Finding my best mouse keyboard sharer

  • Input Director

    Free Personal Windows Website


    • No lag over Ethernet.
    • Has advanced settings like macros.


    • Trackpad movement response and speed are strange. I can't move the mouse properly.
    • Doesn't support 2-way control.


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  • Mouse without Borders

    Free Windows Website


    • No lag over Ethernet.
    • Support two-way control. I can use my desktop PC's mouse to control my laptop's mouse cursor, and can also use my laptop's trackpad to control my desktop PC. But, to make the keyboard works on another PC, you need to move the mouse onto it first, or press Ctrl + Alt + F1. I can understand why it's designed like this, but in my use case, it just adds an extra step.


    • When switching between mice, the mouse cursor will take a jump. This may be because my laptop display is 4K.
    • Supports trackpads but not Windows precision touchpad fully. Pinch to zoom is supported partially. Doesn't work very well with multi-finger gesture software, GestureSign. It sometimes works and sometimes does unexpected things. I found the issue ticket in GitHub.


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  • Barrier

    Free Mac Windows Linux FreeBSD OpenBSD Website


    • Just can't make it work. Didn't know why but because the con below, it doesn't fit for my use case so I didn't continue to try.
    • Doesn't support two-way control.


    Barrier icon

Finally, I settled with Mouse without Borders, mainly for its 2-way control support. Also, I hacked GestureSign to make it work with Mouse without Borders, so now I could use some of gestures from my laptop, which keeps my workflow.

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