Discontinued Legacy Addons for Firefox

  • Download Status Bar

    Free Mac Windows Linux Pale Moon Thunderbird ... SeaMonkey Firefox Website

    Download Status Bar manages every aspect of your downloads (Launch, Show, Scan, Send To, Rename, Checksum, Pause, Resume, Cancel, Clean, Delete), generates Statistics from your Download actions, keeps the History of your previous session downloads and much more. It is not only a download management add-on but a helper tool for boosting your Productivity, too.


    Download Status Bar icon
  • Clean Uninstall

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Pale Moon ... Firefox Website

    "Clean Uninstall" cleans fingerprints (such as preferences) left by an add-on from your Firefox profile upon its removal. Usually add-on developers do not clear preferences created by their extension just before extension gets uninstalled. This leads to have a massive pref.js file once you have tried a few extensions. So after trying out a few extensions, although you have removed them, but your Firefox is not as responsive as it used to be. This extension notifies you about these preferences after an extension got removed.


    Light-weight on resources
    No UI element is added to Firefox to prevent decluttering
    Allows you to remove extension's fingerprints


    Clean Uninstall icon
  • Firebug

    Free Mac Windows Linux Firefox Website

    Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of web development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.

    Firebug is always just a keystroke away, but it never gets in your way. You can open Firebug in a separate window, or as a bar at the bottom of your browser. Firebug also gives you fine-grained control over which websites you want to enable it for.

    Firebug makes it simple to find HTML elements buried deep in the page. Once youve found what youre looking for, Firebug gives you a wealth of information, and lets you edit the HTML live.


    Firebug icon
  • FireFTP

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Pale Moon ... Firefox Website

    FireFTP is a free, secure, cross-platform FTP client for Mozilla Firefox which provides easy and intuitive access to FTP servers.


    FireFTP icon
  • FlashGot

    Free Mac Windows Linux Pale Moon Thunderbird ... Firefox Website

    Download all the links, movies and audio clips of a page at the maximum speed with a single click.


    FlashGot icon
  • Self-Destructing Cookies

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android Waterfox ... Pale Moon Firefox Website

    Fix the web. Gets rid of a site's cookies and LocalStorage as soon as you close its tabs. Protects against trackers and zombie-cookies. Trustworthy services can be whitelisted.


    Self-Destructing Cookies icon
  • Session Manager

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Pale Moon ... Firefox Website

    Session Manager saves and restores the state of all windows - either when you want it or automatically at startup and after crashes. It can also automatically save the state of open windows individually.


    Session Manager icon
  • BetterPrivacy

    Free Mac Windows Linux Firefox Website

    Remove or manage a new and uncommon kind of cookies, better known as LSO's.The BetterPrivacy safeguard offers various ways to handle Flash-cookies set by Google, YouTube, Ebay and others... .


    BetterPrivacy icon
  • Lazarus Form Recovery

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Safari ... Waterfox Pale Moon Firefox Website

    The ultimate web-form recovery solution. Lazarus automagically encrypts and saves web-form data as you type, so that when a form submission fails, your browser crashes, or something else goes horribly wrong, you can skip the hair pulling, return to the page you were on, click the Lazarus icon, and recover all your work, just like magic!


    Lazarus Form Recovery icon
  • Random Agent Spoofer

    Free Mac Windows Linux Firefox Website

    Random Agent Spoofer is a privacy enhancing firefox addon which aims to hinder browser fingerprinting.


    Random Agent Spoofer icon
  • FireSSH

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Pale Moon ... Firefox Website

    FireSSH is a free, cross-platform SSH terminal client for Mozilla Firefox. Written entirely in Javascript!


    FireSSH icon
  • All-in-One Sidebar

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Pale Moon ... Firefox Website

    All-in-One Sidebar (AiOS) is a sidebar control, inspired by Small Opera iconOpera . Click on the left edge of your browser window to open the sidebar and get easy access to all your panels. It lets you quickly switch between sidebar panels, view dialog windows such as downloads, add-ons, and more in the sidebar, or view source code or websites in the sidebar. It includes a slide-out button


    All-in-One Sidebar icon
  • FireTray

    Free Windows Linux Waterfox Pale Moon Thunderbird ... SeaMonkey Firefox Website

    FireTray is system tray extension for Linux and Windows that targets Small Mozilla Firefox iconMozilla Firefox, Small Thunderbird iconThunderbird and Small SeaMonkey iconSeaMonkey. It provides a system tray icon with much window handling functionality. For mail applications, the icon can show the number of unread or new messages. FireTray is very customizable.


