• Proxifier

    Commercial Mac Windows Website

    Advanced proxy client that can redirect internet app connections through a faster proxy.


    Proxifier icon
  • Kaleidoscope

    Commercial Mac iPad Website

    Use Kaleidoscope to spot the differences in text and image files. Review changes in seconds with the worlds most advanced file comparison application.


    Kaleidoscope icon
  • f.lux

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Website

    Software that makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.


    f.lux icon
  • Alfred

    Freemium Mac iPhone iPad Website

    Alfred is a productivity application for macOS, which boosts your efficiency with hotkeys, keywords and text expansion. Search your Mac and the web, and control your Mac using custom actions with the Powerpack.


    Alfred icon
  • Timing

    Commercial Mac Website

    Automatic time and productivity tracking app for Mac. Lets you track hours, improve productivity, and bill clients.


    Timing icon
  • Unclutter

    Commercial Mac Website

    Unclutter is a new handy place on your desktop for storing notes, files and pasteboard clips.

    To open your pocket, simply move the pointer to the top of screen and scroll down. Drag items from other applications to the top of screen to store them in Unclutter.

    Unclutter tools:

    • File Storage, to keep your Desktop clean from temporary files.
    • Notes, to write down something quickly.
    • Clipboard manager, to track what you copy and paste, browse clipboard history.

    Other features:

    • Instant, configurable access even in full screen mode.
    • Files and notes auto-sync across all your Macs via Dropbox.
    • Draggable cards that can stick on top of other windows.
    • Full multi-display support.
    • Retina display support.


    Unclutter icon
  • HazeOver

    Commercial Mac Website

    Too many windows to manage? Big display? Or getting lost in multiple monitors? HazeOver is for you! ? TRIAL version: HazeOver.com

    Get rid of distractions and focus on your current task. HazeOver automatically highlights the front app window by dimming all background windows.

    • Forget about having to minimize, close or hide windows to keep your Desktop sane.
    • Spend less time managing windows. Window clutter will no longer bother you.
    • Got a big screen? Then going full screen is not an option for you. HazeOver to the rescue!
    • Multiple displays? HazeOver will let you know which screen is focused or highlight a window on each monitor.
    • Working at night? Reduce brightness of macOS interface without sacrificing legibility or color accuracy of the front window.
    • Power up the Dark Mode in macOS Mojave and reduce background contrast.

    Heavy multi-tasking kills your concentration. All that tweets, emails, chat messages and lolcats staring back at you from the background. They strive for your attention. And you only have that much of it.

    Don’t let yourself drown in scores of open windows. Hiding, switching, looking for the right one, more hiding, more switching. Calm down, breathe in, breathe out, launch HazeOver and finally concentrate on what’s you’ve been up to.

    HazeOver automatically highlights an active window or app when you switch windows. The less important things gently fade away in the background, helping increase your productivity.

    Set the hazing intensity and speed to your liking. Be it a soft dimming, an undemanding hint to focus on your workflow. Or a powerful dark background for outright dedication to your current task.

    • Desktop is automatically revealed when used.
    • Toggle the shade with a keyboard shortcut or adjust intensity with a gesture.
    • Dragging stuff between apps? Tap “fn” key and HazeOver will gracefully fade out.


    HazeOver icon
  • Moom

    Commercial Mac Website

    Moom makes window management as easy as clicking a mouse button—or using a keyboard shortcut, if you're one of those types of people.


    Moom icon
  • Bandizip

    Freemium Mac Windows Website

    Bandizip is a powerful archiver which provides an ultrafast processing speed and convenient features. Available free of charge, and its paid editions support a variety of advanced features.


    Bandizip icon
  • aText

    Commercial Mac Windows Parallels Desktop Website

    aText accelerates your typing by replacing abbreviations with frequently used phrases you define.

    E.g. make an abbreviation “myname” to insert your name “First Middle Last” in any application.

    With aText you can easily avoid typing the same thing over and over.

    aText also makes it easier to type heard-to-insert symbols, images and formatted text.

