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  • GoldenDict

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    This is a dictionary-lookup software that is quite different from the other on this list.
    There is no course to do or points to earn and stuff.
    What it does is simply translating the given words or sentences. It has no dictionaries by itself so be sure to add them.
    Through a pop-up window it is possible to look at a translation in a matter of seconds. I use it daily and it's an extremely useful software when dealing with foreign languages at work.
    Some dictionaries can be found here:
    It also can be use with Google-Translate, Wikipedia, Wiktionary and potentially any other website.


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  • Clozemaster

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    Great App/Website to learn sentences and a bit of grammar of a foreign language.
    I find it more interesting than Duolingo but maybe it skip the basics of a language. I'm doing German right now and thanks to my foreknowledge I'm able to go through it with not so many problems, but it would've been definitely extremely difficult without that foreknowledge and maybe I wouldn't end up learning much.
    I use the Web version and it's clean and simple, it has an "old-school game" look and feeling.


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  • Duolingo

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    Nice App/Website that provides many languages to learn from/to.
    However they have a very strange account style (as for 10.2020). From what I read after the subscription you either end up having a "normal" account or some sort of "beta/test" account.
    The beta/test account apply to the app. On the website my account end up being "normal" gain.
    One of these account comes with an amount of hearts, some sort of HP like in many RPG games. When making mistakes you lose hearts and to get them you either need to wait or get them with gems. The problem is that by learning a new language it's most likely that someone is gonna make mistakes, which is completely normal, especially while learning something new.
    Because of this at some point you end up having no hearts and no gems, therefore you can't continue learning a language.
    The solution is to open a browser and continue with the web version, where no hearts are to be seen.
    A bit of a mess and confusing, but if you only use the web version you actually shouldn't ever end up having to deal with this problem.


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  • Drops

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    Drops is more based on images and vocabulary, rather than on grammar rules. The free version has a 5 minutes limit that is just perfect for a daily use.
    Great to learn common words in a new language.


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