• Gitter

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Website

    Gitter is a chat and collaboration tool for developers and users. It's a place for developers to talk.


    • Unlimited public chat rooms for free
    • Unlimited and searchable chat history
    • Unlimited integrations
    • Private chat rooms free up to 25 users


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  • CherryTree

    Free Windows Linux Website

    A hierarchical note taking application, featuring rich text and syntax highlighting, storing data in a single xml or sqlite file.


    CherryTree icon
  • GitHub Desktop

    Free Mac Windows Website

    GitHub Desktop is a native Git client for Mac OS X and Windows with a graphical user interface. .


    GitHub Desktop icon
  • Android Studio

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS Website

    Android Studio is a new Android development environment based on IntelliJ IDEA. Similar to Eclipse with the ADT Plugin, Android Studio provides integrated Android developer tools for development and debugging.


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  • Genymotion

    Free Personal Mac Windows Linux Android Studio Eclipse Website

    Genymotion is an Android emulator for building and testing great Android apps. It’s fast, simple and powerful.
    It offers 20 pre-configured devices and you can create your own custom ones.
    [Genymotion Personal Edition is available free for personal use only at ]

    Insanely fast and fully featured:
    — Resizable windows
    — Screenshots
    — Screencasts
    — Command line tool
    — Java API
    — Seamless copy-paste
    — Customizable IMEI, MEID, Android ID
    — App installation via drag and drop
    — CPU virtualization
    — OpenGL acceleration
    — 20 pre-configured devices
    — Custom devices
    — Sensor emulation: GPS, microphone, camera, battery, multi-touch, accelerometer
    — Network quality and performance emulation

    Standard and integrated:
    — Genymotion plugins
    — Plugins for Eclipse and Android Studio.Compatible with all Android SDK tools: InstrumentationTestRunner, Hierarchy Viewer, Monkey, MonkeyRunner…
    — Built from AOSP, optimized for speed, and validated against Compatibility Test Suite.

    Genymotion is the next generation of the AndroVM open source project, already trusted by 2,500,000 developers. It’s even easier to use and offers lots more features.


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  • advanced bat to exe converter

    Freemium Windows Website

    Advanced BAT to EXE Converter quickly converts your batch scripts to .EXE files. Even the most complex batch files can be converted to executables with Intelli-Parse technology which reduces development time.

    Learning the simple batch file language then compiling your script to EXE is the easiest and fastest way to develop Windows applications!

    You will benefit from changing your scripts to windows executables in many ways. Users of your scripts cannot view/change your code after it is encrypted by the compiler. Any actions performed by the script can be kept secret. Additionally, there is a feature to run your scripts "Invisible" in the background without the batch file console window.

    Executables compiled with Advanced BAT to EXE Converter will run on all Windows versions from Windows98 to Win8 64bit.


  • Godot Engine

    Free Mac Windows Linux Haiku FreeBSD Website

    Godot is a fully featured, open source, MIT licensed game engine. It focuses on having great tools, and a visual oriented workflow that can export to PC, Mobile and Web platforms. It is a cross-platform 2D and 3D game engine and game development IDE. You can port your game to run on Windows, Linux, Mac OSx/iOS, BSD, Android, BlackBerry 10, HTML5, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo 3DS.


    Visual editor, full of mature tools.
    Uncluttered UI, with context-sensitive editors.
    Amazing scene system, supporting instancing and inheritance.
    Friendly content creation interfaces for artists, level designers, animators, …
    Visual shader editing for 2D and 3D.
    Persistent live editing (changes are not lost after stopping the game). Live editing on mobile devices!


    Godot Engine icon
  • Cocos2d-x

    Free Mac Windows Linux Windows Mobile Android ... iPhone Blackberry Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Blackberry 10 Website

    cocos2d-x is a cross platform open source free 2D game engine for mobile gamedev, that is fast and stable, easy to learn and use.


    Cocos2d-x icon
  • GitHub Gist

    Free Web Website

    Gist is a simple way to share snippets and pastes with others. All gists are git repositories, so they are automatically versioned, forkable and usable as a git repository.


