zarzadzanie serwerem

  • Webmin

    Free Linux Web BSD Self-Hosted Website

    Web-based system administration interface for Unix that supports user account setup and more.


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  • Ajenti

    Free Personal Linux Web Self-Hosted Website

    Web-based Linux server administration panel.
    Works best for VPS and dedicated servers.
    Runs on Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL and CentOS.


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  • Cockpit Project

    Free Linux Website

    Makes it easy to administer Linux servers via a web browser. It allows you to easily perform simple tasks like storage administration, inspecting journals, starting & stopping services, monitoring & administering several servers at once.


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  • WinSSHTerm

    Free Windows Website

    WinSSHTerm is a tabbed SSH solution for Windows, combining PuTTY/KiTTY, WinSCP and VcXsrv. It helps you to be more productive. Using keyboard shortcuts and intelligent navigation tools allows you to quickly switch between or start new SSH sessions even if you have to manage many systems. It has built-in support for copying files and running X applications. The terminal colors are carefully selected to minimize the stress for your eyes. WinSSHTerm is easy to use, lightweight and stable.


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  • Bitvise SSH Client

    Free Personal Windows Website

    SSH and SFTP client for Windows incorporates:

    * one of the most advanced graphical SFTP clients;
    * state-of-the-art terminal emulation with support for the bvterm, xterm, and vt100 protocols;
    * support for corporation-wide single sign-on using SSPI (GSSAPI) Kerberos 5 and NTLM user authentication, as well as Kerberos 5 host authentication;
    * support for RSA and DSA public key authentication with comprehensive user keypair management;
    * powerful SSH port forwarding capabilities, including dynamic forwarding through integrated SOCKS and HTTP CONNECT proxy;
    * powerful command-line parameters which make the SSH client highly customizable and suitable for use in specific situations and controlled environments;
    * an advanced, scriptable command-line SFTP client (sftpc);
    * a scriptable command-line remote execution client (sexec) and a command-line terminal emulation client (stermc);
    * an FTP-to-SFTP bridge allowing you to connect to an SFTP server using legacy FTP applications;
    * Bitvise SSH Server remote administration features;
    * single-click Remote Desktop forwarding.


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