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obviously you guys want to create Roblox avatars but you don't know what to create I'm going to give you thousands and thousands ideas because I just think it's really funny

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    fearsome is the first person however shows about the community of anything that can be imaginating by 2otl we putting the link for everything I'm going to be doing at a monk S1 so keep me posted for that land Among Us I'll be doing another list for that one


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    YouTubers are very very sensitive when people go do this thing so YouTubers say they always want to give their friends a back-to-back but it's just admitting any sense


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    here are some tips about Roblox Roblox is a beautiful beautiful creative app but Roblox needs to focus on getting new updates for the game I think bloxburg have a new update for Hanukkah or Christmas or something like that I celebrate either one but Roblox makes people think that they're not playing the game in Roblox lets people cuz if robot doesn't know that they may like the people like to use certain words is hackers and YouTubers that are Roblox people I think it's fair that Roblox can give people a lot of money like Robux money for the kids by avatars and you know make everybody Fair instead of just wasting money I think it's fair for the people that work so hard to come this far even other people that play Roblox and I also think YouTubers have a lot a lot of people that are friends on YouTube on Roblox and I think that the people that are already playing Roblox that are not YouTubers that have 2,000 friends like the same as YouTubers that are friends on roblox


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baldly Roblox decides to do once I think it's best for people that are joining and you know just things of that nature the hope as well make sure you like this or subscribe and turn on notifications

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