium Web Android iPhone iPad Internet Explorer ... Chrome Safari Firefox Website

    Better reading and research with annotations, highlighter, sticky notes, archiving, bookmarking and more.


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  • All Tabs Helper

    Free Mac Windows Firefox Website

    Enhances FF All Tabs menu to perform actions such as closing, loading, unloading, moving single/multiple tabs. Search tab titles or content (Find in All Tabs), visited tabs history, find duplicate tabs, all right from All Tabs menu. More...


    All Tabs Helper icon
  • EverSync

    Freemium Windows Android Internet Explorer Chrome Pale Moon ... Firefox Website

    Enjoy access to your favorite sites, bookmarks, and tabs from any computer and any browser - with perfect ease! Eversync will keep your favorite content within your immediate reach at all times!


    EverSync icon
  • TabSqueeze

    Free Web Chrome OS Chrome Website

    OneTab done right.

    Major differences:

    1. You can choose what tabs to squeeze (by holding Shift button)
    2. Tabs are instantly converted into links, so they'll persist in your browser history
    3. Squeezed tabs are shareable by default (no need to click Share every time)


    TabSqueeze icon
  • Tabli

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Website

    Tabli is a tab manager for Google Chrome that provides fast switching between browser windows and tabs and the ability to save and restore windows.

    Tabli runs entirely as an extension in your browser. Tabli does not make any outbound data connections and does not send any data whatsoever to any external application, extension or cloud service.


    Tabli icon
  • Hitabs

    Free Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Chrome Website

    Hitabs is a free cloud based web service to save, group and share your links and bookmarks.


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