Best Affiliate Tracking Software

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    TrackingDesk is the most advanced traffic management platform for affiliate marketers and media buyers. Reach positive ROI faster with better tracking and control over your marketing campaigns.

    Full integration with any affiliate program running on HasOffers
    Import thousands of tracking links in your TrackingDesk account in seconds
    Import your conversions, reports, payout Automatically - No Need to place pixel tracking
    Other Integrations:
    IncomeAccess, Cake, LinkTrust

    Global campaign
    Rule based campaigns
    AB Test hundreds of landing pages
    AB test various marketing funnels
    Add/Remove a thousand landing pages from a campaign in a click
    Fallback Options - Global/Custom
    Single URL Rotates all Your tracking links, offers and landing pages
    Custom Domains - Run Your campaigns on specific domains


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    Affiliatly is an affiliate tracking software and an easy way to start your own affiliate program.

    Using the app you will have fully functional affiliate program and panel, where you can control and manage your affiliate partners. With working affiliate program, you let other people build links, market and promote your shop.
    With Affiliatly you can

    • view visits and orders made by users who come to your site from affiliate links
    • upload banners for your affiliates to use and promote your shop
    • control and see affiliates stats
    • pay earnings to affiliates through PayPal
    • manage affiliates earning percentage and cookie duration globally or for specific partner
    • choose how affiliates earn money - by user visit or by order
    • block inactive affiliates
    • customise the app to look like your shop
    • write/edit the texts for the login, registration, faq pages of the program (basic formatting and images are supported)


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    Post Affiliate Pro

    Commercial Web Website

    Post Affiliate Pro runs an entire affiliate program from top to bottom, with the exception of processing the financial transactions. However, most payment processors and shopping carts can be fully integrated with Post Affiliate Pro.


    Split Commissions
    Map Overlay report
    Zip Banners
    SubID / Channels tracking
    Affiliate Link Styles
    Custom Affiliate Tracking Codes
    Mass Payments
    Lifetime Commissions
    Multiple Currencies
    Private Campaigns
    Recurring commissions
    Action Commissions
    Performance rewards
    Commission Groups
    Multi tier commissions
    Direct Link Tracking
    Tracking methods
    Fraud Protection
    Multiple Merchants
    Forced Matrix
    Campaign, Banner, Affiliate Report
    Quick Report
    Top URLs Report
    Top Affiliates
    Online Users
    Trends report
    Discount Coupons
    Peel Banners
    Site Replication
    Hover Banners
    Banner Rotator
    Simple PDF banner
    HTML Banners
    Flash Banners
    Text link banners
    Image Banner
    Rebrand PDF
    Customizable affiliate interface
    Web 2.0 (Ajax)
    Multilingual Support
    Next step
    Integration methods


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    Free Web Website

    NOTE: Strackr is 100% free during beta, and beta users will receive a lifetime coupon!

    Strackr collects all your affiliate data, such as transactions, revenue, clicks and payments, allowing you to more easily view your statistics. Save hours of time each month, and grow your business with Strackr!

    You’ll have access to reports which will allow you to see transaction details: user device, OS, referrer clicks, landing pages and time from click to order confirmation.

    Depending on the merchant, you can view the basket details: product name, prices, rates and your earnings.


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    We as a species are increasingly accustomed to taking control of our own world. This is especially important when it comes to your online business: Where will you be visible? Which partnerships are most profitable? How can you plant the seeds that will turn into relevant brand presence? We all know that good tools are half the work. That is where Tapfiliate comes in.

    Our cutting edge affiliate tracking software helps you to take control and gives you all tools necessary to create, track and optimize your own affiliate marketing programs. You can now create your own affiliate program within minutes, approach your affiliates with clear propositions and start building your own network of brand ambassadors.

    If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. Tapfiliate tracks your affiliate programs front to back. First Tapfiliate takes care of capturing clicks, leads and conversions sent by your affiliates. We will also automatically make sure that each commission is assigned to the right affiliate. Our intuitive reporting tools help you gain actionable insights.

    Branding control:
    Be in control of where your brand is displayed online. You handpick the partners you want to do business with. Having the right product - audience fit creates the largest ROI with the least overhead.


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    Commercial Web Website

    Sign up today so that we can set you up with your very own Affiliate Website right away - so that you can begin bringing new affiliates onboard.

    You can link to our new affiliate signup page from your website and social media channels.
    We’ll feature your affiliate program in our network (if you’d like) to get you initial traction with our affiliates and influencers.
    Every new affiliate will be given the tools to share their link to your website right away!

    Get in front of affiliates and influencers who are looking for products like yours to promote. As a LeadDyno merchant, it’s free for you to join, the leading network for e-commerce affiliates and influencers.

    We’ll feature you in a newsletter to our affiliates and influencers.
    They’ll be able to join your program and start promoting for you right away!

    Each new affiliate of yours will get access to their own Affiliate Dashboard. It’s unique to each referral partner, and it contains everything that he or she needs to promote your store and your product(s).

    Affiliates get shortcuts to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter sharing.
    They’re able to see their clicks and commissions in real-time (to keep them motivated).
    And they can download a white-label mobile app that puts your affiliate dashboard directly on their phones!

    Integrates with Your Favorite Platform
    LeadDyno works with any website. We have “one-click” plugins with the leading e-commerce and billing platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Stripe, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Recurly, Chargify & more.

    They will download the Affiliate Dashboard app from the Play or iOS Store.
    When they input their email address, we’ll recognize them and put your dashboard on their phone.
    Your affiliates can now tap their phones to share your link - a great way to boost sharing and for them to earn commissions throughout the day!