xenmaster's COVID Survival Kit

  • Keeping supplied

    Making sure you have all the essentials is important. Many stores now have curbside pickup and many restaurants partner with other teams to do deliveries and curbside as well. Support local business that are struggling during these troubled times by patronizing those that offer these services.

  • Amazon

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    For those things you can't get locally.


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  • Keeping busy

    Finding constructive things to do in a pandemic is hard. Here are a few tools I use to help.

  • Udemy

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    When one is stuck inside, it's a good time for people with an internet connection to try learning something new. When things get better, you will be better able to do new stuff.


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  • Indeed

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    A good tool for those who are looking to change jobs or for those who just got laid off. Not every industry is suffering due to the pandemic and with remote work on the rise, you may not even have to be restricted to your local community in your search anymore!


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  • Home Depot

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    Since you will/are probably spending a lot of time at home, why not improve your living space? Home Depot offers lots of tools and supplies for that home improvement project you've been putting off until now.


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  • IKEA Store

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    Same as above, but for the person looking for trendy stuff for the home relatively inexpensive and easy to put together.


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  • Keeping entertained

    With no new movies coming out, it will be hard to consider what is new and exciting to watch. But content creators operating from home are not holding back. Lots of classic and recent TV/Movies are still out there. And games are hotter than ever!

  • YouTube

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    There are lots of awesome channels on Youtube to either stay informed, but also to clear your mind of the horribleness going on in the world. I recommend Kittisaurus if you like cats, the stories are fun and the cats are cute!


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  • Hulu

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    The good people at Hulu are adding new videos and classic movies all the time. If there's a TV show and/or movie you haven't seen yet, now is a great time to catch up.


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  • Prime Video

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    Enjoy exclusive Amazon Originals as well as popular movies and TV shows. Watch anytime, anywhere.


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  • GOG.com

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    A great place for classic games. Some oldies but goodies are listed on here for sure.


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  • Steam

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    A more conveient forum for those looking for awesome games. Steam has great titles like Stardew Valley, Terraria, and others that are loads of fun for a long long time.


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  • Keeping informed

    There is a lot of fake news going on in the world right now. From COVID denialism to talking point politics, the best way to stay informed is to put your faith in people who have little to no agenda and a skill for dealing in facts, statistics, and medicine.

    Not listed:
    Endcoronavirus.org: Awesome site about how various countries/localities are doing and strategies to control the pandemic!

  • Worldometers

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    This service deals with worldwide statistics and research in general, but added specific tags about the current CORONAVIRUS pandemic.


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  • AP News

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    News from The Associated Press, the definitive source for independent journalism from every corner of the globe.


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  • Mayo Clinic

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    The official website of Mayo Clinic, a not-for-profit organization. The site provides information about diseases and symptoms fact-checked by the Clinic's own medical experts.


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  • CDC.gov

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    CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is America’s health protection agency, working 24/7 to protect America from health and safety threats, both foreign and domestic.


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  • Keeping in touch

    It's hard being away from friend and family during this time, but staying at home makes you part of the solution. Below are my favorite tools for keeping in touch.

  • Jitsi Meet

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    It's basically skype/zoom, but with password protection, end to end encryption, and easy to share links with others so no need to sign up for an account! Options are similar to Teams and with security that keeps out the uninvited. No more zoom bombers! Great for virtual group meetings with friends and family (and it can be self-hosted!).


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  • Signal

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    Probably my favourite tool for texting, photo sharing, and video calls with individuals. The streaming quality and sound is outstanding, and also includes end-to-end encryption which is on by default.


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Remember to stay safe and protect the people around you by:

  1. Stay home if you can. This situation is a good excuse to cancel that family vacation and/or gathering that could put your family or those whom they know in danger.

  2. Social distancing. When you must go out, stay at least six feet away from others. Assume you are already sick and keep away from others to avoid spreading the illness further.

  3. Wear a mask. It's a cheap and effective way to limit spread, especially in places like supermarkets where distancing is not always easy. Lots of great disposable and reusable masks are available online!

  4. Wash your hands. Whenever touching something from the outside world, wash your hands if you can. Use hand sanitizer if you can't wash your hands and remember to avoid touching your face as well, including to adjust your mask!

The best way to support workers who can't avoid going to work in person is to make the outside world as safe as possible for them. The best way to support our local healthcare workers is to avoid sending them new patients. The best way to keep your friend and family safe is to do these things so they will still be around once this is over.

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