    More Features

    • Insert the current date and time in any format
    • Embed clipboard content within snippet, embed snippet within another, send keys, use editable fields in snippet.
    • Reposition the cursor in the expanded snippet.
    • Auto-Correction: Automatically capitalize new sentences, correct double capitals.
    • Built-in snippet groups for misspelling correcting, HTML and JavaScript coding.
    • Cloud Sync: Sync via iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or any sync services.
    • Collaborate with other users in multi-user environment.
    • Import data from TextExpander, TypeIt4Me, SpellCatcherX, Automaton, CSV file.


    aText icon
  • Trello

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Windows S Android Tablet iPad Apple Watch Android Wear Kindle Fire Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Infinitely flexible. Incredibly easy to use. Great mobile apps. It's free. Trello keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details.


    Trello icon
  • Gemini 2

    Commercial Mac Website

    Gemini will quickly find and help you remove duplicates from your Mac. Make this routine task easy and fun with Gemini!

    Why waste your disk space on duplicates and similars? Wipe them away with Gemini 2. It's fast, precise, and frees up tons of space on your Mac.

    Easy-to-use and attractive interface
    •Beautifully crafted design
    •Drag-and-drop support
    •Pie chart of files divided by categories
    •Fabulous shredder-like duplicate deletion

    Powerful search engine
    •Fast scanning algorithms
    •Accurate file comparison
    •Finds duplicate folders as well
    •Supports external drives and network volumes

    Intuitive workflow
    •One-click duplicate selection wizard
    •Scan right from the Finder’s control-click menu
    •Ensures originals are kept untouched
    •Fully-fledged built-in preview

    Advanced flexibility
    •Wide sorting options
    •Move duplicates to Trash or erase completely
    •Make a list of files, folders or even file extensions to ignore
    •Select minimal size of duplicates to find

    Enjoy the fascinating process of finding and removing duplicates with Gemini!


    Gemini 2 icon
  • Popclip

    Commercial Mac Website

    PopClip appears when you select text with your mouse on your Mac. Instantly access context-specific actions including copy and paste, plus extensions like Send to Evernote. If you select text containing a URL, email address or file path, PopClip can open it. Select a misspelled word, and PopClip offers corrections. Select any text to do a web search with those terms, or select a single word to get the dictionary definition.

    More than 50 free extensions are available, including Paste and Match Style, Translate, Send to Evernote, Word Count, Capitalize and much, much more.


    Popclip icon
  • Jump Desktop

    Commercial Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Website

    Jump Desktop is a secure and reliable remote desktop app that lets you connect to any computer, anywhere in the world.


    Jump Desktop icon
  • Raindrop.io

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Vivaldi Browser Chrome Safari Yandex.Browser Opera Firefox Website

    Save Anything from Around the Web, organize with ease, ind your content with search, and collaborate.


    Raindrop.io icon
  • AnyDesk

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Chrome OS BSD Raspberry Pi Website

    Remote desktop app for sharing screens and files sharing across most devices focusing on speed and security.


    AnyDesk icon
  • PCalc

    Commercial Mac iPhone iPad Apple Watch Apple TV Website

    PCalc is the powerful choice for scientists, engineers, students, programmers, or indeed anybody looking for a feature rich calculator. It includes an optional RPN mode and multi-line display, a choice of button layouts, an extensive set of unit conversions and constants, a paper tape, multiple undo and redo, engineering and scientific notation, as well as support for hexadecimal, octal, and binary calculations.


    PCalc icon
  • WiFi Scanner

    Commercial Mac Website

    A 802.11 wireless scanner and connection manager for Mac OS X. WiFi Scanner will detect access points and clients in ad-hoc mode if the SSID is being broadcasted. It can be used for wireless site surveys, wireless discovery, and to connect to WiFi networks. The tool reports signal strength in dBm and shows access point BSSID/MAC addresses.


    Change Column Positions
    Sort Results
    Resolve Vendor OUI
    Noise and Signal/Noise Info
    Access Point Finder Using Audio Alert
    Integration with Sensor Pro as a remote GPS device


    WiFi Scanner icon
  • Keyboard Maestro

    Commercial Mac Website

    Keyboard Maestro enables you to create or record custom macro shortcuts that you can activate at any time.


    Keyboard Maestro icon
  • KeyCue

    Commercial Mac Website

    Menu shortcuts are supposed to provide quick access to frequently used menu commands. But honestly: how many menu shortcuts do you know by heart? KeyCue helps you to use your Mac OS X applications more effectively by displaying a concise table of all currently available menu shortcuts. Download a free trial version of KeyCue today!

    You no longer need to memorize and remember key combinations; just press the command key and KeyCue tells you what you want to know.

