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  • Symbolab Math Solver

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Website

    Symbolab: equation search and math solver - solves algebra, trigonometry and calculus problems step by step


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  • Calculation Laboratory

    Free Web Website

    Calculation Laboratory is an online environment for numerical computations. By using this site you get fast access to the easy-to-use tool for computing from anywhere. Calculation Lab is perfect for engineering students.


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  • Desmos

    Free Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    A beautiful, innovative, and modern online graphing calculator.


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  • Mathway

    Freemium Web Android iPhone iPad Website

    Mathematical equation solver that supports math of any level from algebra to complex calculus.


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  • SMath Studio

    Free Windows Linux Web Windows Mobile Website

    SMath Studio - is a math program with 'paper'-like interface and numerous computing features. It has an ability to work with systems, matrices, vectors, complex numbers, infinities and fractions. SMath Studio supports 18-th interface languages, has versions for Windows, Windows Mobile (PPC, communicators and Smartphones) and Linux. It also includes integrated mathematical reference book.

    Interface languages

    * (ENG) English / English
    * (GER) German / Deutsch
    * (DUT) Dutch / Nederlands
    * (SPA) Spanish / Español
    * (FRE) French / Français
    * (POR) Portuguese / Português
    * (CPP) Portuguese (Brazil) / Brazil (Português)
    * (SCR) Croatian / Hrvatski
    * (SCC) Serbian / Srpski
    * (GRE) Greek / ????????
    * (CZE) Czech / Ceština
    * (HUN) Hungarian / Magyar
    * (ITA) Italian / Italiano
    * (POL) Polish / Polski
    * (RUS) Russian / ???????
    * (BUL) Bulgarian / ?????????
    * (LTH) Lithuanian / Lietuviu
    * (UKR) Ukrain / ??????????


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  • fxSolver

    Free Web Website

    Online math solver, equation editor and database, graphing calculator and science/engineering problem helper.


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  • Cymath

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Website

    Enter your math problem, and let Cymath solve it for you step-by-step!

    For high school students, Cymath covers topics in algebra such as:

    • equation solving
    • factoring
    • logarithms
    • exponents
    • complex numbers
    • quadratic equations
    • trigonometry
    • partial fraction
    • polynomial division

    For college students, Cymath covers topics in calculus such as:

    • product rule
    • quotient rule
    • chain rule
    • u-substitution
    • integration by parts
    • integration by partial fraction
    • trigonometric substitution
    • rationalizing substitution


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