    FireTray icon
  • Menu Wizard

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Pale Moon ... Thunderbird SeaMonkey Firefox Website

    Customize menus : Helps removing, moving and renaming menus and menu items
    New feature: Now you can change or disable any of used keyboard shortcuts
    Support: Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey


    Menu Wizard icon
  • Tab Scope

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Pale Moon ... Firefox Website

    Shows a popup on tabs and enables you to preview and navigate tab contents through popup. Major features are:

    • Real-time preview of tab contents
    • Navigate (Back/Forward/Reload/Stop) through popup
    • Scroll pages or frames in preview with mouse wheel
    • Click links or buttons directly in preview
    • Automatically show preview for tabs opened in background


    Tab Scope icon
  • FindBar Tweak

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Firefox Website

    Tweak your FindBar the way you like it!

    Main features:

    • Moving findbar to the top of the browser,
    • Highlight markers on scrollbar (like in Chrome) also in page source viewer,
    • Find in all open tabs with showing context of found items,
    • Total hits and current hit counter in the findbar,
    • Focus sights on the current hit,
    • Its features works with PDF.js,


    FindBar Tweak icon
  • Torrent Tornado

    Free Mac Windows Linux SeaMonkey Firefox Website

    A Torrent Client for Firefox and SeaMonkey, runs everywhere, created in pure JavaScript without binary software!.


    Torrent Tornado icon
  • ReminderFox

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Pale Moon ... Thunderbird Firefox Website

    ReminderFox displays and manages lists of reminders and ToDo's. ReminderFox makes sure you remember all of your important dates via easy-to-use lists, alerts, and alarms, right in your browser without the need for a separate calendar program.


    ReminderFox icon
  • ReloadEvery

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Firefox Website

    The ReloadEvery extension adds the funcionality to reload the web page you are viewing every so many seconds or minutes. The function is accessible via the context menu (menu you get when you right click on a web page) or via tab context menu (in Firefox 4.0)

    Randomize feature: if you enable Randomize and have reload time set to 10s it will randomly take somewhere between 5 to 15 seconds


    ReloadEvery icon
  • Omnibar

    Free Mac Windows Linux Pale Moon Firefox Website

    Integrates location bar and search bar into one. Shows search and url suggestions. Quickly switch search engine using search keywords. Provides different auto-complete popup styles for compact displays.


    Omnibar icon
  • Classic Theme Restorer

    Free Mac Windows Linux Firefox Website

    Classic Theme Restorer is an extension that restores old user interface features to Mozilla-based browsers.


    Classic Theme Restorer icon
  • Download Manager (S3)

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Pale Moon ... Firefox Website

    View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar.

    This was a remake for old well-known addon Small Download Statusbar iconDownload Statusbar .

    View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar.
    Despite its compact size, Download Manager (S3) packs in more useful features than the standard download window. The fully customizable interface auto-hides when not in use, allowing full control without interruption.


    Download Manager (S3) icon
  • Tamper Data

    Free Mac Windows Linux Firefox Website

    Firefox add-on that lets you change headers and request parameters before they're sent to the server. Unlike proxy request modifiers, it's integrated into the browser, so it has no problem with HTTPS connections, client authentication certificates, or other features that the browser supports.


    Tamper Data icon
  • TableTools2

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Pale Moon ... Firefox Website

    Does everything for HTML tables: Copy (table/row/column/cell), Sort (multi-column), Search (regex, range operations ...), Filter, Chart (bubble, line, pie, histogram ...), Statistics, Rearrange (column/row), Combine & Compare. Replaces TableTools.


    TableTools2 icon
  • Status-4-Evar

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Pale Moon ... Firefox Website

    That status bar was removed in Firefox 4.0. While some of the status bar items did find new homes, some did not, and you might not like where they ended up. There were also some nice innovations during the development of Firefox 4.0, such as progress/links/status in the location bar, which unfortunately didn't make it to the final release.

    Status-4-Evar aims to bring back (some of) the old status bar items, give you more control over the built-in Firefox features, and provide new alternatives.

