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  • Polar

    Free Mac Windows Linux Electron / Atom Shell Website

    Polar is a powerful desktop app for managing all your web content, books, and notes. Polar keeps all your content in one place, supports tagging, annotation, highlighting and keeps track of your reading progress. .


    Polar icon
  • MailMate

    Commercial Mac S/MIME OpenPGP Website

    MailMate is an IMAP email client for Mac featuring extensive keyboard control, Markdown supported email composition.


    MailMate icon
  • Tweetbot

    Commercial Mac iPhone iPad Apple Watch Twitter Website

    Tweetbot is a full-featured Twitter client with a lot of personality. Whether it’s the meticulously-crafted interface, sounds & animation, or features like multiple timelines & smart gestures, there’s a lot to love about Tweetbot.

    Sync your timeline across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Mute tweets by users, hashtags, tweet sources, or keywords (including regex). 3rd Party support for image, video, read later, and timeline sync services. Tweetbot also has all the features you’d expect in a full-featured Twitter client like lists and direct messages, and others you wouldn’t like the statistics view, a night theme for low-light reading, and much more.


    Tweetbot icon
  • Paprika Recipe Manager

    Commercial Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Kindle Fire Website

    Paprika is an app that helps you organize your recipes, make meal plans, and create grocery lists.


    Paprika Recipe Manager icon
  • Billings Pro

    Freemium Mac iPhone Website

    Billings is being merged with Billings Pro.

    Billings Pro is an award winning invoicing and time tracking solution. Built for small businesses, freelancers and working professionals to help their business grow.

    Billings has various plans for freelancers and professionals, and a Free plan for single users doing casual work | 1 invoice, 1 estimate, and 1 statement | $0/month


    Billings Pro icon
  • Reeder

    Commercial Mac iPhone iPad Website

    Reeder is an RSS reader and client for multiple services like:

    Small Feedly iconFeedly ,
    Small Feedbin iconFeedbin ,
    Small FeedHQ iconFeedHQ ,
    Small Inoreader iconInoreader ,
    Small NewsBlur iconNewsBlur ,
    Small The Old Reader iconThe Old Reader ,
    Small BazQux Reader iconBazQux Reader ,
    Small Instapaper iconInstapaper .

    Don't want to use a third-party service? Reeder also supports local/standalone RSS (no sync).


    • Light
    • Classic (iPad only)
    • Dark (night reading)
    • White (more contrast)
    • Black (more contract, night reading)

    Sharing services:

    • Safari Reading List
    • Buffer
    • Instapaper
    • Pocket
    • Evernote
    • Pinboard
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Messages
    • Mail
      ...and more via sharing extensions.


    Reeder  icon
  • Fantastical

    Commercial Mac iPhone iPad Apple Watch Website

    Fantastical is a flexible calendar with natural language event creation, a beautiful calendar and event list, support for CalDAV (including Google Calendar delegates) automatic alarms, and instant searching.

    The easiest way to create new events
    • Open Fantastical by clicking the menu bar icon or pressing a customizable keyboard shortcut
    • Type in your event details and press return
    • That's it! You're back to what you were doing with a shiny, new event in your calendar!

    • Best of all, Fantastical's natural language engine is expressive and intelligent so you can write in your own style.
    • Fantastical will even recognize the location of your event and let you invite people from your Address Book to the event

    Quick entry
    • Quickly open Fantastical by clicking the menu bar icon or pressing a customizable keyboard shortcut

    Beautiful calendar and event list
    • The event list and calendar allow you to easily locate and plan all of your events
    • Color-coding and beautiful design let you quickly make sense of your schedule
    • Change the number of events you want displayed, providing focus and convenience
    • Click any event to display important details about the event

    Bring Your Own Calendar (BYOC)
    • Fantastical works with your favorite calendar applications: iCal, Entourage, or Outlook

    Native CalDAV sync support built-in
    • Add your calendars to iCal and Fantastical will automatically sync your events
    • Even better, iCal doesn't need to be running
    • Use Google Calendar or Yahoo! Calendar accounts (including delegate support!)
    • Just add your accounts to iCal and Fantastical will handle the rest

    Automatic alarms
    • Automatically add alarms to all of your new events
    • Customize your alarm settings based on all-day events or timed events
    • You'll never miss an important event again

    Search instantly
    • Instantly locate all of your events, past, present, and future
    • Get important event details with a single click


    Fantastical icon
  • 1Password

    Commercial Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Apple Watch Vivaldi Browser Chrome Safari Yandex.Browser Opera Firefox Website

    1Password creates strong, unique passwords for all of your sites and logs you in with a single tap (or click).

