My toolchain

An incomplete list of software i use daily.

  • iOS

    Free iPhone iPad Apple Watch Website

    iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. and distributed exclusively for Apple hardware. It is the operating system that powers iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

    Each main version of iOS / iPhone OS has introduced a big, main feature of the new version.

    • iPhone OS 1 was the original "iOS", and had only first-party Apple, preinstalled apps such as "Phone", "iPod", and "Safari".
    • iPhone OS 2 introduced the App Store that we know today.
    • iPhone OS 3 added in copy and paste functionality, several Google-licensed apps (Maps and Youtube), as well as basic tethering functions.
    • iOS 4 brought in multitasking and Wallpaper-changing. iOS 4 also dropped the original iPhone from it's supported devices, and the iPhone 3G held limited support.
    • iOS 5 introduced several new features, such as iMessage, Newsstand, Reminders, Twitter integration, iCloud, and a beta of Siri.
    • iOS 6 fully released Siri and Siri Eyes Free, brought in Passbook and Facebook integration, as well as Apple-sourced maps instead of Google sourced, marking the removal of the Youtube app as well.
    • iOS 7 held a massive design overhaul, turning skeumorphic into modern and flat. Also brought in a "Control Center" which offered a quick-access area for commonly used features (flashlight, wifi on/off, bluetooth on/off, calculator app, etc.).
    • iOS 8 introduced the Health App, which enables data-mixing from all kinds of fitness apps, from MyFitnessPal to Misfit. iMessages gained voice messaging, and Indoor Mapping with the iPhone 5S, 6, and 6+'s M7 and M8 coprocessors.
    • iOS 9 introduced a new multitasking features on iPad, new Notes features, the iCloud Drive app, HomeKit integration, Apple Maps improvements.
    • iOS 10 incorporated changes to 3D Touch and the lock screen. There were new features to Messages, Maps, Photos and Siri.
    • iOS 11 introduces significant design changes: combined lock screen and Notification Center, Appstore restyle, translation between languages for Siri, screen recording.


    iOS icon
  • macOS

    Free Mac Website

    macOS is a Unix-based operating system, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is designed to run on Macintosh computers, having been pre-installed on all Macs since 2002. Within the market of home computers, and by web usage, macOS is the second most widely used desktop OS after Windows.

    macOS Big Sur elevates the world's most advanced desktop operating system to a new level of power and beauty. Experience Mac to the fullest with a refined new design. Enjoy the biggest Safari update ever. Discover new features for Maps and Messages. And get even more transparency around your privacy.


    macOS icon
  • Crafty Controller

    Free Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted Website

    Crafty is a wrapper for a Minecraft server which runs in the background. It has tons of features, including a slick AdminLTE-based GUI, auto-backups and console commands.


    Crafty Controller icon
  • Docker

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Self-Hosted ... FreeNAS Website

    Enterprise-focused container platform for building, sharing, and running any application.


    Docker icon

    Free Linux BSD Website

    An easy and elegant way to use your computer, GNOME 3 is designed to put you in control and get things done.


    GNOME icon
  • Zsh

    Free Mac Linux BSD Website

    Zsh is a shell (e.g. bash replacement) designed for interactive use, although it is also a powerful scripting language. .


    Zsh icon
  • Git

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... BSD Haiku Website

    Git is a free & open source, distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.


    Git icon
  • Tampermonkey

    Free Personal Mac Windows Linux Android Microsoft Edge ... Chrome Opera Opera Next Chromium Firefox Website

    Tampermonkey is a free browser extension and the most popular userscript manager for Blink- and WebKit-based Browsers like Chrome, Opera Next and Safari.

    Even though some of the supported browsers have native userscript support, Tampermonkey will give you much more convenience in managing your userscripts. It provides features like easy script installation, automatic update checks, a simple overview what scripts are running at a tab, a built-in editor and there is a good chance that incompatible scripts run fine with Tampermonkey.

    Tampermonkey is available for Google Chrome, Opera, Chromium, a lot of their derivatives and also Firefox and some Android browsers.


