• Albert

    Free Linux Website

    Omnilauncher for Linux to help you quickly find and run apps and do other useful things.


    Albert icon
  • j4-dmenu-desktop

    Free Linux Website

    A replacement for i3-dmenu-desktop

    Its purpose is to find .desktop files and offer you a menu to start an application using dmenu.


  • RecentX

    Commercial Windows Website

    RecentX is an innovative launcher that gives you instant access to your files, folders, programs, websites & clipboard history. It automatically remembers your favorite & recent items so that you can launch them even faster.


    RecentX icon
  • AllMyNotes Organizer

    Freemium Windows Website

    AllMyNotes Organizer is a multi-functional hierarchical information manager for Windows. Store all your Notes in virtual folders in one file!

    Everyone is unique so AllMyNotes Organizer offers freedom of individualizing your notes in totally customizable tree structure.

    All Notes stored in a single AllMyNotes Organizer file and can be grouped into flexible virtual folders enabling easy, intuitive access, and instant search at all times.

    And with AllMyNotes Organizer Portable your Personal Information is safe from prying eyes! Just set a password for your notes, and AllMyNotes Organizer will encrypt it using 1800-bit cipher. The easiest way to keep all your Notes with you on the go. Highly performant database-driven storage file format. Export to RTF and plain text. 24 languages, Skinned interface.

    Ideal for keeping your most sensible private information with you. Even if USB stick will be lost - no problem, nobody will be able to access your data without knowing your password.

    Major features: Can be used on any PC (no installation is required), Encrypted data storage, Instant Search, RichText editor, Access Restriction by Password, Password Generator Utility, Icons, Tasks, Free-form tree, Automatic Backups, Skins, Multilingual, Import and Export


    AllMyNotes Organizer icon
  • NuKit

    Commercial Mac Website

    NuKit is a bundle of lightweight everyday tools to increase productivity and save time.
    Launcher and Shortcuts provide instant access to applications, files, URLs, Search Engines, System Actions, Scripts, and Dictionary.
    Window Mover, Real Zoom, and Real Close help you to quickly and easily drag and resize, maximize and close windows on a Mac.
    Tweaker gives you access to hidden Dock appearance settings, Finder preferences and other system settings.
    Advanced Calculator works with big numbers, rationals, math functions and immediately displays results in decimal, binary, octal and hexadecimal.
    Supported languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.
    The fully functional 15-day trial version.


    NuKit icon
  • Skylight

    Free Windows Website

    Skylight is an experimental keyboard launcher. It lets you quickly find and open anything on your computer or the web. Start apps, documents or search websites with a few keystrokes, it even learns from your habits.

    After some use Skylight can become an extension of your hand. You'll find yourself doing without thinking, as apps or websites will launch in pure reflex.


    Skylight icon
  • Cairo Shell

    Free Windows Website

    Cairo is a desktop environment for Windows. Its goal is to develop a desktop experience that increases productivity and advances current technology standards.


    Cairo Shell icon
  • Listary

    Freemium Windows Windows Explorer Website

    Listary is a revolutionary search utility for Windows
    that makes finding your files and launching applications blazing fast, for casual and power users alike!.


    Listary icon
  • Tray Commander Lite

    Free Personal Windows Website

    Tray Commander is a multifunctional utility that lets you launch your frequently used programs, files, folders and documents directly from the system tray. It adds a single icon to the tray which, when clicked, displays a customizable menu that contains the shortcuts you selected. It supports commands to open and close your CD drives, reboot, shutdown your system, run any of your favorite applications, launch a screensaver, send emails to specified recipients, open folders and more.


    Tray Commander Lite icon
  • MDownloader

    Free Windows Website

    MDownloader is a tiny application designed for downloading files available at the most popular file hosting servers. The .NET alternative to the java based jDownloader.

    Features include: page parsing to find supported links & matching interchangeable links (by name and size), Password detection and captchas recognition (OCR engine will try to recognize it, but sometimes manual recognition is required), parallel downloads from multiple hosting sources, Download resuming (for those providers which support it in anonymous mode), Direct download & download via proxy mode (with authentication or without), RSS monitoring, FilesTube & Release Database searching, Download acceleration using interchangeable links or proxy servers, Multiupload - upload a fileset to many providers at once.