    A single click opens your browser, opens a site, fills in your username and password, and logs you in.
    Our Strong Password Generator is your key to password liberation.
    One click creates a strong, unique password for each account, and our browser extension fills it into the website automatically.

    Organize your vault

    Mark your most important or frequently used items for quick access and sync this list among all your devices.
    Drag any mix of 1Password Logins, Secure Notes, and other items into folders for work, finances, social media, or any other grouping you need.
    Adding tags to 1Password items is a snap; focusing on them to get things done is even easier.

    Our new service keeps you informed about your security.
    Watchtower securely checks your logins for known vulnerabilities and tells you which sites need new passwords.


    1Password icon
  • aText

    Commercial Mac Parallels Desktop Website

    aText accelerates your typing by replacing abbreviations with frequently used phrases you define.

    E.g. make an abbreviation “myname” to insert your name “First Middle Last” in any application.

    With aText you can easily avoid typing the same thing over and over.

    aText also makes it easier to type heard-to-insert symbols, images and formatted text.

    More Features

    • Insert the current date and time in any format
    • Embed clipboard content within snippet, embed snippet within another, send keys, use editable fields in snippet.
    • Reposition the cursor in the expanded snippet.
    • Auto-Correction: Automatically capitalize new sentences, correct double capitals.
    • Built-in snippet groups for misspelling correcting, HTML and JavaScript coding.
    • Cloud Sync: Sync via iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or any sync services.
    • Collaborate with other users in multi-user environment.
    • Import data from TextExpander, TypeIt4Me, SpellCatcherX, Automaton, CSV file.


    aText icon
  • TaskPaper

    Commercial Mac Website

    Make lists and get organized. TaskPaper is a plain text to-do list that’s surprisingly adept.

    Outliners are powerful, but hard to use. Text editors are easy, but without structure. TaskPaper feels like a text editor, but has the power of an outliner.

    Thoroughly modernized. TaskPaper 3 is all new, while still retaining the original plain text foundation that’s worked so well since 2006.


    TaskPaper icon
  • OmniFocus

    Commercial Mac iPhone iPad Website

    OmniFocus is designed to quickly capture your thoughts and ideas to store, manage, and help you process them into actionable to-do items.


    OmniFocus icon
  • PicGIF

    Freemium Mac Website

    PicGIF for Mac is an intuitive and agile GIF maker that allows you to create animated GIFs from photos/videos on Mac OS X in a few seconds.


    PicGIF icon
  • LightPaper

    Commercial Mac Website

    LightPaper is a simple, beautiful, powerful yet free Text Editor for passionate writers. You can use LightPaper to write any kind of text documents – blogs, articles, notes, READMEs, TODOs, or the next chapter of your new novel. Its simple interface gets out of your way, allowing you to focus on writing. To remove distractions, you can switch to Distraction Free Mode to completely immerse yourself in your current paragraph. It comes bundled with a handful of themes and beautiful fonts.


    LightPaper icon
  • Boom 2

    Commercial Mac Windows iPhone Website

    Boom is a simple volume booster that lets you boost the volume of your Mac and your music files.

    As you will know that the audio output on the Mac isnt that great, thus greatly diminishing your movie watching and music listening experience. Boom also helps in enhancing your iChat/Skype sessions or while watching videos on YouTube and other web sites.

    Whats more, you can also boost your music files, save them with the newly boosted output and sync it back to your iPhone/iPod touch!


    Boom 2 icon

    Commercial Mac Windows Website

    Drag-and-drop any media file to an iOS device (without iTunes) for native playback. No iTunes needed. No Jailbreak required. No converters. Just drag it & drop it!.


    WALTR icon
  • Feeder by Reinvented Software

    Commercial Mac Website

    Feeder is for creating, editing and publishing RSS feeds on macOS. Whether it's a podcast, blog or news feed for your site, Feeder makes it easy.


    Feeder by Reinvented Software icon
  • SwitchUp

    Commercial Mac Website

    SwitchUp is a unique application that allows you to create, duplicate, and switch between multiple profiles of settings (preferences and data) for almost any application.