    Tampermonkey icon
  • uBlock Origin

    Free Web Android Microsoft Edge Vivaldi Browser Chrome ... Pale Moon Thunderbird Opera Chromium Firefox Website

    Popular and efficient blocker for Chromium, Chrome, Edge, Firefox (desktop and Android), Opera, Thunderbird. Fast and lean.


    uBlock Origin icon
  • Ubuntu

    Free Windows Linux Windows S Website

    Ubuntu is a Debian Linux-based open source operating system for desktop computers.


    Ubuntu icon
  • Mail-in-a-box

    Free Self-Hosted Roundcube Website

    Take back control of your email with this easy-to-deploy mail server in a box.
    Mail-in-a-Box turns a fresh cloud computer into a working mail server.
    You get contact synchronization, spam filtering, and so on. On your phone, you can use apps like K-9 Mail and CardDAV-Sync free beta to sync your email and contacts between your phone and your box. And in your browser:


    Mail-in-a-box icon
  • Transmission

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD ... Haiku Cloudron Xfce Website

    Transmission has the features you expect in a BitTorrent client: encryption, a web-based interface, peer exchange, UPnP and NAT-PMP port forwarding, web seed support, watch directories, tracker editing, global and per-torrent speed limits, and more.


    Transmission icon
  • Syncthing

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android Android Tablet ... BSD Self-Hosted F-Droid Cloudron Website

    Syncthing replaces proprietary sync and cloud services with something open, trustworthy and decentralized. Your data is your data alone and you deserve to choose where it is stored.


    Syncthing icon
  • Sway

    Free Linux Website

    Sway is a tiling Wayland compositor and a drop-in replacement for the i3 window manager for X11.


    Sway icon
  • i3

    Free Linux BSD Website

    A dynamic tiling window manager designed for X11, inspired by wmii, and written in C.


    i3 icon
  • Blink Shell

    Commercial iPhone iPad Website

    Blink Shell is the professional, desktop-grade terminal emulator for iOS. It's a full-featured and highly configurable open-source terminal that can be compiled from the source at GitHub or purchased as a pre-compiled app from the App Store to support the developers.


    Mosh support.
    SSH support for sessions and exec commands.
    Multiple concurrent sessions.
    Create your hosts: predefine keys, prediction modes, startup commands, ports and everything else you need.
    Back to My Mac support.
    Smart Keys: On-screen keyboard with modifier keys for continuous presses.
    Gestures based interaction. Use swipe to move between your open connections, slide down to close them, and even pinch to zoom!
    Encryption keys. This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit.
    ssh-copy-id command to copy your secure keys
    Keychain support for secure storage of private keys and passwords.
    Modifier keys (Ctrl, Opt, Cmd, Caps) to Ctrl or Esc sequences.
    Cursor (home, end, pgup, pgdw) and function keys (f1...f10).
    SplitView support.
    Excellent Unicode support (including composed seqs).
    Copy and Paste support.
    Optimized battery consumption. Non-blocking requests.
    Inluded Themes: Solarized, Flat, Light Monokai and HTerm's default.
    Inluded Fonts (powerline): Source Code Pro, Menlo and Roboto Mono.


    Blink Shell icon
  • Kodi

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet BSD iPad Raspberry Pi Fire TV Website

    Kodi, formerly XBMC, is a free and open source media player and entertainment center for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, XBox, and iOS. Kodi is designed to be the perfect companion to a home theater PC - it supports an almost endless range of remote controls, and combined with its beautiful (and highly "skinnable") interface, Kodi feels very natural to use from the couch.

    Currently Kodi can be used to play almost all popular audio and video formats around. It was designed for network playback, so you can stream your multimedia from anywhere in the house or directly from the Internet using practically any protocol available.


    Kodi icon
  • Steam

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad SteamOS Website

    Steam is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications platform developed by Valve Corporation.


    Steam icon
  • Spotify

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Blackberry Chrome OS Windows S Android Tablet iPad Apple TV Kindle Fire Playstation Fire TV Xbox Website

    Spotify is a freemium music streaming service providing digital rights management-restricted content from record labels including Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group and Universal.

    Music can be browsed by artist, album, genre, playlist, or record label, as well as by direct searches. On computers, a link allows the listener to purchase selected material via partner retailers.

