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  • Searx

    Free Linux Web Android Self-Hosted Cloudron Website

    Searx is a free internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from more than 70 search services. Users are neither tracked nor profiled. Additionally, searx can be used over Tor for online anonymity.

    Why use Searx?

    • Searx may not offer you as personalised results as Google, but it doesn't generate a profile about you
    • Searx doesn't care about what you search for, never shares anything with a third party, and it can't be used to compromise you
    • Searx is free software, the code is 100% open and you can help to make it better. See more on GitHub

    If you do care about privacy, want to be a conscious user, or otherwise believe in digital freedom, make Searx your default search engine or run it on your own server

    Technical details - How does it work?

    Searx is a metasearch engine, inspired by the seeks project.
    It provides basic privacy by mixing your queries with searches on other platforms without storing search data. Queries are made using a POST request on every browser (except chrome*). Therefore they show up in neither our logs, nor your URL history. In case of Chrome* users there is an exception, Searx uses the search bar to perform GET requests.
    Searx can be added to your browser's search bar; moreover, it can be set as the default search engine.


    Searx icon
  • RevIMG

    Commercial Web Website

    RevIMG is a reverse visual search engine. Traditional image search engine systems allow you to find images starting from a text, RevIMG works the opposite way: start the search from an image and returns you as result a list of links to web pages where the image or similar ones are contained. If you are a webmaster add to your site our reverse image search engine, RevIMG is optimized for pictures, paintings, flags, monuments, coats of arms and insignia, symbols, logos and many other images category. RevIMG mobile is a reverse visual search engine developed for mobile devices. Take a picture with the integrated camera of your mobile phone and search it with RevIMG mobile, you will get information about it.


    RevIMG icon
  • Dogpile

    Free Web Website is a search engine that combines results from multiple major search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo Search, and, into one search page.


    Dogpile icon
  • YaCy

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Self-Hosted Website

    YaCy is a free search engine that anyone can use to build a search portal for their intranet or to help search the public internet. When contributing to the world-wide peer network, the scale of YaCy is limited only by the number of users in the world and can index billions of web pages. It is fully decentralized, all users of the search engine network are equal, the network does not store user search requests and it is not possible for anyone to censor the content of the shared index.


    YaCy icon
  • Ecosia

    Free Web Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone ... iPad Microsoft Edge Chrome Firefox Website

    Find what you need. Plant trees where they’re needed. Search with Ecosia and be climate active every day.


    Ecosia icon
  • CamFind

    Free iPhone Website

    CamFind is the very first mobile application that can photograph, identify, and provide information on virtually any object you desire to learn about.

    Simply take a photo of anything around you and receive relevant information about that object - including where you can buy it and web search results.


    A CamFind user can take a picture, have it identified by CamFind and then be prompted with the following options:

    • Internet Search Results
    • Related/Similar Images
    • Price Comparisons and Online Shopping
    • Related Places and Address Finder
    • Film Poster/DVD Recognition
    • Social Sharing

    CamFind also offers the following time-saving functions:

    • Language Translator
    • QR and Barcode Reader
    • Text Search
    • Voice Search
    • Voiceover of Identified Objects
    • Automatic Flash
    • Automatic Focus
    • Ability to Save Images to the Camera Roll/Upload Images from Camera Roll


    CamFind icon
  • DeeperWeb

    Free Web Firefox Website

    Easily navigate through Google Search results using a fast, simple and useful tag cloud technique.


    DeeperWeb icon
  • Disconnect Search

    Free Web Chrome Firefox Website

    Disconnect Search is a meta-search-engine browser extension that lets you search privately using your favorite search engine.


    Disconnect Search icon
  • Gigablast

    Free Web Self-Hosted Website

    A distributed open source search engine and spider/crawler written in C/C++ for Linux on Intel/AMD.


    Gigablast icon
  • Yippy Search

    Free Web Website

    Yippy Search, formerly known as Clusty, is a search engine that groups results into topics, or "clouds," rather than focusing just on search engine result ranking. This makes for better search and discovery.

    Some web services store and utilize your personal information in ways you may not approve of, or even be aware! At Yippy, you receive private, protected web browsing and search capabilities.


    Yippy Search icon
  • Haystack

    Free Personal Web Chrome Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Haystack helps you make the most of your time, by searching all your cloud files, documents and browser history in one place. It's been built for privacy from the ground up, so your data isn't stored on a server, just your computer.


    Haystack icon
  • NooBox

    Free Chrome OS Chrome Website

    A useful Toolbox! Reverse image search with multiple engines + Extract images + Screenshot & Search.


    NooBox icon
  • Boomle

    Free Web Website is a anonymous meta-search engine, a search tool that provide users the ability of simultaneously search multiple search engines under one interface. Meta-search engines benefit users by saving them time and effort from having to individually visit multiple search engines in order to find the desired result.


    Boomle icon
  • Black HomePage

    Free Web Website

    Black Homepage saves energy and reduces eye strain. Make this your Powerful Startpage for Web Browser.


    Black HomePage icon
  • Wuha

    Freemium Web Website

    Wuha is a cloud-based professional search solution allowing users to immediately find any of their files (whether they’re in Gmail, Drive, Slack, Outlook, and many others). These results are presented alongside Google results: an already well-known search interface designed to improve productivity of our users.

