• QuintaDB

    Freemium Web Android Website

    Solution for creating crm system, online databases and web forms where no programming is required.


    QuintaDB icon
  • DbFacePHP for MySQL

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted PHP Website

    DbFacePHP is a real self-service database solution. Connecting to a database, creating query, updateing, charting applications by some mouse clicks, then just talking with your database with these applications, No programming required. Form builder, Query Builder, DML builder... all these built-in tools help you make web based databse application just with some mouse clicks, No coding needed! DbfacePHP also provides you a database structure tool that you can browse and edit databases, tables, fields and indexes on the web, that just works like phpMyAdmin.


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  • AppGini

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Wine Website

    AppGini is a program that helps you develop web database applications instantly. You do not need to have any programming background to use it. Just define your database, set some options, click the Generate button, and you're done!

    Since AppGini was released on 2002, we've continually worked on developing it by adding features, enhancements and fixes. And because these improvements are all based on the valuable feedback of thousands of users, AppGini has become an outstanding data management product essential for any web developer.


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  • Limbas

    Free Linux BSD Website

    Limbas is a web-based framework and frontend for business or enterprise database applications and processes. It contains front-end functionality like a form designer, a report generator, a graphical query generator, a calendar system, a workflow engine as well as dms functionality. Limbas supports many different open-source and commercial dbms.


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  • iFreeTools Creator

    Freemium Web Website

    Create your own customizable database apps online, over Google App Engine and map it to your Google Apps.

    iFreeTools Creator enables your to build custom database apps for Property Management, Bug Tracking, CRM, HRMS, Project Management, Help Desk, Travel Desk, Facilities Management, etc.,. You can also map it to your Google Apps domain for free.

    Features include User Management, Authorization Profiles for up to Field Level Access control, Automated Audits, Custom Views, Custom Actions, Bulk Edits, Automated Charts and more.


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  • dbFront

    Freemium Windows Web Self-Hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Quickly create dynamic and powerful web applications using all the power of your MySQL, Oracle or SQL Server database.


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  • Open As App

    Free Personal Web Website

    Open As App is a platform that simplifies the app creation process for businesses by using a spreadsheet or Google Docs Sheet to automatically generate a relevant app based on the data.


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  • Tiki Trackers

    Free Web Self-Hosted Website

    Tiki Trackers is an Open Source database web apps builder. With Tiki Trackers you can easily build databases, web forms and reports to manage your data online with zero programming knowledge.

    There are over 30 field types, including Checkbox, Currency, Date, Drop Down, Email, Location, Mathematical Calculation, Numeric, Relations, Country Selector, Group selector, User selector, Text field, Text area, and URL.


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  • Corteza Low Code

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone iPad Self-Hosted Website

    Corteza Low Code is a free and open source platform for building and delivering responsive business applications without the need of programming.


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  • Trunao

    Freemium Web Website

    Trunao is a powerful online tool to convert Excel to a database or web application in minutes. Sign up and create an online excel database for your needs!


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