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The term “Test Management” encompasses anything and everything that testers should perform and the help of an efficient test management software would be great. Test management tools play a very important role in enhancing software quality. Nowadays, the C-suite is investing a lot of time to find the best-suited tool as per their organization’s requests. If you are one of them, you are looking at the right list of test management solution right here.

  • ZenTao

    Freemium Windows Linux Web Android Self-Hosted Website

    ZenTao is an open source project management tool, supporting Scrum. It integrates product management, project management, bug management and QA management, etc., covering all lifecycle of software development.


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  • Redmine

    Free Web MySQL Community Edition Self-Hosted MariaDB Ruby ... Microsoft SQL Server Cloudron Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL Website

    Redmine is a flexible project management web application. Written using Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database.

    It integrates with a number of different SCM:s including Subversion and Git. It has multi language support and can be extended with the help of plugins.

    Redmine is licensed under GNU GPL.


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  • TestCaseLab

    Commercial Web Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    👍 TestCaseLab = strong online test case management = more organised testing = higher quality product 🏆
    Test case management tool for QA engineers to organise quality assurance workflow.


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  • Bugzilla

    Free Web Self-Hosted Website

    Bugzilla is a robust, featureful and mature defect-tracking system, or bug-tracking system. Defect-tracking systems allow teams of developers to keep track of outstanding bugs, problems, issues, enhancement and other change requests in their products effectively. Simple defect-tracking capabilities are often built into integrated source code management environments such as Github or other web-based or locally-installed equivalents. We find organizations turning to Bugzilla when they outgrow the capabilities of those systems - for example, because they want workflow management, or bug visibility control (security), or custom fields.

    Bugzilla is both free as in freedom and free as in price. Most commercial defect-tracking software vendors charge enormous licensing fees. Despite being free, Bugzilla has many features which are lacking in both its expensive and its free counterparts. Consequently, Bugzilla is used by hundreds or thousands of organizations across the globe.

    Bugzilla is a web-based system but needs to be installed on your server for you to use it. However, installation is not complex.


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  • TestRail

    Commercial Linux Web Self-Hosted Website

    TestRail is a comprehensive web-based test case management software to manage, track and organize software testing efforts.


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  • PractiTest

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Web iPad Website

    PractiTest is a cloud based Innovative test management tool.
    Manage all Requirements, Tests, Runs & Issues using one platform.
    Customize it to your needs
    Seamless integration with bug tracking tools
    Ideal for Agile Testing
    Real human expert support.


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  • QA Touch

    Commercial Web Website

    Features of QA touch includes Test Management, Requirements Mapping, Defect Module, Jira Integration, Bug Tracking and so on.


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Test management solutions here are free and premium. You should consider the following factors before selecting one:

  1. Automation: automated testing integrated in the test management tool is desirable
  2. Budget: look for best ROI of your tool based on budget
  3. Continuous Integration: support Agile, DevOps, Continuous testing is a must
  4. Productivity: improve overall productivity by focusing on key features like granularity of test information, release tracking and reporting
  5. Support: live chat, phone call, FAQ's, help desk ticket, etc.

I personally would suggest the first one on the list, for it fits all the factors above.

Thanks for reading my list and hope it helps you make a decision on test management tools.

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Thx, that's very helpful. ZenTao is cool I guess.


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