    Spotify music streaming is available on all mobile devices and on desktop computers for unlimited durations. Features like offline listening and ad-free playback are only available for Premium subscribers of the service.


    Spotify icon
  • Mozilla Firefox

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet BSD iPad Snapcraft Haiku Fire TV Gecko Website

    A free and open source web browser descended from the Mozilla Application Suite. Firefox is highly extensible, with thousands of third-party add-ons available.

    Firefox version 60+ (Quantum) is presently faster than Google Chrome and use less memory than Chrome. Compare to previous versions of Firefox, the Quantum version is twice as fast, promote parallelism, and has more intuitive user interface.


    Mozilla Firefox icon
  • Hyper

    Free Mac Windows Linux Electron / Atom Shell Website

    Hyper™ is a beautiful and extensible, cross-platform terminal built on open web standards. It provides an elegant command-line experience that is consistent across all supported platforms which includes macOS, Windows and various Linux distributions like Fedora and Debian.

    For developers, extensions are universal Node.js modules loaded by both Electron and the renderer process.


    Hyper icon
  • MultiMC

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    MultiMC is a custom launcher for Minecraft that allows you to easily manage multiple installations of Minecraft at once.


    MultiMC icon
  • KeeWeb

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Website

    Web and desktop password manager compatible with KeePass. Works online in any modern browser or as a desktop app for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


    KeeWeb icon
  • Visual Studio Code

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS Electron / Atom Shell Website

    VS Code is more than just a code editor, it provides the tools and extensions to compile, debug, compare, refactor, and even manage code repositories all within a highly-customised development environment.


    Visual Studio Code icon
  • WireGuard

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... BSD Website

    WireGuard is an extremely simple yet fast and modern VPN that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography. It aims to be faster, simpler, leaner, and more useful than IPSec, while avoiding the massive headache. It intends to be considerably more performant than OpenVPN. WireGuard is designed as a general purpose VPN for running on embedded interfaces and super computers alike, fit for many different circumstances. Initially released for the Linux kernel, it plans to be cross-platform and widely deployable. It is currently under heavy development, but already it might be regarded as the most secure, easiest to use, and simplest VPN solution in the industry.


    WireGuard icon
  • sshuttle

    Free Mac Linux Website

    sshuttle: where transparent proxy meets VPN meets ssh
    sshuttle is the only program that solves the following common case:

    Your client machine (or router) is Linux, FreeBSD, or MacOS.

    You have access to a remote network via ssh.

    You don't necessarily have admin access on the remote network.

    The remote network has no VPN, or only stupid/complex VPN protocols (IPsec, PPTP, etc). Or maybe you are the admin and you just got frustrated with the awful state of VPN tools.

    You don't want to create an ssh port forward for every single host/port on the remote network.

    You hate openssh's port forwarding because it's randomly slow and/or stupid.

    You can't use openssh's PermitTunnel feature because it's disabled by default on openssh servers; plus it does TCP-over-TCP, which has terrible performance (see below).


    sshuttle icon
  • OpenSSH

    Free Mac Windows Linux iPhone BSD ... Cygwin Haiku Website

    OpenSSH is a free version of the SSH connectivity tools that technical users rely on. OpenSSH encrypts all traffic (including passwords) to effectively eliminate eavesdropping, connection hijacking, and other attacks. Additionally, OpenSSH provides secure tunneling capabilities and several authentication methods, and supports all SSH protocol versions.


    OpenSSH icon
  • Gitea

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Self-Hosted ... Raspberry Pi Cloudron Website

    Gitea is a community managed fork of Gogs lightweight code hosting solution written in Go and published under the MIT license.


    Gitea icon
  • OPNsense

    Free Self-Hosted Website

    OPNsense includes most of the features available in expensive commercial firewalls, and more in many cases. It brings the rich feature set of commercial offerings with the benefits of open and verifiable sources.


    OPNsense icon
  • Mumble

    Free Mac Windows Linux iPhone BSD ... iPad Self-Hosted Website

    Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming.