    MDownloader icon
  • Alfred

    Freemium Mac iPhone iPad Website

    Alfred is a productivity application for macOS, which boosts your efficiency with hotkeys, keywords and text expansion. Search your Mac and the web, and control your Mac using custom actions with the Powerpack.


    Alfred icon
  • Advanced Launcher

    Free Personal Windows Website

    Advanced Launcher is a completely free award-winning toolbar and tray launcher.

    It can show several fully customizable toolbars at a time. When you click a toolbar button it can either run an application (open a document) or show multilevel customizable menu. Menus can also show contents of folders (e.g. Programs folder from the Start menu or Desktop folder). You can minimize toolbars to tray and access them as menus.


    Advanced Launcher icon
  • OpenWith Enhanced

    Free Windows Website

    OpenWith Enhanced is a small freeware application which replaces the standard Windows 'Open With...' window with an improved comprehensive yet intuitive dialog box.

    Starting from version 1.0, OpenWith Enhanced supports user interface translations. At the moment, there are user-contributed translations to Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Russian and Spanish.

    In addition, OpenWith Enhanced includes several extra handy options:

    • Change the icon associated with each file type
    • Remove or disable for a current user any given file association (especially handy on WindowsVista / Windows7 OS, where such options aren't available through standard UI)
    • Clear the Open With... menu from any unneeded applications
    • Autofill file type description for new associations with the most popular ones
    • It works natively on both x86 and x64 versions of Windows and respects UAC settings
      And of course, it does what the Open With... dialog should do; allow you to easily open your different files with different applications !


    OpenWith Enhanced icon
  • Unclutter

    Commercial Mac Website

    Unclutter is a new handy place on your desktop for storing notes, files and pasteboard clips.

    To open your pocket, simply move the pointer to the top of screen and scroll down. Drag items from other applications to the top of screen to store them in Unclutter.

    Unclutter tools:

    • File Storage, to keep your Desktop clean from temporary files.
    • Notes, to write down something quickly.
    • Clipboard manager, to track what you copy and paste, browse clipboard history.

    Other features:

    • Instant, configurable access even in full screen mode.
    • Files and notes auto-sync across all your Macs via Dropbox.
    • Draggable cards that can stick on top of other windows.
    • Full multi-display support.
    • Retina display support.


    Unclutter icon
  • Bins

    Commercial Windows Website

    Bins is an utility which allows you to group icons in your Windows Taskbar.

    • Restore sanity to your Windows taskbar
      Combine related icons on your Windows 7, 8 or 10 taskbar with Bins.
      Reduce clutter, and get at your programs quickly.

    • Simple
      To use Bins, drag one icon on top of another and drop into the bubble that appears. To ungroup, drag the icon back to the taskbar. Bins is simple and intuitive.

    • Instantly accessible
      Mouseover a group's icon and its Bin container will appear instantly for launching apps or managing open windows; works natively with AeroPeek and JumpLists. Move your mouse away and Bins will tuck back away.


    Bins icon
  • MyTetra

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    MyTetra is open source and cross platform personal manager for information accumulation. It is powerful program for data memorization and structuring notes.


    MyTetra icon
  • JetStart

    Freemium Windows Website

    Tired of digging into crowded Start Menu? JetStart offers you a quick access to categorized Start Menu shortcuts, recently launched programs and system commands.

    Just type a few letters and JetStart will show matching applications as you type. Once you've found a desired program, you can immediately launch, drag to desktop or uninstall it.


  • liquidFOLDERS

    Commercial Windows Windows Explorer Website

    liquidFOLDERS stores all files in a separate area of your computer we call "store". A store does not have a fixed directory tree (let alone one that you'll have to manage yourself), but is one big thing. Just like with an industry grade database, you can slice and dice that entity in real time with regard to the properties of the actual files stored in it.


    liquidFOLDERS icon
  • MyShelf

    Commercial Android iPhone iPad Website

    You dislike the idea that somebody else can see your personal notes, pictures and ideas.
    But you like to have them with you on all your devices. On your iPhone, iPad, Android and your Mac OS or Win OS desktop.
    MyShelf should be your choice. MyShelf does not rely on cloud services.
    All different shelves can be easily and securely synced with the freely available MyShelf Desktop via WLAN.