    Over time, you will automatically remember frequently used shortcuts and start working more efficiently.

    KeyCue gives you an instant overview of the overall functionality of any application, plus lets you automatically start working more efficiently by making use of menu shortcuts.

    The more shortcuts an application offers, the higher KeyCue's value. Click the thumbnail image above to see KeyCue showing Textmate's shortcuts in full size.


    KeyCue icon
  • ReNamer

    Freemium Windows Website

    ReNamer is a very powerful and flexible file renaming tool, which offers all the standard renaming procedures,.


    ReNamer icon
  • ZOC

    Commercial Mac Windows Website

    ZOC is a powerful and well-established terminal emulator and telnet client, well known for its outstanding user interface with tabbed multi session support.

    ZOC lets you access character based hosts using Secure Shell (SSH/SSH2), telnet, modem, ISDN and most other means of communication.

    ZOC can be used to connect to Unix/Linux hosts and shell accounts, BBS's, IBM mainframes (via TN3270 or TN5250), Cisco CLI (command line interface) or internet muds.


    ZOC icon
  • Station

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Website

    Station is the first smart workstation for busy people. A single place for all of your web-applications. .


    Station icon
  • TeamViewer

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Windows S Android Tablet iPad Kindle Fire Raspberry Pi Website

    TeamViewer lets you establish a connection to any PC or server within just a few seconds.


    TeamViewer icon
  • Shazam

    Freemium Mac Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad ... Apple Watch Android Wear Apple Messages Website

    Shazam gives instant satisfaction for when you want to know the name of that song playing on the radio.

    Just point your phone towards the music source to identify the track- you can also buy it instantly or share your discovery with friends and family.

    • New discoveries from artists you’ve Shazamed appear automatically
    • Follow new artists with a tap of a button and see what those artists are Shazaming
    • Stay up-to-date about new singles, albums, and videos from the artists you follow

    • Enjoy music lyrics and YouTube videos
    • Preview songs with Apple Music and add them to Rdio and Spotify playlists *
    • Launch Pandora radio based on artists you discover
    • With Auto Shazam we'll keep finding tunes for you even when you leave the app

    • Stay in the loop with Shazam’s real time charts
    • Quick links to Apple Music and the iTunes store
    • Connect Rdio or Spotify to play full tracks in Shazam
    • Check out recommended tracks to discover new music
    • Find out what’s popular in your town, your country and the world
    • Start an Apple Music radio station based on tracks you've Shazamed

    • See what your friends are Shazaming when you connect your Facebook account
    • Share your discoveries through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Google+ and more...

    • Shazam visual recognition gets you more - tap the camera icon to Shazam posters, magazines or books; anywhere where you see the Shazam camera logo
    • Visual recognition also works as a QR code reader
    • Buy tickets to see your favorite artists in concert


    Shazam icon
  • ScreenFlow

    Commercial Mac Website

    Capture the contents of your entire desktop at the same time as your video camera, microphone and computer's audio. Sophisticated editing tools allow you to create incredible screencasts in no time. The finished result is a QuickTime movie, ready for publishing to your website or blog.


    Record Everything
    Optimized for Mac OS X
    Pause Screen Recordings
    64-bit Support for Audio Capture
    Multi-layer Track Editing
    Screen Recording Highlights
    Video Annotations
    Customizable Cursors
    Powerful Titling
    Clip Speed and Freeze Frames
    Advanced Audio Edits
    Powerful Audio Quality Controls
    Drag & Drop
    Action Curves
    Color Correction
    Live Audio Scrubbing
    Export Quality
    Preset and Customized Export Settings
    Publish to YouTube or Vimeo
    Publish to Flash
    Elgato Turbo Integration
    Export part of the time line
    Document Packages
    And much more...


    ScreenFlow icon
  • FileZilla

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux BSD PortableApps.com ... ReactOS Website

    FileZilla is a powerful FTP-client. It has been designed for ease of use and with support for as many features as possible, while still being fast and reliable.


    FileZilla icon
  • Everything

    Free Windows Website

    File and folder lookup tool that searches across local, removable, and network mapped drives.


    Everything icon
  • 7-Zip

    Free Windows Linux BSD PortableApps.com ReactOS Website

    7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio.

