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  • Libgen Desktop

    Free Windows Website

    Libgen Desktop is a Windows application for browsing a local copy of LibGen catalog. The main (non-fiction), fiction and scientific articles (scimag) LibGen collections are supported.

    The application uses embedded SQLite database engine to store and retrieve catalog data. Current LibGen catalog can be imported in the form of SQL dump. Faster incremental catalog updates for the main collection using JSON API are supported.

    You can search by title/authors/series/publisher or ISBN or DOI in case of scientific articles. Each search query is opened in a separate tab to work with multiple queries at a time. There is an export feature to save search results into a XLSX (MS Excel) or CSV file.

    To download the content you can open a download link in a Web browser or use an internal download manager. Your local file collection can be scanned to link matching files to the catalog for easier access.


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  • qutebrowser

    Free Mac Windows Linux Python WebKit ... Qt Website

    An actively developped, keyboard-focused browser with a minimal GUI, inspired by other browsers/addons like dwb and Vimperator/Pentadactyl. It’s based on Python, PyQt5 and QtWebKit and free software, licensed under the GPL.


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  • SpeedCrunch

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    SpeedCrunch is a free, fast, high precision open source algebraic calculator with an intuitive interface and a extensive list of features, including:
    Unlimited Variables,
    Syntax Highlighting,
    Functions, with 'Automagic' Completion,
    50 Decimal Precision,
    Input History
    and more...


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  • Bromite

    Free Android Android Tablet Website

    Bromite is a Chromium fork with support for ad blocking and enhanced privacy.
    Bromite is only available for Android Lollipop (v5.0, API level 21) and above.


    Features not related to privacy:

    Does Google Sync work?

    • No. This is not a limitation of Bromite but of all Chromium-based projects in general, as general public is not allowed to use Google's APIs for free unless when using Chrome.

    Small F-Droid iconF-Droid repository:

    Bromite Wiki:


    Filters credits:


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  • LibreWolf

    Free Mac Windows Linux Linux Mint Arch Linux ... Gentoo Linux Ubuntu Debian Website

    LibreWolf, the community-maintained fork of Librefox: a privacy and security-focused browser.


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  • WinAuth

    Free Windows Website

    WinAuth is a portable, open-source Authenticator for Windows that can be used as a 2FA including Bitcoin / crypto-currency websites, any service that requires the Google Authenticator, and games such as World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Guild Wars 2, Rift, ArcheAge. WildStar and Runescape.


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  • Strawberry

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Website

    Strawberry is a music player and music collection organizer. It's written in C++ using the Qt framework.


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  • QTodoTxt 2

    Free Windows Linux Website

    Open source, free graphical interface for to-do lists done using the todo.txt approach.


  • Anki

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... BSD iPad Website

    Content-agnostic flash card software that supports audio, images, and videos via LaTeX.


    Anki icon

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