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  • Xtensio

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Website

    Xtensio is a SaaS company that offers a better way for small enterprises to engage with their stakeholders with meaningful, visualized data.

    Currently, companies spend several thousands of dollars on creating an initial buzz around their crowdfunding campaigns. Xtensio is tailored to campaign needs, while respecting the lean budget requirements of most campaign owners. We believe that every company should have access to visual presentation and communication tools of the highest possible standards.

    We are a group of UX/UI designers at the startup friendly digital agency, Fake Crow ( ). Xtensio is our own product and we are very passionate about it.


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  • Caspio

    Freemium Web Amazon Web Services Website

    Caspio provides an intuitive visual application builder that guides you through every aspect of creating sophisticated cloud applications. Create custom web forms, searchable databases, multi-user portals, interactive dashboards, automated workflows and much more — in a fraction of the time compared to traditional development.

    By empowering business professionals to create their own applications, Caspio sets a new standard for doing more with less. Align your frontline customer-facing teams, business operations and IT departments like never before. Automate processes, eliminate data silos and enable digital transformation with less strain on backlogged IT departments.

    With Caspio's low-code approach, launch custom applications fast and drive continuous improvement across the business — all using clicks, not code.


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  • Scriptcase

    Commercial Windows Linux Website

    Scriptcase PHP Generator is a powerful tool to increase web development productivity. Scriptcase PHP Generator runs directly in the browser enabling web application collaborative development. It supports most databases available generating highly customizable PHP code and of easy maintenance. Scriptcase PHP Generator is easy to learn and simple to use yet it generates sophisticated attractive applications saving time and increasing profits.


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  • Codester

    Free Web Website

    Codester is an online marketplace for ready-to-se web development assets. This includes scripts, app source code, themes, plugins and more.


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  • KickoffLabs

    Commercial Web Website

    Easily Publish Pages: Choose a template and write copy for your pages and widgets.
    Test & Collect Leads: Run smarter A/B tests that won't cost you conversions
    Generate Referrals: Dramatically reduce your cost per lead with a viral boost

    Why should YOU choose KickoffLabs?
    Any software could build you a landing page. What makes our campaigns smarter?

    Mobile Ready: 45% of campaign traffic comes from mobile devices. Don’t waste mobile traffic. Your landing pages and opt-in forms should be mobile ready. Every form we generate works great on phones and tablets automatically.

    Social Ready: Our Viral Boost will generate at least a 35% lift in conversions. Your leads know other leads. The first person may not be ready to buy, but they have a friend who is. Leverage their social networks to easily turn 100 leads into 1000.

    Personalization Ready: Ask for email and get age, gender, location, and social profile data. You can’t sell to an audience you don’t understand. Know where your leads came from, who they are, and what they need. Create smarter campaigns and improve sales.

    Email Ready: Automatic email responses are built in. Engage with your potential customers. Give them an experience, an education, a good laugh—something they’ll remember when it’s time to buy. We can host and distribute your digital downloads too!

    Platform Ready: Work with a diverse set of tools? So do we. Publish pages and opt-in forms to WordPress & Facebook. Push leads to MailChimp, AWeber, and more. Use our API to collect leads and generate referrals anywhere.

    Ready for you: Customized help beyond amazing support. Of course we provide fast email, phone, and chat support. But we go beyond by offering professional concierge setup services, custom landing page development, and can provide personalized feedback on your campaigns.


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  • Tilda Publishing

    Commercial Web Website

    Tilda helps you build websites for business and media. With Tilda you can create long forms and articles, as well as landing pages, websites, photo stories, blogs and all other kinds of content oriented web projects.


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