    Our solution is made for startups and all companies that are dealing with lot of applications. Because professionals today waste time trying to find data in unorganized structures. Knowledge workers waste 40% of their time (on average $5,700 per person per year) searching for information, and can lose even more if they don’t find what they’re looking for.


    Wuha icon
  • Groot Web Search Engine

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Windows Mobile ... Android iPhone Chrome OS Windows S Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Self-Hosted Kindle Fire Chromecast Website

    This is a very fast and clutter free internet search engine. Get your results instantly and without any fuss.

    You only receive the results you want. No more millions of wasted pages being displayed. Includes thumbnails of the links to make sure you know where to go.

    Green Energy Software. Saving the planet one bit at a time...


    Groot Web Search Engine icon
  • Qwant

    Free Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad ... Chrome Firefox Website

    Qwant is a European web search engine, launched in July 2013 and operated from Paris. It is the only EU-based search engine with its own indexing engine. It claims not to employ user tracking and doesn't personalize search results in order to avoid trapping users in a filter bubble. It is available in 13 languages.


    Qwant icon
  • Mojeek

    Free Web iPhone Android Website

    Mojeek, the alternative search engine that puts the people who use it first.

    We like to do things differently...

    That's why we're on a mission to build the world's alternative search engine; a search engine that does what's right, that values and respects your privacy, whilst providing its own unique and unbiased search results.

    Search is often considered the gateway to the Web, which is why we believe it's critical that choices exist, choices that take a different approach. By putting the people who use Mojeek first and using technology built from the ground-up, we're here to offer that choice.


    • Search that doesn't follow you around
    • Independent and Unbiased Search Results
    • Search technology created from the ground up
    • Hosted and run from the UK's greenest data centre


    Mojeek icon
  • Infinity Search

    Commercial Web Website

    Infinity Search is a privacy search engine that is completely customizable and focused on user efficiency. .


    Infinity Search icon
  • findx

    Free Web Chrome Firefox Website

    Your new search engine. No logging. No tracking. Transparent algorithms. Hosted in Europe. Users like you help shape the results.


    findx icon

    Free Web Website

    Google Reverse Search, available at, lets you search by images instead of keywords. Upload a picture from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone, and Google will show all the other web pages on the Internet that have similar images.


  • Ellpedia

    Free Web Website

    •Ellpedia is a private metasearch engine based on Google and Bing.

    •Ellpedia doesn’t collect what you search for or provide personalized result. Also, it never shares anything with a third party, and it can’t be used to compromise you.

    •Ellpedia is hosted in Japan and it offers its service in Japanese ( ) and English (

    •Ellpedia also offers Ellpedia Chat ( which is a metasearch engine you can use like messaging apps. There is only Japanese version yet, but we have been developing English version. Please wait for a little while longer.

    *Ellpedia is a personal project.


    Ellpedia icon
  • TinEye

    Free Personal Web Chrome Safari Opera Firefox Website

    TinEye is a powerful image search and recognition engine that can help to find where an image came from and how it's being used. It uses a reverse image search where unique digital signatures are created for each submitted image and then compared to other indexed images to find matches.

    Tineye finds exact matches, including images that have been altered (cropped, resized, etc). It typically doesn't find similar images but can find images with parts copied from other images.


    • Locate an image's source or get more info about it.
    • Find higher resolution image versions.
    • Discover altered versions of an image.
    • Find where your own images are being used.


    TinEye icon
  • Yahoo! Search

    Free Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    The search engine that helps you find exactly what youre looking for. Find the most relevant information, video, images, and answers from all across the Web. Yahoo! Search is a web search engine, owned by Yahoo! Inc. and was as of June 2009, the 2nd largest search engine on the web by query volume, at 17%, after its competitor Google at 74% and before Bing at 9.4%, according to


    Yahoo! Search icon
  • Ask

    Free Web Website (or Ask Jeeves in the United Kingdom) is a search engine that allows users to get answers to questions posed in everyday, natural language, along with traditional keyword searching. also includes support for math, dictionary, and conversion questions.


    Ask icon
  • Openverse

    Free Web Chrome Opera Firefox Website

    The search engine for openly licensed media. 500 million Creative Commons licensed images and more.


    Openverse icon
  • Websearch Launcher

    Free Windows Website

    Websearch Launcher is an Universal Selection Search Tool. You can search google and other search engines with light speed. You select text in websites or programs and then click one of the translations or search engine buttons and it is done.


    Websearch Launcher icon
  • Microsoft Bing

    Free Windows Web Android iPhone Blackberry ... Windows S Windows Phone iPad Blackberry 10 Xbox Website

    Bing (formerly Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search) is the current web search engine (advertised as a "decision engine") from Microsoft.

    Bing is a search engine that finds and organizes the answers you need so you can make faster, more informed decisions.

    Notable changes include the listing of search suggestions in real time as queries are entered and a list of related searches (called "Explorer pane" on the left side of search results) based on semantic technology from Powerset, which Microsoft purchased in 2008. Bing also includes the ability to Save & Share search histories via Windows Live SkyDrive, Facebook and email.


    Microsoft Bing icon

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