Privacy Email Providers

  • ProtonMail

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    Secure email with absolutely no compromises, brought to you by MIT and CERN scientists.

    Swiss Based
    ProtonMail is incorporated in Switzerland and our servers are located in Switzerland. We are outside of US and EU jurisdiction and all user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws.

    Zero Access
    Because of our end-to-end encryption, your data is already encrypted by the time it reaches our servers. We have no access to your messages, and since we cannot decrypt them, we cannot share them with third parties.

    Backwards Compatible
    ProtonMail works out of any modern web browser, there is nothing to install. We are also backwards compatible with other email providers so you can continue sending and receiving emails from friends who are not using ProtonMail.

    Forever Free
    We believe privacy is a fundamental human right and should be available for everyone. That's why we offer multi-tiered pricing including a free version that anyone can use. Let's bring privacy back to the people!

    Fully Anonymous
    We do not log IP addresses or require any personal information to sign up. We accept bitcoin and cash payments for paid accounts to ensure even paid account users have complete privacy.

    Cross Platform
    ProtonMail works on all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It's as simple as visiting our site and logging in. There are no plugins or apps to install - simply use your favorite web browser.


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  • Mailfence

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Mailfence is a free secure and private mail service, that provides an end-to-end encrypted email.


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  • Tutanota

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    Tutanota is a free and open source web-mail client that focuses on privacy and security. It has open source iOS and an Android apps. The Android app is published on F-Droid (which means the app does not use Google's push notification system) making it a great option if you want to de-Google your life. All data is stored encrypted and can not be searched, i.e. for commercial use. It offers dead easy end-to-end encryption.

    1 GB of storage is free for everyone.

    Easy - one password for everything
    Tutanota wants to provide the easiest-to-use and most secure email client. You do not have to fiddle with multiple passwords for signing in and for encryption/decryption. The state-of-the-art encryption technology handles all the encryption and decryption complexities. Still: Your password only belongs to you. It is being hashed and salted locally before being transmitted to the servers.

    Only you with your password have access to your encrypted data, profiling is impossible. Tutanota combines security with ease-of-use so that everybody can use end-to-end encryption. Now you can take back your privacy easily!


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  • StartMail

    Commercial Web Website

    Take back your email privacy today with StartMail, encrypted email made easy. Secure email service protected by Dutch privacy laws to keep your data safe.


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    Commercial Web Website offers a secure e-mail account for home and business use. The domain name,, is easy to remember and can be understood anywhere in the world. They have been operating e-mail accounts for more than 20 years and are a highly reliable service provider.

    Strong Security & Privacy:


    • E-mails, calendars, contacts, tasks, word processing, and file sharing
    • Attachment size up to 137 MB
    • 2 to 50 GB storage space for e-mails
    • Up to 100 GB storage space for documents and photos
    • Smartphone synchronizing for contacts, calendars, etc.
    • Consistent encryption with SSL/TLS and GPG
    • Reliable spam and virus protection
    • User-defined filters, forwarding, and automated vacation responses
    • Completely ad-free, no analysis of user data
    • Compliant with German data privacy regulations
    • Server located in Germany (Berlin)
    • Green hosting with green power

  • Runbox

    Commercial Web OpenPGP Website

    Runbox offers email hosting, domain hosting, and web hosting services, as well as custom-made email solutions

    Runbox provides secure email communication with Perfect Forward Secrecy SSL connections, Extended Validation, and options for Small OpenPGP iconOpenPGP encryption.

    Runbox protects your data in accordance with Norway's strong privacy regulations, preventing unauthorized access to your email.

    Runbox 7 Project, is an open source webmail created by Runbox


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  • Posteo

    Commercial Web Website

    Web- and IMAP-based email service. 2GB cost 1€/month. Information is hosted on encrypted hard drives. Electricity from renewable resources is used.


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  • Vivaldi Mail

    Free Web Website

    Free email service with no ads and no strings attached. Also contacts and calendar features.


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  • Disroot

    Free Web Website

    Disroot is a platform providing online services based on principles of freedom, privacy, federation and decentralization.


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  • CounterMail

    Commercial Web Website

    Countermail is a web-based email service. It is hosted in Sweden. Its focus is on privacy. It provides several features, such as PGP support and diskless servers to protect users ability to communicate securely and anonymously.


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  • Soverin

    Commercial Web Website

    Soverin is an independent private company based in Amsterdam, run by a team of internet enthusiasts who want to create great products that are safe, beautiful and easy to use. We’re passionate about changing the status quo and actively want to raise awareness about digital privacy.

    Our mission is private communication for everyone. We give people control over their privacy. The technology has been here for years, but nobody can use it. We are here to change that.

    The messages you send should stay between you and the receiver. More like a sealed envelope than a postcard.


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  • CTemplar

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    CTemplar is a security and privacy focused email provider based in Iceland. They use E2EE to keep your conversations private and secure. Their service offers onion address for those who want the best possible privacy and security.


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  • Kolab Now

    Commercial Web Software as a Service (SaaS) DAVdroid Website

    Kolab Now provides a suite of intuitive apps in a user friendly environment to make your day to day online comms easier, smarter and most importantly; secure.


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  • Thexyz

    Commercial Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Thexyz build the best tools around for email to make your life simple. Continually updating the product offerings to give customers the very best in email and domain technology.

    Have you ever been away from your desk and got a request for a contract or presentation? Did you ever want to send a large file but didn't want to attach it to an email because it was so big? Now you can respond immediately to customer requests and send a web link to give users protected access to the file. They can view your files with any mobile device and itíll be automatically optimized. Even with a mobile phone, you'll be able to view your PowerPoint, Excel, or even PDF files - all without downloading!.

    Thexyz Cloud Drive allows you to easily work with teams inside and outside your company. Comments are captured and changed versions are automatically archived. In addition, you can edit, print or fax from where ever you may be. All this is accomplished securely and under your control.


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    Freemium Web Android iPhone S/MIME Software as a Service (SaaS) ... OpenPGP Website provides private, encrypted, online communication with layers of security you can trust. With rocketing growth online and improvements to computer capacity, governments and private sector are collecting and sharing information on every facet of people’s lives. is dedicated to actively improving privacy protection with innovative technology.

    Create email addresses with full control of features like encryption, forwarding, or blocking spam — making it difficult for others to track you down, market to you or steal your identity. Learn about the contacts that communicate with you, see their source of origin and location is took to get to you. Don't like the mail you receive? Change your rules, without changing your email address. goes the extra step by automatically setting up every virtual mailbox with 4096-bit Small OpenPGP iconOpenPGP and S/MIME encryption keys and certificates. In addition to email, now offers secure, encrypted audio and video through the online app.

    • Protect your email address and personal information
    • Protect your communications from interception and hackers
    • Strip Metadata from your emails that companies use to track or find out information on you
    • Increase your level of security with end-to-end encryption
    • Receive email analytics and enrichment


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