xenmaster's gen-z apps

  • TikTok

    Freemium Android iPhone Android Tablet HUAWEI AppGallery iPad Website

    When it comes to actually creating content, plenty of kids prefer the short form and real expressions of this trendy app. Like what Vine once was, but CCP approved.


    TikTok icon
  • Discord

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet BSD iPad Epic Games Store Electron / Atom Shell FreeBSD Playstation Xbox Website

    The group chat alternative for Reddit, this is how people stay in touch in virtual environments.


    Discord icon
  • Twitch

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Windows Phone iPad Kindle Fire Playstation Fire TV Chromecast Xbox Website

    You can watch people Just Chat or stream Fortnite. A fully interactive experience that allows fans to interact with their favourite creators.


    Twitch icon
  • Reddit

    Freemium Windows Web Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Tor Website

    Kids love it because it is raw and unfiltered and there is a sub for pretty much every topic under the sun (and a few that are not).


    Reddit icon
  • Instagram

    Free Windows Web Android iPhone Android Tablet ... Windows Phone Website

    The best way to follow fashion trends and your favorite brands/influencers, you cannot go wrong with Instagram.


    Instagram icon
  • Spotify

    Freemium Windows Web Android Chrome OS Android Tablet ... Kindle Fire Playstation Fire TV Xbox Linux Flathub Snapcraft Website

    Why buy albums like your parents did when you can get your entire catalog online? Mix and match to taste and share playlists with friends, adding to the social experience. It is just not the same as classic MTV though. :\


    Spotify icon
  • YouTube

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Blackberry Chrome OS ... Android Tablet iPad Apple TV KaiOS Fire TV Nintendo Switch Xbox Website

    Gen Z are done with cable - that's for old fogies. The newest and best meme compilations, lo-fi mixes, and kpop videos are on YouTube. Full Stop.


    YouTube icon
  • Snack - Video Dating

    Free iPhone Website

    TikTok meets Tinder in a way that connects video with the real you rather than pics and a profile statement. Very Z.


    Snack - Video Dating icon
  • Giphy

    Free Web Android iPhone Chrome Firefox Website

    Best way to get those animated memes onto your mobile chat.


    Giphy icon
  • Apple Pay

    Free Web Website

    Better than using those annoying credit cards that their parents use lol. Especially since this works online as well as in more and more stores every day (and no need to worry about paying off balances, paper statements, or interest charges).


    Apple Pay icon
  • VSCO

    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Apple TV Website

    The app that started the fashion trend. Grab your hydroflask, pastel scrunchies, and mom jeans that look like they were mauled by a wild animal and you have the look down.


    VSCO icon
  • Unfold

    Freemium Android iPhone Website

    A quick and dirty story editor for folks looking to up their Stories game.


    Unfold icon
  • Imgur

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Where else are kids going to host the images they are posting to Reddit?


    Imgur icon
  • Coinbase

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Website

    Kids today aren't about Wall Street, index funds, or prospectuses (unless you are talkin about meme stocks). Crypto is the wave of the future when it comes to investing!


    Coinbase icon
  • Animal Crossing

    Commercial Nintendo Switch Website

    A life simulation, useful for socializing during a pandemic. It also allows people to interact in a less competitive and more cozy environment. Focused on social and less on winning.


    Animal Crossing icon
  • Fortnite Battle Royale

    Freemium Mac Windows Android Android Tablet Playstation ... Xbox Website

    One of the hottest games out there, especially when it comes to twitch streaming. I also noticed that celebrities have had virtual concerts on here too, which is super weird.


    Fortnite Battle Royale icon
  • Roblox

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad HTC Vive Kindle Fire Gear VR Xbox Website

    Like Minecraft, but cool.


    Roblox icon

Any Gen Z kids hanging out here, let me know what I got right and where I've gone wrong. Just keep in mind I need to find my reading glasses before I can read and respond. :D

Comments on xenmaster's gen-z apps

· Nov 2022 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

You forgot PUBG. Anyway,nice list!


I'm glad I didn't put Amongus on this list, at any rate. Remember when that was a thing?

· Dec 2022 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Yeah,it is still is,to a extent.


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