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  • Linguee

    Free Web Android iPhone iPad Apple Watch Website

    Good resource to learn languages in context.


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  • Udacity

    Commercial Web Website

    Our mission is to bring accessible, affordable, engaging, and highly effective higher education to the world.


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  • Open Library

    Free Web Website

    From Internet Archive. You can borrow books, and learn anything, (there are very interesting books, some are very old, some are recent). It's not as good as it used to be, as they had been sued (but it's a library!!!) and previously you could borrow a book for 14 days, now it's only for one hour!!!


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  • CourseFinder

    Free Web Website

    MOOC catalog. You can find MOOC and their URL, but you cannot have a profile or save anything on the site. Not my favorite catalog. I use also https://learn-anything.xyz (not related to CourseFinder, but it's not on this site)


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  • Openclassroom

    Freemium Web Android Website

    Tech and job-oriented. Marketing, programming, etc.. It was called "site du zéro" before, it was better in the previous version, but not international or really job-based. It's a bit like LinkedIn courses now. [For French speakers, if you have nostalgy for Site du Zéro, a part of the genuine team made "Zeste de savoir", totally in the spirit of the old Site du Zéro, learning from zero everything...]


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  • My Mooc

    Free Web Website

    Our goal is to guide you in your research, using simplicity. That is why everyone can express themselves about MOOC! Our platform thus has an active community which contributes, earns badges and shares its experience by reviewing the MOOC. Your turn now to make your own opinion and share your MOOC experience !
    By registering on My Mooc you will not only have access to a custom search engine and rankings of the best MOOC, but you will also have the chance to be part of our top "serial moocers ".
    With a dedicated profile, you can collect your badges, centralize your favorite MOOC and not miss out on any news thanks to the notifications system.


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  • lang-8

    Freemium Web Website

    It's an essential tool, as it allows you to write in a language you are learning, and to be corrected by native speakers! (Be careful, some of them are not good in grammar or spelling in their native language, but as you will get several corrections, and since you can check profiles, you will find good helpers -for free). It's essential, because there are no language learning apps that allow to progress in writing skills (except if you go in the Duolingo forums for a language community, and try to answer question in this language, you will make stunning progress). In the past, there had been Livemocha, but no alternative since Rosetta Stone killed it (because their app was not so good as Livemocha, so they were afraid and decided to buy and kill the site! Now I hate Rosetta Stone!) On Livemocha, you could read a text in a language, and be corrected by natives. But now, no site offers this feature anymore....


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  • Busuu

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Join the global language learning community, take language courses to practice reading, writing, listening and speaking and learn a new language.


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  • Drops

    Freemium Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Apple Watch Website

    Similar to Mondly. But no free lesson, instead you have 5 free minutes every day. And it's really really too short. So, for this reason, it's not such a good app.


    Drops icon
  • Mondly

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad ... Apple Watch Website

    Web & phone. Freemium. You can practice a few minutes everyday. There are some mistakes sometimes, and no grammar. But they have an amazin choice of languages. There is only one free lesson available every day.


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  • Readlang

    Freemium Web Chrome OS Chrome Website

    Almost dead now. But still no replacement yet... The site is still functional, but as the owner joined Duolingo's team, it's almost abandoned. It's freemium. You can learn words or sentences in context (but the free version is too limited for sentences or groups of words), and make you personal dictionary from the text (It keeps your own definition, and the sentence where you saw the word!!! Very useful!!! Why no alternative for this??


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  • Udemy

    Commercial Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    The courses are very expensive usually, but if you manage to buy them when they are on sale (% or the price, and sometimes free), it's ok. The courses are short, and it's more computer-centered that the generalist MOOC sites like EdX or Coursera.


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  • edX

    Free Web Website

    A lot of topics, but it's freemium. If you use it for free, you have a limited time to complete the course, and no access to any certificate or exercises!


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  • Coursera

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone ... iPad Website

    Now that Edx only allow us to attend a MOOC for a limited time, it's becoming one of the best courses source. A lot of topics.


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  • Class Central

    Free Web Website

    MOOC catalog (a large one). You can pin MOOC you are interested in (even if they are closed), make lists, write a review on them, or mark them as completed.


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  • MOOC list

    Free Web iPhone iPad Website

    MOOC catalog. Their sorting features (languages, providers, duration, certificate, etc) is very nice, and should inspire other MOOC catalogs.


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  • MyEducationPath

    Free Web Website

    It's a MOOC catalog, but it let you make educational path, and aggregate all the MOOC in a given path. For instance, if you want to study physics-chemistry, you will add chemistry MOOC, math MOOC, physics etc.. You can pin MOOC you want to attend, you attended, or for another reason. I use it also to save my MOOC certificates. It's a nice way to decide what kind of MOOC I could attend now, to complete a path, and make an appraisal of our learnings.


    MyEducationPath icon
  • Degreed

    Free Web iPhone Website

    A bit like MyEducationPath, but not so good, because fewer features.


    Degreed icon
  • CourseBuffet

    Free Web Website

    MOOC catalog. Use it to find the topic you want (on any platforms), or witch courses are about to be launched.


    CourseBuffet icon
  • Alison

    Freemium Web Website

    The level of the course is not as high as other MOOC platform (including the level of the community) but it's still something that worth mentioning and browsing!


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  • Memrise

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    It's a tool to use with Duolingo to memorize vocabulary (using flashcards), or to learn an Asian alphabet. But it can also be useful to memorize anything, anatomy, chemical formula, etc...


    Memrise icon
  • Duolingo

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone ... iPad Website

    Web & Phone (use web for the forum, and app for the every day training).
    One of the best way to learn many languages. Use it a few minutes a day, and read their forum (very important) to have grammar directions. Ask any questions about the languages, and you will always find some good guys with an amazing knowledge to answer them. You have to use it the proper way if you want to make some progress.


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  • Khan Academy

    Free Windows Web Android iPhone Windows S ... Android Tablet iPad Website

    A must. Do you regret to skip some courses in high school? This site is amazing to learn and have healthy foundation in any topic taught in schools. The only flaw is that the translation in other languages (for instance French) are made by a team that is totally lost (some courses remain partially translated for years now). There's a gamification system with points, encouraging to attend courses and finish exercises! Good learning community with a very interesting forum and advanced people who help in any topic.


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    Free Web Website

    Many MOOC from French universities, in English & French. Good level.


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