• LibraryThing

    Free Web Android iPhone Website

    LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for people who love to read. It allows users to easily create their own catalogs of books that they have read, own, or would like to read.


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    Freemium Web Android iPhone iPad Website

    Our library management app caters exclusively to home and private libraries. Our software lets you create multiple libraries and are catered toward either books or movies. Create tags, leave notes, import/export, and much more! Libib has created the best book and movie cataloging system available online!

  • What Should I Read Next?

    Freemium Web Website

    Quick book recommendation site.

    Enter a book you like and the site will analyse our huge database of real readers' favorite books to provide book recommendations and suggestions for what to read next.


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  • Readernaut

    Free Web Website

    Share your reading experience by writing notes, tracking progress, and engaging in meaningful discussions with friends.


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  • Bookshelf - Your virtual library

    Free Android iPhone Website

    Organize your home library books on multiple virtual bookshelves.
    Search, sort and filter books in your library while tracking your reading progress.
    Discover great books and get inspired to read more.
    The Bookshelf app is designed to be contemporary and intuitive.
    Available on both Android and iPhone.

    Bookshelf is a free service, without advertisements or limitations.


    • Be creative and organize your books on multiple virtual bookshelves
    • Name and order bookshelves to your liking
    • Quickly find any of your books through the search functionality
    • Sort your books by title, number of pages, publication date etc.
    • Use filters to display only books you have already read or only those books that you still need to finish reading
    • Leave personal notes for any book in your bookshelves, e.g. "great illustration on page 11" or "lent it to my brother"


    • Find books by scanning an ISBN barcode or by using the rich, in-app book search functionality (title/author/ISBN)
    • Discover various collections of bestselling books
    • Explore currently popular books
    • Help other users to find great books by rating books you have read
    • Keep track of books you would like to read one day by adding them to your wishlist


    • Easily log how many pages you have read so far and when did you start and finished reading a book
    • Get a comprehensive visual report about your reading habits
    • Find all the books that you've started reading but have never gotten a chance to finish


    • Available on Android and iPhone


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  • Bookmate

    Freemium Windows Web Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Website

    Bookmate is a subscription based e-book service that makes reading accessible to anyone in the world with a mobile phone.


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    Free Web Website

    Keep an inventory of your books. Share it with others. Discover the books available in your network!.

  • Freebook Sifter

    Free Web Website

    Freebook Sifter lists free eBooks from various sources. They update the list daily and you can find free eBooks from Amazon sites around the world, Kobo, Nook, Project Gutenberg.


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  • Bookoid

    Free Android Website

    Bookoid helps you select from a vast collection of books and easily manage your personal books library. Easily find the the book you want and also explore from a range of book listings. Build your library as you discover great books on the app.

    • Search among thousands of books, from bestsellers to classics from authors around the globe
    • Explore new books from your favorite categories
    • Check description and information of books and also download covers if you like them
    • Read entire books when available in public domain
    • Search using only emojis
    • Preview chapters from books to help find your next great read
    • Scan barcode on books to get all the detailed information about it
    • Download public domain books for reading offline
    • Manage your personal library
    • Search for your favorite authors and get all of their books
    • Sync your library across all your devices so you can access your books everywhere
    • Search books in Spanish and Dutch too (More languages coming soon!)
    • Clean and smooth user interface
    • App shortcuts (Android 7.1+)
    • And lots more...


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  • Booker io

    Free Web Chrome OS Website

    Booker is a networked book discovery platform to help people find must read book through people they know and admire. Users can explore, and share 9 book recommendations. That’s it - everyone’s 9 must read books.


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  • BooksReddit

    Free Web Website

    BooksReddit is a social book recommendation aggregator. It lets you discover most popular books mentioned by people on .


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  • Bookicious

    Free Web Website

    Find the best new book to read with books collections for makers, founders and entrepreneurs.


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  • The StoryGraph

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Book recommendation and community reviews. Key point is summary of what each book evokes from other members.


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  • WriteNext

    Free Mac Windows Web iPhone iPad ... Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    The writing application that boosts your writing. Increase focus and writing performance and reduce distractions by separating your creative writing from other activities. Let writing be the only activity you perform in the writing application.


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  • OMG! Ubuntu!

    Free Web Website

    OMG! Ubuntu! is an Ubuntu blog aimed at everyday Ubuntu users covering the latest developments, application updates and theme releases alongside opinion pieces, interviews, polls and more.


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  • Write!

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Write! is a distraction-free text editor that boosts your productivity. It supports markdown syntax, spell-checker, cloud integration and much more!


    Native Cloud
    Clean UI With Tabs
    Writing Sessions
    Document Link Sharing
    Dark Theme
    Unlimited Ctrl+Z
    Preset Text Styles
    Cross-Document Search
    Compact UI For Note-Taking
    Configurable Auto-Complete
    Productivity Counters
    Intelligent Spellchecker
    Markup Support
    Keyboard-Friendly UI
    Magic Font Rendering
    Right-To-Left Writing
    Export to PDF, TXT, md
    ... and many more via weekly updates!

    A discounted version for students is available.


    Write! icon
  • Hemingway Editor

    Commercial Mac Windows Web Website

    Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear.
    The Hemingway Editor for Mac and PC highlights common errors. Use it to catch wordy sentences, adverbs, passive voice, and dull, complicated words.


