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  • Voicemeeter Banana

    Free Windows Website

    Voicemeeter Banana can mix audio from audio devices as well as from audio applications, in the form of a virtual soundcard. It is an enhanced version of Voicemeeter. Voicemeeter Banana can also route audio over the network using VBAN. A netwroked audio protocol used in VB-Audio software.

    VoiceMeeter Banana, the Advanced Virtual Audio Mixer by V.Burel


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  • Spectralissime

    Free Personal Windows Website

    Spectralissime High Definition Frequency Analyzer For Any Acoustic Measures by V.Burel
    It is a standalone Spectrum Analyzer application based on high precision band pass filter bank, more adapted to the human audition. Spectralissime gives a more consistent spectrum analysis and allows better understanding of any audio phenomena thanks to its constant precision, from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.


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  • Ocenaudio

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Website

    Ocenaudio is a cross-platform, easy to use, fast and functional audio editor. It is the ideal software for people who need to edit and analyze audio files without complications. ocenaudio also has powerful features that will please more advanced users.

    This software is based on Ocen Framework, a powerful library developed to simplify and standardize the development of audio manipulation and analysis applications across multiple platforms.


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  • Sonic Visualiser

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Website

    Sonic Visualiser is a program for viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files.


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  • Visual Analyser

    Free Windows Website

    A powerful software implementing a Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Frequency meter, Distorsiometer, Volt meter and more... plus complete D/A conversion, ZRLC, Impedance meter


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  • Friture

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Website

    Friture is a program designed to analyze audio input in real-time.

    Friture displays audio data in several widgets, such as a scope, a spectrum analyzer, or a rolling 2D spectrogram.


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  • ChucK

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Website

    ChucK is a programming language for real-time sound synthesis and music creation. ChucK presents a unique time-based, concurrent programming model that's precise and expressive (we call this strongly-timed), dynamic control rates, and the ability to add and modify code on-the-fly. In addition, ChucK supports MIDI, OpenSoundControl, HID device, and multi-channel audio. It's fun and easy to learn, and offers composers, researchers, and performers a powerful programming tool for building and experimenting with complex audio synthesis/analysis programs, and real-time interactive music.


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  • Csound

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Website

    Csound is a sound design, music synthesis and signal processing system, providing facilities for composition and performance over a wide range of platforms. It is not restricted to any style of music, having been used for many years in the creation of classical, pop, techno, ambient, experimental, and (of course) computer music, as well as music for film and television.

    Csound 5 is the current version and its software architecture has been greatly redesigned, presenting a number of significant advantages over Csound 4 for both the user and for developers wishing to call Csound from their own software. Csound 5 supports the most popular operating systems in use today, including Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Csound 5 will also probably compile and run on other Unix-based systems. (Success has been reported with NetBSD). A package for MacOS 7-9 is updated from time to time as well.

    Csound is now free software released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. It is developed by a community of volunteers and new contributors are welcome. Csound was originally developed by Barry L. Vercoe at the Music and Cognition Group of the M.I.T. Media Laboratory, with partial support from the System Development Foundation and from the National Science Foundation Grant #IRI-8704665


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