    MyShelf is a powerful database app which offers a lot of features to structure your data and to retrieve them easily. It is the perfect place for your notes, pictures, links, text snippets of any kind.

    You are looking for a notebook, an idea store, a diary, a todo list, a recipe book. With MyShelf you have a powerful app at your fingertips that is able to handle all purposes in one. 


    MyShelf icon
  • Key Manager

    Commercial Windows Website

    Key Manager reveals the full potential of your keyboard and mouse and allows you to save time and efforts while working with your computer. Thanks to its flexible interface, you can now create various actions and execute them by pressing keys, mouse buttons and combinations of both, as well as represent them in the form of a popup actions menu. Apart from this, the application features powerful key and mouse button redefinition and blocking tools. Key redefinition and the execution of assigned actions can be restricted to specific applications and/or windows.

    Key Manager allows you to assign the following actions to regular, sequential and long (press and hold) key presses, mouse button presses, the mouse wheel rotation, combinations with modifiers, as well as popup menu items:

    • show a popup menu with a list of user-defined actions
    • paste user-defined text to any application with an option to insert current time, date and other information from a template
    • press and block keys, key combinations, press mouse buttons and emulate mouse wheel rotation
    • launch any application or open a file or a folder (to create an event, just drag and drop a shortcut, folder or file onto the action window)
    • open a specific webpage
    • instantly create an email
    • perform actions on all windows or active ones only (close, minimize, maximize, restore, hide, show, redraw, move, resize)
    • manage your computer's power, monitor's power, sound settings, adjust volume, start the screensaver and much more...

    The software also enables you to turn virtually any key or mouse button into a user-defined modifier and use it (similar to Alt and Ctrl) in combination with other keys, mouse buttons and modifiers.


    Key Manager icon
  • Wox

    Free Windows Website

    Wox is a full-featured plugin-powered launcher that supports file and web searching.
    Since the local search is powered by Small Everything iconEverything you will start receiving results as you type.


    Wox icon
  • TagsForAll

    Freemium Windows Website

    An excellent solution based on tags/keywords for streamlining the access to images, documents, photos, books, multimedia content, and so on.

    The advantage of organizing files via tags\keywords is having a more flexible way of searching among similar files by using criteria that are less precise and more intuitive than the full path.

    The "FastTagsAccess" feature provide extremely fast navigation and access to tagged files.


    TagsForAll icon
  • Duplicate Photo Cleaner

    Freemium Mac Windows Website

    Duplicate Photo Cleaner is a powerful tool that helps you find and remove duplicate photos from your PC or Mac. With this program you can easily organize your photo collection and remove duplicates or similar images.

    Duplicate Photo Cleaner has three scanning modes - Standard Scan, iPhoto Scan and Sector Detail Scan. In addition to that, there are two scanning algorithms. One compares photos using colors and is more accurate, while the other compares photos in grayscale and offers broader scan results. You can easily switch between these modes and algorithms in the program's settings.

    Duplicate Photo Cleaner is an advanced image similarity finder, but it can also find exact photo duplicates in a snap.


    Duplicate Photo Cleaner icon
  • Spotlight

    Free Mac Website

    Spotlight is the system-wide desktop search feature built into Apple's OS X operating system since version 10.4 (Tiger). Backed by an index of all items and files on the system, it's designed to allow the user to quickly locate a wide variety of items on the computer, including documents, pictures, music, applications, and System Preferences. In addition, specific words in documents and in web pages in a web browser's history or bookmarks can be searched. It also allows the user to narrow down searches with file attributes (e.g. creation dates, modification dates, sizes, types) and, as of OS X 10.9, tags. Pre-installed plugins for the New Oxford American Dictionary and Calculator applications also included in OS X allow Spotlight to define words and evaluate mathematical expressions.

    Adapted from Wikipedia: (software)


    Spotlight icon

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