Programs I used to use and why I no longer use them. I expect this list to grow and change over time.

  • Bad

  • Dashlane

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Internet Explorer Vivaldi Browser Chrome Safari Brave Firefox Website

    Was dumb of me to use it in the first place. Does most of the usual spying most programs like it engage in and will probably have a data breach/leak soon if it hasn't already.


    Dashlane icon
  • Evernote

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Blackberry Windows S Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Apple Watch Android Wear Kindle Fire Pebble Website

    I stopped using this for pretty much the same reason as Dashlane above and I also just think that Joplin is a better all around program with none of the downsides of this and it's free unlike Evernote.


    Evernote icon
  • µTorrent

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... Wine Website

    I can't think of a program that was once so great that has gotten as bad as this one has over time. In every way possible. Felt no shame or remorse replacing it with qBittorrent as soon as the option presented itself.


    µTorrent icon
  • VLC Media Player

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Windows S Android Tablet BSD Windows Phone iPad Blackberry 10 Apple Watch Apple TV Kindle Fire Haiku Website

    Just utterly outclassed, first by MPC and codec packs and now by MPV. There is absolutely no reason to stick with VLC and I remember at one point it had horrible bundleware for a while too.


    VLC Media Player icon
  • Pale Moon

    Free Mac Windows Linux WinPenPack Website

    I used this after Quantum killed most of my favorite Firefox add-ons for a year and a half. Only problem I had with this is I frequently had to restart it or it would lag out and become unresponsive after less than an hour of use. This wasn't the worst thing for me since the trade off was that I got to keep a lot of my favorite add-ons... Well now they're thinking of updating PM in such a way as to make those add-ons incompatible with the browser thus taking away the niche use this still has.

    Updates are also infrequent and the ones it gets don't seem to keep up with even the most common/most used websites let alone lesser parts of the net and the browser definitely shows it's age. There are so many video website related errors I got with this near the end of my time using it that I had to go back to Firefox just to see anything again. The heyday of this browser is over and now it's developers are just slowly trying to kill off what little relevance it still has.


    Pale Moon icon
  • No Longer Useful/Lack of Interest

  • Clover

    Free Windows Windows Explorer Website

    Clover worked and did what it was supposed to do for me well, but when I reformatted two OS installs ago I just didn't feel the need to have this anymore.

    While the idea of tabbed folders was always appealing to me before it, I just never found it as useful as tabbed browsing, because a lot of the time I have multiple folders open it's because I'm moving things around and tabbed folders make that harder to do rather than easier.


    Clover icon
  • Pidgin

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD ... Xfce Website

    I'm kind of amazed that Pidgin and programs like it still exist, but that amazement aside. I just don't talk to anyone so I have no need for this or other chat clients, but when I did pre-Skype/Discord I liked Pidgin.


    Pidgin icon
  • Paint.NET

    Free Personal Windows Windows S .NET Framework Website

    I think the default paint 3D programs in Windows 10 cleanly replace what minuscule edge this once had over it and I was never a real big fan of this anyway, I had it for very niche situations.


    Paint.NET icon
  • foobar2000

    Free Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Website

    I still like this, but I'm not as into modular/DIY type programs anymore. I would still recommend this to people who like minimalist, small processing/memory power programs that they can customize more than usual.


    foobar2000 icon
  • Discontinued/Lack of Support

  • A. Standalone Programs

  • Media Player Classic

    Free Windows Website

    I still like MPC a lot despite the fact that it's been discontinued for a while now, but as of this year (2020) I finally decided to give up the dream and go with MPV which does everything it did and more.


    Media Player Classic icon
  • WinDirStat

    Free Windows Website

    WinDirStat still works well enough, but it's slower and it's UI is less appealing to me than Wiztree. It also at this point is borderline discontinued if not outright so by the time you read this.


    WinDirStat icon
  • Unlocker

    Free Windows Website

    It just stopped being supported after Windows 10 came out, still don't have a great replacement for it either. People will suggest Iobit Unlocker but it lacks features this had and Iobit is a shady company in general.

    Deadlock is a replacement that does what Unlocker did albeit not as well and with much more work on the users part. It's what I use for the rare occassions I need something like this but i wouldn't be surprised if that program ends up on this list soon.


    Unlocker icon
  • RocketDock

    Free Windows Website

    This one is discontinued but I stopped using it even before that happened, because I just didn't really like docks or this style or desktop enhancement anymore, but when I did this was my favorite.


    RocketDock icon
  • Gizmo Drive

    Free Windows Website

    Worked well when it existed. Not too sad about it though since WinCDEmu exists and is better.


    Gizmo Drive icon
  • B. Firefox Add-ons

  • Omnibar

    Free Mac Windows Linux Pale Moon Firefox Website

    This and the add-on location bar enhancer which isn't on here but is also discontinued and for the same reason (Quantum) were a dream team combo that haven't been replaced in either case. Foobar kind of does what Omnibar did, but not as well and it seems like even that is borderline discontinued.

    A list of other addons not on here that Quantum killed and that haven't been replaced:

    Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar
    Colorful Tabs (Exists, but in an extremely diminished state.)
    Tab scope


    Omnibar icon
  • Lazarus Form Recovery

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Safari ... Waterfox Pale Moon Firefox Website

    Discontinued, still doesn't have a replacement as great as it was, but I'm currently seeing if "Form History Control" will be the replacement I have wanted since Quantum killed this.


    Lazarus Form Recovery icon
  • RightToClick

    Free Mac Windows Linux Firefox Website

    This is one add-on I no longer use that I'm not really that sad about. It was useful at times, but I don't miss this as much as the others on the list and I'm not really looking for a replacement.


    RightToClick icon
  • The Future

    Programs I want to replace but haven't yet.

  • CCleaner

    Freemium Mac Windows Android Android Tablet Website

    I really don't like Piriform as a company anymore and the numerous bad things they and their new owners have done, but on the same note I don't really think any program has replaced this and all of it's functionality. BleachBit is the best alternative and it isn't that good.


    CCleaner icon
  • Avast Free Antivirus

    Free Personal Mac Windows Android iPhone Website

    The company that made this bought Piriform and they aren't great and they have a lot of the same problems most bad software has spying, bloat and intrusive functions that go beyond what it's supposed to do.

    That being said, it and by that I mean just the free version, are still the best anti-virus I ever used and I have tried a few throughout the years. I really want to let this one go, but I haven't found a replacement that is worth ditching it for.


    Avast Free Antivirus icon

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