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  • NSIS

    Free Windows Website

    NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) is a professional open source system to create Windows installers. It is designed to be as small and flexible as possible and is therefore very suitable for internet distribution.

    Being a users first experience with your product, a stable and reliable installer is an important component of successful software. With NSIS you can create such installers that are capable of doing everything that is needed to setup your software.

    NSIS is script-based and allows you to create the logic to handle even the most complex installation tasks.

    Portable Version:


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  • GitHub

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Website

    GitHub is a web-based hosting service for projects that use the Small Git iconGit revision control system. It is written in Ruby on Rails by Logical Awesome developers Chris Wanstrath, PJ Hyett, and Tom Preston-Werner. GitHub offers both commercial plans and free accounts for open source projects.

    The site provides social networking functionality like feeds, followers and the network graph to display how developers work on their versions of a repository.

    GitHub also operates a pastebin-style site at, wikis for the individual repositories and web pages that can be edited through a git repository.

    GitHub has a built-in, highly functional Issue Tracker.


    GitHub icon
  • Processing

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Processing is an open source programming environment and library built to handle images, animation, and interactivity. It is used by students, artists, designers, researchers, and hobbyists for learning to code, prototyping, and producing full applications.


    Processing icon
  • MedleyText

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Website

    Redefining the way programming notes are taken.
    Text editors are too one dimensional, Evernote/Onenote is too generic.
    Medley Text is a note taking tool designed to help you take pretty and organized programming notes.


    MedleyText icon
  • Boostnote

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Website

    An intuitive and stylish markdown note app for developers. It's fully open-source.


    Boostnote icon
  • Cocos Creator

    Free Mac Windows Website

    Cocos Creator is a complete package of game development tools and workflow, including a game engine (based on Cocos2d-x), resource management, scene editing, game preview, debug and publish one project to multiple platforms.


    Cocos Creator icon
  • CudaText

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Website

    CudaText is a cross-platform text editor, written in Lazarus.
    It starts quite fast (0.5 sec with ~30 plugins on CPU Intel Core i3 3Hz).
    It is extensible by Python add-ons (plugins, linters, code tree parsers, external tools).

    Features include:

    Syntax highlight for many languages: C, C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, XML etc. 200+ syntax lexers exist.
    Code tree (tree structure of functions/classes/etc in source).
    Code folding.
    Multi-carets and multi-selections.
    Find/Replace with reg. ex.
    Configs in JSON format. Including lexer-specific configs.
    Tabbed UI.
    Split each tab.
    Split view for 2/3/4/6 files.
    Simple auto-completion (fixed list) for some lexers.
    Command palette (ST3 style).
    Show unprinted whitespace.
    Support for many encodings.
    Customizable hotkeys.
    Binary/Hex viewer for files of unlimited size.

    Features for HTML/CSS coding:

    Smart auto-completion for HTML, CSS.
    HTML tags completion with Tab-key (Snippets plugin).
    HTML color codes (#rgb, #rrggbb) underline.
    Show pictures inside editor area (jpeg/png/gif/bmp/ico).
    Show tooltip when mouse moves over picture tag, entity, color value.


    CudaText icon
  • Lines code editor

    Free Windows Linux Website

    Lines is a modern and minimalist text editor - IDE with support for over 150 programming languages, embedded code inspectors and many other cool tools to help you write better code. .


    Lines code editor icon
  • Notepad++

    Free Windows Website

    Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages.


    Notepad++ icon
  • Appy Pie

    Commercial Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    An easy-to-use drag and drop DIY mobile app creator for devices such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and Fire OS.


    Appy Pie icon
  • Geany

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD ... Xfce Website

    Geany is a small and lightweight Integrated Development Environment. It was developed to provide a small and fast IDE, which has only a few dependencies from other packages. Another goal was to be as independent as possible from a special Desktop Environment like KDE or GNOME - Geany only requires the GTK2 runtime libraries.