    The extension provides "Status Text", "Progress Meter", and "Download Status" items. These toolbar items can be moved wherever you want by customizing the toolbars. Behavior of the toolbar items, and other additional settings, can be controlled in the extension preferences.

    This extension can also act as a replacement for the Fission extension. There are preferences to show links, status, and progress in the location bar instead of the toolbar items.


    Status-4-Evar icon
  • Multi Links Plus

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Waterfox ... Pale Moon Firefox Website

    Multi Links Plus lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time rather than having to do them all individually.


    Multi Links Plus icon
  • Selenium IDE

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Firefox Website

    Selenium IDE is a Firefox add-on that records clicks, typing, and other actions to make a test, which you can play back in the browser.


    Selenium IDE icon
  • Tab Groups

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Firefox Website

    Tab Groups are an easy way to organize a lot of tabs. You can visually group related tabs, switch between groups, and quickly search through all of your tabs to switch to a specific one.


    Tab Groups icon
  • Private Tab

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Pale Moon ... SeaMonkey Firefox Website

    Adds private tabs, restartless extension for Firefox (20.0+) and SeaMonkey (2.17+)


    Private Tab icon
  • Close'n forget

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Pale Moon ... Firefox Website

    Very simple add-on that closes the current tab and make Firefox forget about the visit: suppressing cookies related to the current page, cleaning (beware : may be partial) the browser history and so on.


    Close'n forget icon
  • Messenger & Notifier for Facebook

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Waterfox ... Pale Moon Firefox Website

    Messenger & Notifier for Facebook is an easy way to check Small Facebook Messenger iconFacebook Messenger from your desktop machine. Clicking on the toolbar icon, renders messenger.com in a small UI attached to the toolbar popup. Moreover, you will get badge notification for all incoming messages.


    Messenger & Notifier for Facebook icon
  • QuickMark

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Pale Moon ... Firefox Website

    QuickMark provides a lightning-fast way for creating bookmarks and keeping them organized. Create and place them in a folder in one mouse sweep or use the shortcuts so your hands don't need to leave the keyboard.

    To create a bookmark simply click the star or press Ctrl + D (Command + D on Mac) to open the QuickMark panel. Here you will see a tree with all the folders that are available to your bookmarks. Click a folder directly to place you new bookmark or click the toggle next to the folder to view the other folders inside.


    Create bookmarks in the correct folder in 2 clicks.
    Press Ctrl + D (Command + D on Mac) to create a bookmark.
    Type the first letters of any displayed folder to select it.(Doesn't select from folders that are collapsed)
    Use the arrow keys to navigate the folder-tree. Right and left arrow to expand and contract a folder
    Enable the default bookmark menu in the options, allowing you to edit the bookmark's preferences when clicking the star-icon of an already bookmarked page.


    QuickMark icon
  • Clear Console

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Pale Moon ... Firefox Website

    Clear Console addon provides options to clear your cookies, cache, history, html5/local storage, http logins, all of them or restart your browser in a single click.

    What are the features?

    Clear Cookies
    Clear Cache
    Clear History
    Clear Http Authentication
    Clear Html5 storage
    Clear all
    Restart the browser
    Clear all and Restart the browser
    Options to clear browser data upon shutdown
    Enable/Disable Notifications


    Clear Console icon
  • Cookie Controller

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Pale Moon ... Firefox Website

    Buttons for managing site cookie permissions, switching global cookie permissions on and off, browsing cookies, and removing cookies. The same functions are included for local and session storage.


    Cookie Controller icon
  • Beyond Australis

    Free Mac Windows Linux Firefox Website

    Australis was the code name of the current Firefox theme, which first appeared in Firefox 29. It was an almost complete overhaul not only of the general look of the main browser window, but also of the underlying customization system. This add-on aims to fully and seamlessly integrate with Australis, while at same time provide a different, and hopefully better, feel when using the browser.


    Beyond Australis icon
  • Puzzle Bars

    Free Mac Windows Linux Waterfox Pale Moon ... Firefox Website

    Piece together all of your add-on buttons and extras into your browser window in exactly the way you want them!.


    Puzzle Bars icon

We will be sure to update the list above if other popular add-ons announce they will not be releasing an update for compatibility with Firefox Quantum.

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