Recommendation apps for the end user.

When want to know which movie or music to try next and want an app to give you recommendations with the power of math. The official term is 'recommender systems'. I am studying them so I made this list.

  • I do not know

  • Facebook

    Free Windows Web Android iPhone Blackberry ... Windows S Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad KaiOS Website

    poor other people recommender


    Facebook icon
  • Bast

    Free Android Opera Website

    Welcome to the simplest way to discover the latest top trending viral videos that the Internet (YouTube) has to offer.
    Bast, named after the ancient god of entertainment (Bastat), uses advanced algorithms to round up the most watched viral videos and allow you to see what's trending before anyone else.


    • Watch the newest and hottest viral videos of the web
    • Filter your viral videos by day, week, month, year and all time
    • See what videos are currently trending
    • Save videos to a favorites list
    • In a hurry? Mark your favorite videos and watch them later
    • Really bored? Watch completely random videos, you'll never know what you come across
    • Get social and share your favorite videos through Facebook, Twitter, Google + and more


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  • IsItGood

    Free Web Website

    not finished yet
    The social discovery and personalized recommendation platform for podcasts.
    As you listen, our unique algorithm learns your taste over time.


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  • The Movie Database

    Free Web Website

    How do you build my recommendations?

    The more movies and TV shows you mark as a favorite, the more entries we can recommend for you. We will also automatically filter your rated items as well so you can hopefully find something new to watch instantly. Adding a minimum of 30 items will usually start to build an interesting list.


    The Movie Database  icon

    Free Web Website

    I don't feel like rating 40 movies shows. Otherwise definate personalized recommendation score.


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  • Aventrix

    Free Web Website

    Aventrix is a website that helps you discover new and fun activities. Aventrix connects you with local shows, concerts, and sports games as well as at-home entertainment like movies, video games, music, and books.


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  • Simkl

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet ... iPad Chrome VLC media player Plex Kodi Website

    Really pretty site. "Select personalized recommendations from 150,000 Movies, 38,000 TV shows and 8,000 Anime shows"


    Simkl icon
  • Gnoosic

    Free Web Website

    Even if you don't know what you are looking for - gnod will find it.
    Gnod is a self-adapting system that learns about the outer world by asking its visitors what they like and what they don't like. In this instance of gnod all is about music. Gnod is kind of a search engine for music you don't know about. It will ask you what music you like and then think about what you might like too. When I set gnod online its database was completely empty. Now it contains thousands of bands and quite some knowledge about who likes what. And gnod learns more every day.


    Gnoosic icon

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Website is a personalized movie recommendation app. Unlike the major rating sites, this suggestion engine is designed to return personalized matches with no commercial bias.

  • Basic tag & Genre

  • StumbleUpon

    Free Windows Linux Web Android iPhone ... iPad Chrome Firefox Website

    Website rec. Very simple content based and similarity.


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  • foursquare

    Free Web Android iPhone Blackberry Telegram ... Windows Phone Apple Watch Kindle Fire Pebble Website

    selection by tag and follow user


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  • Goodreads

    Free Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Merged with Shelfari to gain tag based recommendation.


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  • Refind

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad ... Chrome Website

    magazine of the most relevant ones for you—based on the people, hashtags, and publishers you follow. smart reading list helps you read better


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  • Steam

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad SteamOS Website

    basic tag based recommender


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  • Flavorit

    Free iPhone Website

    Discovered a new place a friend will love? Let them know about it. Plus, keep all your recommendations in one place.


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  • Locish

    Free Android iPhone Website

    an new user suggest every time local question asked


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  • Curated

  • WikiMentions

    Free Web Website

    WikiMentions lets you discover books/people/videos mentioned by great people. It’s a graph of mentions where people mention other people/books/videos in books/videos. Also it’s a wiki so anyone can add content. We already have around 2200 books and 1250 videos of 980 people. You can add content without signing up. You only need to sign up to edit or delete something.


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