    Some basic features of Geany:

    * Syntax highlighting
    * Code folding
    * Symbol name auto-completion
    * Construct completion/snippets
    * Auto-closing of XML and HTML tags
    * Call tips
    * Many supported filetypes including C, Java, PHP, HTML, Python, Perl, Pascal

    Symbol lists

    Code navigation

    Build system to compile and execute your code

    Simple project management

    Plugin interface


    Geany icon
  • RPG Paper Maker

    Free Personal Mac Windows Linux Website

    RPG Paper Maker is a free game maker engine including a 3D universe with many 2D sprites and some simplified 3D objects.


    RPG Paper Maker icon
  • Microsoft Visual Studio

    Free Personal Mac Windows Web .NET Framework Website

    Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs for Microsoft Windows, as well as web sites, web applications and web services. Visual Studio uses Microsoft software development platforms such as Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store and Microsoft Silverlight. It can produce both native code and managed code.

    Visual Studio includes a code editor supporting IntelliSense as well as code refactoring. The integrated debugger works both as a source-level debugger and a machine-level debugger. Other built-in tools include a forms designer for building GUI applications, web designer, class designer, and database schema designer. It accepts plug-ins that enhance the functionality at almost every level—including adding support for source-control systems (like Subversion) and adding new toolsets like editors and visual designers for domain-specific languages or toolsets for other aspects of the software development lifecycle (like the Team Foundation Server client: Team Explorer).

    Visual Studio supports different programming languages and allows the code editor and debugger to support (to varying degrees) nearly any programming language, provided a language-specific service exists. Built-in languages include C, C++ and C++/CLI (via Visual C++), VB.NET (via Visual Basic .NET), C# (via Visual C#), and F# (as of Visual Studio 2010). Support for other languages such as M, Python, and Ruby among others is available via language services installed separately. It also supports XML/XSLT, HTML/XHTML, JavaScript and CSS.


    Microsoft Visual Studio icon
  • Freeter

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Website

    Smartest way to work on your computer. Freeter is a productivity app that allows you to gather everything you need to work in one place and access them quickly and easily.


    Freeter icon
  • VSNotes

    Free Mac Windows Linux Visual Studio Code Website

    VSNotes is a Visual Studio Code extension.

    VS Notes is a simple tool that takes care of the creation and management of plain text notes and harnesses the power of VS Code via the Command Palette.


    VSNotes icon
  • CodeLite

    Free Mac Windows Linux wxWidgets Website

    CodeLite is an open-source, cross platform IDE for the C/C++/PHP and Node.js programming languages. CodeLite is known to work on various OSs including:

    Windows XP SP3,
    Windows 7 and 8,
    Debian / Ubuntu - visit our repository for a complete list of supported distros,
    Fedora / OpenSUSE,
    Mac OSX 10.5.8,


    CodeLite icon
  • Inno Setup

    Free Windows Wine Website

    Inno Setup is a free installer for Windows programs. First introduced in 1997, Inno Setup today rivals and even surpasses many commercial installers in feature set and stability.


    Inno Setup icon
  • Kanban

    Free Web Self-Hosted AngularJS Go (Programming Language) Website Kanban is a free OpenSource self hosted Kanban board for Small GitLab iconGitLab issues with native GitLab integration.

    Main features

    • Easy setup for any GitLab project
    • Swimlanes by users and milestones
    • Advanced filtering
    • Native GitLab integration

  Kanban icon
  • Teletype

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Teletype(beta) for Atom lets developers share their workspace with team members and collaborate on code in real time.


    Teletype icon
  • Visual Studio Code

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS Website

    VS Code is more than just a code editor, it provides the tools and extensions to compile, debug, compare, refactor, and even manage code repositories all within a highly-customised development environment.


    Visual Studio Code icon
  • Sublime Text

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Website

    Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, html and prose - any kind of text file. You'll love the slick user interface and extraordinary features.

    Sublime Text may be downloaded and evaluated for free without an expiration time limit, however a license must be purchased for continued use.


    Sublime Text icon
  • VSCodium

    Free Mac Windows Linux Electron / Atom Shell Website

    Binary releases of Visual Studio Code without Microsoft branding, telemetry and licensing.


    VSCodium icon

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