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  • Google Chrome

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    Your default internet browser should be Google Chrome. There is no debate that Chrome is among the big browser companies and commonly the most downloaded, if not predownloaded. Not much needs to be said about this.


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  • Contacam

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    Use a free webcam surveillance software to monitor your neighbourhood in dodgy dwellings or sketchy student accommodations. There are clear legal ramifications so be sure to read your contracts or your housemate's reaction to surveillance before setting it up in general. Most people don't ask if you have a webcam pointed towards the outside of your bedroom window so make it less obvious and block any LED indicators you might have on your cheap third-party Chinese-built Amazon webcam.


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  • OBS Studio

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    Is your connection absolute garbage? Are your lecturers impossible to deal with? With the current direction of faceless Zoom meetings, this is the perfect life hack to countermeasure attendance-monitored classes that are only available online AND doubles as a general time saver by being able to review past lectures. Skip straight to the interesting and useful content just like you would do in a typical YouTube video tutorial and share timestamps with your friends to as important times in the video. Just don't tell your lecturer.


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  • Discord

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    Discord lives up to their hype and reputation of being a great tool for communicating with various communities who share their experiences in the field whether it's video games, music or technology. Servers contain wide lists of communities that can help beginners who want to enter an industry or learn about new skills whilst staying in touch with those who care about being present in conversations. Unfortunately, Zoom is still commonplace in this messed up society


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