Minecraft Essentials

  • Spigot

    Free Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted Minecraft Server ... Minecraft Website

    Simply put, Spigot is it. Spigot is the most widely-used modded Minecraft server software in the world. It powers many of the top Minecraft server networks around to ensure they can cope with their huge player base and ensure the satisfaction of their players.

    Spigot works by reducing and eliminating many causes of lag, as well as adding in handy features and settings that help make your job of server administration easier.

    This list only mentions some of the most significant features inside of Spigot, but it does not represent everything that Spigot does. Spigot is updated on a regular basis with several unique features… just give it a try for yourself!

    TPS increases
    Optimized growth, decay, and chunk ticking
    Reverse compatibility with CraftBukkit plugins
    Designed to function optionally as a BungeeCord node
    Auto stack merging for items and experience orbs
    Chunk garbage collector to prevent chunk leaks
    Automatic conversion between offline mode to online mode without losing player data
    Configurable messages for many vanilla / Bukkit messages (e.g. whitelisting, permissions, etc.)
    Disabling of random light updates
    Efficient Netty networking engine
    Smart crash and hang detection / prevention
    Entity activation and tracking ranges to ensure client-side and server-side resources are only used when needed
    Prevent server load caused by maps in item frames
    Automatic restarts upon a server crash
    Automatically stays up-to-date with the latest CraftBukkit changes
    Ability to disable TAB command complete
    Customization over what the console logs (e.g. command block output)
    Fine control over crop growth rates, chunks, and ticks
    Optimized tick loop
    Memory-reducing nibble arrays
    More accurate benchmark timings reports
    Configurable chunk packet sending
    Threaded chunk compression


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  • Minecraft Forge

    Free Web Minecraft Website

    Minecraft Forge is a free, open-source modding API and loader designed to simplify compatibility between community-created game mods in Minecraft: Java Edition.


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  • McMyAdmin

    Free Personal Mac Windows Linux Website

    McMyAdmin is a web interface and administration utility for Minecraft Survival Multiplayer (SMP) servers. It lets you monitor the servers status, chat with users, manage groups and permissions, schedule events, perform updates and more.

    Development on McMyAdmin started in October 2010, and it is now the most widely used Minecraft control panel in existance with over 10000 simultanious live servers. It is being offered by more than 20 different game server providers who rely on it to provide their end customers with an easy way to manage their servers without editing configuration files with more providers being added all the time.


    • Live state tracker to monitor for server crashes and stalls, taking action as necessary.
    • Integrated event scheduler to perform automated restarts, backups and much more.
    • Built-in backup manager to make sure that you never lose your prized creatons.
    • Easy installation and setup. Just unzip and run, no need to configure separate web servers or database systems.
    • Simple one-click installations and updates. No need for host intervention to perform upgrades.
    • Attractive, standards compliant web interface. Tested on all major browsers.
    • Powerful API makes integration with your own applications easy.
    • Apply your own branding and style to the panel to maintain brand awareness.
    • Compatible with Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS

    See the feature tour for screenshots and information.


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  • WorldEdit - Minecraft MOD

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Minecraft Forge ... Minecraft Server Spigot Minecraft OpenJDK Bukkit Java Website

    WorldEdit is an easy-to-use in-game Minecraft map editor. Through a combination of commands and "brushes," you can sculpt your world or simply perform numerous terraforming tasks.


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  • Sakki's Client Essentials (SCE)

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Minecraft Forge ... Spigot Sponge Minecraft Bukkit Java Website

    Sakki's Client Essentials are plugins for Minecraft Servers and Client's. It eliminates the problems with hacked client's and gives server administrators control by restricting clients to use whitelisted plugins and mods and ends unfairness. .


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  • Orebfuscator

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Self-Hosted ... Spigot Minecraft Bukkit Java Website

    This plugin is used to counter X-RAY client mods, texture packs, chest radar, and other similar exploits
    It modifies data that are sent to clients to hide blocks of your choice, such as ore, chests, dungeons, etc.
    It does not manipulate server side.


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Is it still up to date in 2022 ?

Paper and Fabric should be on the list I guess this list need a refresh ^^


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