    Mumble icon

    Freemium Linux Web Website is a service for monitoring cron jobs and similar periodic processes:

    • listens for HTTP requests ("pings") from your cron jobs and scheduled tasks.
    • It keeps silent as long as pings arrive at expected times
    • It alerts you as soon as a ping does not arrive on time


    • supports many methods of sending notifications, integrates with the tools you already use: email, webhooks, SMS, phone calls, Slack, MS Teams, PagerDuty, Telegram, Pushover, Prometheus, WhatsApp, ...
    • supports sending "pinging" over email (send an email instead of an HTTP request)
    • supports measuring job execution time (send a ping when a cron job starts, send another when it finishes)
    • has tools for managing large accounts: tagging, projects, search, team members
    • has an API, and there are 3rd party API wrapper libraries written for various languages
    • supports public status badges that you can embed in READMEs
    • is open source and can be self-hosted
    • based in EU, GDPR compliant

  • LibreNMS

    Free Linux BSD MySQL Community Edition Apache HTTP Server JavaScript ... PHP Website

    A fully featured network monitoring system that provides a wealth of features and device support.


    LibreNMS icon
  • Nextcloud

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Self-Hosted F-Droid Cloudron Website

    A safe home for all your data – Access & share your files, calendars, contacts, mail & more from any device, on your terms.


    Nextcloud icon

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... BSD Self-Hosted Python Raspberry Pi Kodi Website

    Open-source and privacy-first home automation with an emphasis on local control and backed by a worldwide community. Runs on Raspberry Pi or local server.

  • TimeShift

    Free Linux Website

    TimeShift for Linux is an application that provides functionality similar to the System Restore feature in Windows and Time Machine tool in Mac OS. TimeShift protects your system by taking incremental snapshots of file system at regular intervals.


    TimeShift icon
  • Arch Linux

    Free Linux Website

    Arch Linux is an independently developed, i686- and x86_64-optimised GNU/Linux distribution targeted at competent Linux users. It uses pacman, its home-grown package manager, to provide updates to the latest software applications with full dependency tracking. Operating on a rolling release system, Arch can be installed from a CD image or via an FTP server. The default install provides a solid base that enables users to create a custom installation. In addition, the Arch Build System (ABS) provides a way to easily build new packages, modify the configuration of stock packages, and share these packages with other users via the Arch Linux user repository.


    Arch Linux icon
  • Signal

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Chrome Ubuntu Touch Website

    Using Signal, you can communicate instantly while avoiding SMS fees, create groups so that you can chat in real time with all your friends at once, and share media or attachments all with complete privacy. The server never has access to any of your communication and never stores any of your data.

    • Say Anything - Send high-quality group, text, picture, and video messages, all without SMS and MMS fees.
    • Speak Freely - Make crystal-clear phone calls to people who live across town, or across the ocean, with no long-distance charges.
    • Be Yourself - Signal uses your existing phone number and address book. There are no separate logins, usernames, passwords, or PINs to manage or lose.
    • Stay Secure - We cannot hear your conversations or see your messages, and no one else can either. No exceptions. You can even tap and hold on a contact's name to see advanced identity verification options. Everything in Signal is always end-to-end encrypted and painstakingly engineered in order to keep your communication safe.
    • Go Fast - Signal is optimized for speed without compromise. Our state-of-the-art Axolotl protocol is unmatched in its performance, strength, and reliability.
    • Remain Connected - Push notifications let you know when new messages have arrived, and they'll be waiting for you even if your battery dies or you temporarily lose service.
    • Get Organized - Unique archive functionality makes it easy to keep track of the conversations that matter to you right now.
    • Pay Nothing - Signal is supported by a team of dedicated developers, community donations, and grants. There are no advertisements, and it doesn't cost anything to use.
    • View Source - All of our code is free, open, and available on GitHub ( ).
    • Join Movements - Technology developed by Open Whisper Systems is trusted and used by millions of people around the world every day.


    Signal icon
  • Restic

    Free Windows Linux Arch Linux FreeBSD OpenBSD Website

    restic is a program that does backups right. The design goals are: Easy, Fast, Verifiable, Secure, Efficient, Free.


    Restic icon

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