• Speedify

    Freemium Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Website

    Combine multiple Internet connections on your smartphone or computer. Get faster speed and a more reliable and secure connection.


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  • xCloud

    Freemium Windows Android iPhone Website

    xCloud is an app for data transferring that connects PCs to mobile phones. xCloud turns your PC at home into your personal cloud storage, or a net disk, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere. xCloud enables you to upload or download photos, music, videos or other files at will when you’re not at home.
    xCloud can connect your mobile with PC directly to transfer data even when network is unavailable or in bad WiFi signal as Bluetooth does. But the transmission speed is dozens of times faster than Bluetooth; while the operation is much easier.
    With xCloud’s “Wake over Internet” function, there’s no need keeping your PC open in case you need to access data any more. You can just login to xCloud on your mobile and wake your PC whenever necessary.
    xCloud is just your reliable Virtual USB data cable!


    • Remote access anytime anywhere
    • Remote access your PC with mobiles via Internet securely. No limitation on file format nor file size in transmission.
    • Instant Uploads
    • Once snap a photo, you can upload it instantly. With 3rd-party cameras photographing supported, newly-taken photos can be uploaded to your PC automatically.
    • Rapid Transmission
    • Within the same WiFi network, transfer speed can be up to 10MB/s which equals to a 100M network cables does.
    • Privacy & Security
    • Upload data to PC directly without 3-rd party engaged in, thus keeping your personal files private and secure.
    • Remote Wake PC over Internet*
    • Switch your PC on/off remotely by a simple click whenever necessary*. (For detailed settings, please refer to “Help” on official web site.)
    • xCloud Neighbor
    • In some circumstances, when there were no Internet connection on WiFi or even no WiFi signal, xCloud will still work though switching to AP mode or finding neighbors.
    • Support for Synology NAS devices
    • The latest version of xCloud supports for Synology NAS devices.


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  • TagSpaces

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android Android Tablet ... Self-Hosted Chrome Firefox Website

    TagSpaces is an open source personal data manager.
    It helps you organize and browse your files on every platform.

    Cross-platform file tagging and file finding

    Organize your photos, ebooks, music, recipes or invoices in the same way on almost every platform. We currently support Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, Firefox and Chrome
    With the help of tags you can do research better or you can manage projects using the GTD methodology.
    The application persists the tags in the file names. As a consequence, the tagging information is not vendor locked and can be used even without the TagSpaces application. The absence of a database, makes syncing of the tag meta information easy across different devices with services like Dropbox.
    TagSpaces features basic file management operations, so it can be used as tag-based file manager.

    Evernote alternative for note taking and information management

    You can create and edit notes in plain text, MARKDOWN and HTML file formats.
    You can organize webpages saved in for example MHT or MHTML format.
    You use TagSpaces to organize you e-book library, containing for example PDF or EPUB books.
    You can create a personal wiki for tracking of your projects, ideas or memories.

    Preview and navigation of your local file content

    Browse your file system in a convenient and responsive user interface, familiar from the modern cloud based services.
    Browse your digital photos, listen your local music and video content, open PDF documents and MHTML files. The list of supported files types for previewing and editing is constantly growing.
    This feature makes the Chrome version of TagSpaces a perfect addition to the Google's Chromecast, with which your can cast your local documents, images, videos and music to your TV or other presentation device.

    Self-hosted software is open source, Basic plan is free and Pro plan is paid.


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  • Bookshelf - Your virtual library

    Free Android iPhone Website

    Organize your home library books on multiple virtual bookshelves.
    Search, sort and filter books in your library while tracking your reading progress.
    Discover great books and get inspired to read more.
    The Bookshelf app is designed to be contemporary and intuitive.
    Available on both Android and iPhone.

    Bookshelf is a free service, without advertisements or limitations.


    • Be creative and organize your books on multiple virtual bookshelves
    • Name and order bookshelves to your liking
    • Quickly find any of your books through the search functionality
    • Sort your books by title, number of pages, publication date etc.
    • Use filters to display only books you have already read or only those books that you still need to finish reading
    • Leave personal notes for any book in your bookshelves, e.g. "great illustration on page 11" or "lent it to my brother"


    • Find books by scanning an ISBN barcode or by using the rich, in-app book search functionality (title/author/ISBN)
    • Discover various collections of bestselling books
    • Explore currently popular books
    • Help other users to find great books by rating books you have read
    • Keep track of books you would like to read one day by adding them to your wishlist


    • Easily log how many pages you have read so far and when did you start and finished reading a book
    • Get a comprehensive visual report about your reading habits
    • Find all the books that you've started reading but have never gotten a chance to finish


    • Available on Android and iPhone


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  • inslideshow

    Free Web Android iPhone iPad Website

    Photos and albums transfer between all smartphones brands and/or PCs as well.
    Inslideshow is an universal "AirDrop" working between all smart-phones brands and PC. You no longer will suffer with complicated synchronizations.


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  • Relanote

    Freemium Mac Windows Android iPhone Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Relanote is ? note-taking app that combines both hierarchical and non-hierarchical (wiki-style) note-taking. By leveraging the power of both methods, Relanote adapts to your way of thinking and allows you to create your personal knowledge base.


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  • WiFi Analyzer

    Free Android Android Tablet Website

    Optimize your WiFi network using WiFi Analyzer by examining surrounding WiFi networks, measuring their signal strength as well as identifying crowded channels.


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  • Crrux

    Freemium Windows Linux Web Android iPhone ... Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Website

    Crrux is a seamless software for critical productivity, collaboration and engagement needs, to power your personal, community and business related needs.


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  • Microsoft Sharepoint Designer

    Free Windows Website

    Microsoft SharePoint Designer (SPD) is a specialized HTML editor and web design freeware for creating or modifying Small Microsoft SharePoint iconMicrosoft SharePoint sites and web pages. It is a part of Microsoft SharePoint family of products and formerly a part of Small Microsoft Office Suite iconMicrosoft Office Suite 2007 families of products, but was not included in any of the Microsoft Office suites.

    As part of SharePoint Products and Technologies, SharePoint Designer gives you the powerful tools you need to:

    * Deliver attractive and compelling pages.
    * Incorporate data from a wide variety of sources into interactive Web pages.
    * Build time-efficient applications and reporting tools on SharePoint


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  • Ema Personal Wiki

    Free Windows Android Website

    Ema Personal Wiki uses Markdown to freely create and manage structured notes, like a website. Using WikiWords you can create notebook with linkable pages for tracking your notes, todo lists, bookmarks, your life - in the most flexible way.


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  • Track & Graph

    Free Android Website

    Track anything and create insightful graphs. Find correlations or trends in your habits, behaviours, symptoms etc.


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