Game Databases And Trackers

  • Grouvee

    Free Web Website

    Grouvee is the best place on the Internet to catalog your video game collection and track your backlog.


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  • Backloggery

    Free Web Website

    Backloggery helps gamers keep track of unplayed and unfinished games in their collection. Add all the games you own to the list, and track how far you have progressed towards beating them. This will help keep you from buying many new games before having played the ones you already own, and thus make the most out of your existing collection. Or it can simply tell you how much you're getting out of the games you buy, and how your collection and playing habits compare to others.

    Additional features include the Fortune Cookie, which will give you suggestions on what to play next by randomly selecting games you own but haven't finished; generating signature images for websites and forums, so you can show others what you're currently playing or have recently beaten; and the MultiTap to connect with friends.

    Games are added by simply entering a name; there is no database of games running on the back end. This has the advantage that games can be added quickly and simply without having to search for them, and that all games can be tracked, no matter how obscure.


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  • Stash - Games Tracker

    Free Android iPhone Website

    What's Stash?

    Ever wondered how to keep track of your gaming experiences and achievements?

    Well, our crew is competing with each other for ages. Grab your gamepad, keyboard, or whatever and join us in the most savage social network for gamers.

    Manage the games you played, set alerts for new releases and compete for the most impressive gaming collection among thousands of other gamers.

    Play: Discover the latest and most iconic games in the largest gaming database.
    Track: Keep track of the games you want to play later and watch out for big releases.
    Collect: Mark the ones you finished and create a collection worth being proud of.

    What’s Under The Hood
    We keep your whole gaming history at your fingertips, and here’s how.

    👉 Discover Games!
    Access the largest gaming database with more than 120k+ games available to review and add to your collections.

    👉 Manage Collections!
    Let everyone know what games you’ve played and what’s next on your list with our collections system.

    👉 Leave Reviews!
    Share your thoughts on the game you’ve played to improve our suggestions system and mark up your favorites.


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  • RAWG

    Free Web Website

    The most comprehensive database that is powered by personal player experiences.

    — Track what you played
    You can have infinite games in your favourites, doesn’t matter which device or type of game.

    — Browse all your games in one unified profile
    The more complete your pofile, the better it reflects your taste. Start by marking the games you have beaten in the past and select the ones that you will play in the future. Easily search and filter among your library.

    — Create and share collections
    Compile and share collections: your personal goty titles, organize games by theme, make a list of great co-op games to play with friends, games with great writing, plot twists or whatever comes to your mind. You can get suggestions from other members and discover the games you missed.

    — Find and save new games to play
    Browse the selection of new and upcoming games for each platform on the main page. If you are signed in, you’ll also see personal recommendations based on the games in your profile. Treat the main page as your personal video games showcase. Found something new and interesting? Add it to your profile to check back later.


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