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  • Reedy

    Free Personal Android Website

    Reedy - speedreading application
    Read all you want faster with Reedy for Google Chrome or Android

    Reedy is an advanced speed reading extension for Google Chrome. Words are shown fast one after another on the same place of the screen which increases the speed of perception of every single word. You spend no more time on moving your eyes along the lines.

    Now you'll be able to read twice, three or even four times faster than you used to read. Reading from left to right, and up and down has become hopelessly outdated. Now you can read being entirely absorbed into the text.
    Rolling and moving along the lines won’t distract you anymore.


    The speed is up to 2000 words per minute with a possible gradual acceleration;
    Progress bar and time left till the end of reading;
    Quick preview of the context during a pause;
    Ability to paste custom text (offline using);
    Recognition of general entities (URLs, words with a dash, phone numbers, etc.). Analysis of the punctuation;
    Smart slowing – slow down the speed at a punctuation mark;
    Focus mode – the focus point is shifted closer to the beginning of a word;
    Scrollbar for the easy navigation through the text;
    Showing the text which follows the current word;
    Light and dark themes, background transparency;
    Adjustable position of the reading area;
    Automatical start of the reading;
    Different font sizes;
    Navigating through the words and sentences;
    Simple and intuitive interface.


    Reedy icon
  • bibisco

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Electron / Atom Shell Node.JS Website

    bibisco is a novel writing software that helps you to write your story, in a simple way.

    • bibisco is a desktop application available for Linux, MacOS and Windows in 13 languages: czech, dutch, french, german, english, italian, polish, portuguese (Brazil), portuguese (Portugal), russian, serbian, spanish, turkish.
    • All that you need - with bibisco you can organize chapters and scenes, manage revisions, export novel in pdf, docx., txt, epub. And, of course, write with a fully featured text editor, also in DISTRACTION FREE mode.
    • Organize your ideas - with bibisco you can create a novel structure, define premise, fabula, narrative strands and settings: geographic, temporal and social context.
    • Focus on characters - your novel works if its characters are believable, that is when you understand human nature's complexity. With bibisco you can KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR CHARACTERS, in an unusual and funny way: an INTERVIEW!
      *Going into the deep - with bibisco you can see how characters, locations and narrative strands are distributed chronologically and across chapters. You can keep track of the number of words and characters you've written and you can see your story represented on a TIMELINE. You can draw the relationships between characters, places and objects using the RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAM.
    • Set your writing goals - with bibisco you can set your writing goals: deadline, words total, words per day and monitor the status of their achievement over time.


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  • Clearview

    Commercial Mac Website

    Easy-to-use tabbed style ebook reader, equipped with library shelf, supports popular ebook formats as PDF, EPUB (DRM free), CHM, and MOBI. You can make annotations, insert bookmarks, and do searching freely.

    What's special with Clearview reader?

    • Easy and intuitive books management.

    Just drag the folders containing e-book files from finder and drop on the Clearview shelf, all the files information will be imported to the library quickly, then you can browse, search and read the books from shelf easily. With book folders and book collections cooperating together, you will find that books organization is such an easy thing.

    • Cover flow preview of books.
    • Drag and drop from library or finder to construct book collections.
    • Capability to edit book meta info.

    • Tabbed style window make reading smooth and efficient.

    With several related books organized in the same window, you do not have to look for and switch between the book windows everywhere. further more, with a shelf tab and book file tabs living in the same window, browsing and reading is so easy.

    • Restore multiple closed tabs;

    • Powerful searching capabilities.

    You can find a book quickly by the file name, content, author, title or publisher.
    You can also search in a book for specified texts.

    • Sorting search results by page or rank.

    • Popular book formats support, PDF, EPUB, CHM and MOBI, with almost the same excellent reading experiences.

    • Thumbnails display of book pages.
    • Book page color themes (Normal, Sepia, Night time);
    • Text fonts adjustment (Size, line height and font family).
    • Printing support for all book formats;

    • Each of 4 book formats can be presented in four reading layouts. Page flip or continuous scrolling, single page or two columns.

    Yes, you can read a EPUB, MOBI or CHM book like a PDF book in a continuous mode, by scrolling pages quickly, you do not have to flip page and a page, and no need to pause to click the next chapter.

    • Annotations and bookmarks support on all


    Clearview icon
  • Typora

    Free Mac Windows Linux Electron / Atom Shell Website

    Typora will give you a seamless experience as both a reader and a writer. It removes the preview window, mode switcher, syntax symbols of markdown source code, and all other unnecessary distractions. Replace them with a real live preview feature to help you concentrate the content itself.

    It has features of:

    1. Markdown support including tables, code fences with syntax highlight, LaTeX, Table of Contents.
    2. Cross-platform.
    3. The real live preview and WYSIWYG features.
    4. Beautiful interface and Custom CSS theme support.
    5. Easy export

    Typora will only be free during its Beta period. When it gets out of Beta, it will be a paid app.


    Typora icon
  • OmPad

    Free Web Website

    OmPad is a free, simple, powerful, beautiful and minimal writing app that helps you focus and concentrate on writing great content. Format your text with headings, bold, italic, links, images, lists, code and quotes.


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  • Storyline Creator

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Website

    Storyline Creator is an elegant tool to write stories ranging from short stories to novels. It makes it a breeze to draft ideas and to organize your scenes, characters and researched material - so you can focus on the creativity instead of the paper war.


    Storyline Creator icon

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