Open-Source Linux & Android Markdown Editors that Support RTL

These are Linux Markdown editors that can display RTL text correctly (in editor, not preview) even between Latin text
Three Types:

  • Poor: No orientation, RTL text mixed-up with LTR making thus changing the text direction.
  • Limited: RTL words are not mixed up with LTR words, but the direction is incorrect. Usually, this is only the case in the editor view; the preview is usually of the poor type.
  • Complete: Direction+Organistion of RTL+LTR text fields. So far, no open-source Linux editor can do that, except the web based Morattab ( Other apps that belong to this category are usually not editors and thus aren't considered (except a few picks in the section below)

Honrable Mentions:

  • Scarlet Notes (Android): Complete support, but uses own format. No editing from other devices.
  • Pure Writer (Andorid): Complete support for RTL in editor and preview, but uses its own format with no ability to edit from another device. Closes-source.


  • Ramz - : visually-pleasing Web editor. Supports RTL exclusively.
  • RTL Markdown even simpler, but has that same problem

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