    SwitchUp icon
  • PaintCode

    Commercial Mac Website

    Vector drawing app to generate resolution-independent Objective-C, Swift or C# Xamarin, JavaScript and Android code.


    PaintCode icon
  • Kaleidoscope

    Commercial Mac Website

    Use Kaleidoscope to spot the differences in text and image files. Review changes in seconds with the worlds most advanced file comparison application.


    Kaleidoscope icon
  • EtreCheck

    Free Mac Website

    EtreCheck is a simple little app to display the important details of your system configuration and allow you to copy that information to the Clipboard. It is meant to be used with Apple Support Communities to help people help you with your Mac.

    EtreCheck automatically removes any personally identifiable information from the output.


    EtreCheck icon
  • MacUpdate

    Free Mac Website

    MacUpdate is the most complete resource to find and download free software for Mac OS X, iPhone, and iPad. Read and post software reviews with the brightest Mac minds from around the world. Find alternatives to the apps you already use. Subscribe to MacUpdate's daily app discounts at MacUpdate Promo.


    MacUpdate icon
  • Asepsis

    Free Mac Website

    Asepsis is a system utility for prevention of .DS_Store files created by Finder and other applications.

    This is not really a problem for most Mac users because .DS_Store files are normally hidden in the Finder. However, if you enable showing of hidden files, sometimes .DS_Store files get into a way.


    Asepsis icon
  • PhotoSweeper

    Commercial Mac Website

    PhotoSweeper helps photographers get rid of tones similar photos on OS X.

    PhotoSweeper lets you:
    • Compare photos to find similar/duplicate photos using one of 6 different methods
    • Add photos from your Small iPhoto iconiPhoto, Small Aperture iconAperture and Small Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC iconAdobe Photoshop Lightroom CC libraries as well as photos from your Mac
    • Fast select photos for removal in each group of duplicates
    • Adjust rules which duplicate photos are removed: with small or large image sizes, JPEGs or RAWs, with later or earlier capture dates, etc.
    • Preview photos with metadata details before moving to Trash


    • Easy to find photos
    Just drag and drop folders to allow PhotoSweeper to find all photos inside. Add more photos from your iPhoto, Aperture or Lightroom library via the Media window.

    • Flexible comparison settings
    Use 6 different methods to find similar or duplicate photos, even those edited in external programs such Photoshop, regardless of image size or format.

    • Fast
    PhotoSweeper was developed to be extremely fast at comparing large number of photos. Using efficient caches allows you to make the next comparison much faster. You have an opportunity to regroup the results on-the-fly by changing a matching level of similarity.

    • Easy to manage photos
    Review results in "Face-to-Face" or "Groups" mode. Put photos into a virtual container, "Box". Delete, move, or copy photos from the Box. Bulk rename photos while copying or moving.

    • Great photo browsing
    PhotoSweeper provides an up-to-date photo browser with such features as: fast loading of thumbnails, Quick Look preview, drag and drop support, showing paths, ratings, labels, etc. The "Image Info" panel shows more detailed information, including histogram and image metadata (EXIF, IPTC, etc.).


    PhotoSweeper icon
  • Sip

    Commercial Mac Website

    The refreshingly simple color picker for developers that instantly samples and encodes any color on your screen. Just one quick click to savor the flavor and you're set! See what’s on special with Sip below.

    Color coding goes down easy with Sip. Choose the color model you’re thirsty for, swig a pixel from anywhere on the screen, then hit paste to pour the color’s code into your code editor. Drink up! Less time hunting for hex codes is definitely good for your health.

    Order Sip just the way you like it—customize app and color options with a fine selection of user preferences.

    • Select the color format you want to use. Choose from: CSS Hex, CSS3 HSL, CSS3 RGB, Calibrated NSColor for HSB, Calibrated NSColor for RGB, Device NSColor for CMYK, Device NSColor for HSB, Device NSColor for RGB, UIColor HSB, UIColorRGB, CGColor Generic RGB, and CGColor Generic CMYK.
    • Set the number of colors to keep in your history.
    • Toggle "All Caps" CSS color formatting.
    • Toggle prefix and suffixes on floating formats.
    • Constantly guzzling colors? Set Sip to launch at log-in.

    Sip makes your coding process faster with these tasty shortcuts:

    ( ^? P ) to raise your glass and pick a color.
    ( ^? ? and ^? ?) to browse your color history.
    ( ^? ? and ^? ?) to cycle color models.


    Sip icon

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