• Fluent

    Free Self-Hosted Rust Python JavaScript Website

    Innovative: Natural-sounding translations with genders and grammatical cases when necessary. Locale-specific logic doesn't leak to other locales.

    Powerful: Date, time, and number formatting. Plural categories. Full bidirectionality support. Custom formatters. Easy-to-read syntax.

    Flexible: Client- and server-side. Runtime translation and re-translation. Robust error handling. JS, Python, Rust implementations. React bindings.

    Extensible: Compatible with ICU and ECMA 402. Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

    Why did we create Fluent?

    Software localization has been dominated by an outdated paradigm: translations that map one-to-one to the English copy. The grammar of the source language imposes limits on the expressiveness of the translation.

    We created Fluent to change this paradigm. Translators should be able to use the entire expressive power of their language without asking developers for permission. In Fluent, translations are asymmetric. A simple string in English can map to a complex multi-variant translation in another language.

    Fluent makes it possible to cater to the grammar and style of many languages, independently of the source language. It happens in isolation; the fact that one language benefits from more advanced logic doesn’t require any other localization to apply it. Each localization is in control of how complex the translation becomes.


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  • LibreTranslate

    Free Web Self-Hosted Website

    Free and Open Source Translation API. 100% self-hosted, no limits, no ties to proprietary services. Built on top of Argos Translate.


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  • Launchpad

    Free Web Python Website

    Launchpad is a collaboration and Bazaar code hosting platform for (primarily open-source) software projects.

    Hosting is free for public projects, but if you want private code branches, a private bugtracker, private teams and mailing lists and private PPAs, you need to sign up for a paid plan, or host your own.


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  • React Intl editor

    Free Self-Hosted Website

    React Intl Editor is an open-source editor for translation files generated by react-intl-translations-manager.


    • Upload defaultMessages, lang.json & whitelist
    • Update translation strings
    • Add message to whitelist
    • Download updated lang.json & whitelist


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  • MateCat

    Free Web Self-Hosted Website

    MateCat is a free web-based computer-aided translation (CAT) tool for both freelance translators and translation companies.


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  • SimpleLocalize

    Freemium Mac Linux Web Android SDK React ... JavaScript Software as a Service (SaaS) React Native Typescript Java Node.JS Vue.js Flutter Next.js Website

    SimpleLocalize is a simple translation management solution for software projects. Simple, flexible web-based translation editor. It helps small and growing teams save time on handling localization files and translation strings.


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  • Mozilla Pontoon

    Free Web Self-Hosted Website

    Pontoon is a translation management system used and developed by the Mozilla localization community. It specializes in open source localization that is driven by the community and uses version-control systems for storing translations.


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  • Apertium

    Free Windows Linux Web Android Website

    Cantidad de traducciones: única.
    Completo: no.
    Precisión: muy buena.
    Conserva las conjugaciones: sí.
    Hosting location: Germany.
    GAFAM and friends: 3 technologies.


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  • Yandex.Translate

    Free Windows Web Android iPhone Telegram ... iPad Apple Watch Website

    Cantidad de traducciones: única.
    Completo: sí.
    Precisión: buena.
    Conserva las conjugaciones: sí.
    Hosting location: Russia.
    GAFAM and friends: 3 technologies.


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  • DeepL Translator

    Freemium Mac Windows Web iPhone iPad ... Android Android Tablet Website

    Cantidad de traducciones: única.
    Completo: sí.
    Precisión: muy buena.
    Conserva las conjugaciones: no.
    Hosting location: US, Canada.
    GAFAM and friends: 10 technologies.


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  • Reverso Context

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad ... Windows Mac Website

    Cantidad de traducciones: múltiples.
    Completo: sí.
    Precisión: excelente.
    Conserva las conjugaciones: sí.
    Hosting location: France.
    GAFAM and friends: 42 technologies.


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  • OmegaT

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Hosting location: US.
    GAFAM and friends: 12 technologies.


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