    The main features of 7-Zip

    High compression ratio in 7z format with LZMA and LZMA2 compression
    Supported formats:
    Packing / unpacking: 7z, XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP and WIM
    For ZIP and GZIP formats, 7-Zip provides a compression ratio that is 2-10 % better than the ratio provided by PKZip and WinZip
    Strong AES-256 encryption in 7z and ZIP formats
    Self-extracting capability for 7z format
    Integration with Windows Shell
    Powerful File Manager
    Powerful command line version
    Plugin for FAR Manager
    Localizations for 87 languages

    7-Zip works in Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2012 / 2008 / 2003 / 2000 / NT. There is a port of the command line version to Linux/Unix.


    7-Zip icon
  • 1Password

    Commercial Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Apple Watch Vivaldi Browser Chrome Safari Yandex.Browser Opera Firefox Website

    1Password creates strong, unique passwords for all of your sites and logs you in with a single tap (or click).

    A single click opens your browser, opens a site, fills in your username and password, and logs you in.
    Our Strong Password Generator is your key to password liberation.
    One click creates a strong, unique password for each account, and our browser extension fills it into the website automatically.

    Organize your vault

    Mark your most important or frequently used items for quick access and sync this list among all your devices.
    Drag any mix of 1Password Logins, Secure Notes, and other items into folders for work, finances, social media, or any other grouping you need.
    Adding tags to 1Password items is a snap; focusing on them to get things done is even easier.

    Our new service keeps you informed about your security.
    Watchtower securely checks your logins for known vulnerabilities and tells you which sites need new passwords.


    1Password icon
  • Apple Configurator 2

    Free Mac Website

    Apple Configurator 2 makes it easy to deploy iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple TV devices in your school or business.


    Apple Configurator 2 icon
  • The Unarchiver

    Free Mac Website

    The Unarchiver is a small and easy to use program that can unarchive many different kinds of archive files. It will open common formats such as Zip, RAR (including v5), 7-zip, Tar, Gzip and Bzip2. It will also open many older formats, such as StuffIt, DiskDoubler, LZH, ARJ and ARC. It will even open other kinds of files, like ISO and BIN disc images, some Windows .EXE installers. The list is actually much longer - see the program homepage for the full list.

    The Unarchiver also tries to detect and correctly handle the filename encoding in the archives it opens, allowing you to open files from every part of the world without getting garbled filenames.


    The Unarchiver icon
  • Synergy

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Website

    Share one mouse, one keyboard, and one clipboard between multiple Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.


    Synergy icon
  • Snipaste

    Freemium Mac Windows Website

    Snipaste is a simple but powerful snipping tool, and also allows you to pin the screenshot back onto the screen.
    Then paste.
    Free. Customizable. Portable.


    Snipaste icon
  • Termius

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Chrome OS iPad Website

    Termius is more than a mere SSH client – it’s a complete command-line solution that’s redefining remote access for sysadmins and network engineers. Securely access Linux or IoT devices and quickly fix issues from the comfort of your couch via laptop or phone.

    Termius Free Features:

    • Enjoy a beautiful, hand-crafted interface for all major mobile and desktop systems.
    • Termius is always ad-free. You are not the product.
    • Pair credentials and servers for quick access.
    • Create groups to define shared settings and themes.
    • Tag your devices to stay organized.
    • Make it yours with 10 colorful themes and adjustable fonts.
    • Power through late-night sessions with the dark mode.
    • Make multiple connections to the same host or connect to multiple hosts.
    • Port forwarding and tunneling let you encrypt nearly any service or connection.

    Premium Termius Users Enjoy:

    • Sync settings and credentials across all devices with AES-256 end-to-end encryption.
    • Protect your account with two-factor authentication.
    • Leave your keys at home, safe and sound, with SSH agent forwarding.
    • Copy files with ease with our two-pane SFTP support.
    • Save your fingers with snippets of commonly used commands.
    • Export your desktop’s .ssh/config file via the command line.


    Termius icon
  • Shimo

    Commercial Mac Website

    Shimo supports every major VPN protocol that is currently available: The widely used CiscoVPN, the very secure OpenVPN and all standard-compliant IPSec connections. It also handles Point-to-Point Tunneling (PPTP) and Layer 2 Tunneling (L2TP) protocols. Even Cisco’s new Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol AnyConnect is supported by Shimo – the most flexible VPN client for Mac. Shimo also enables you to establish encrypted Secure Shell (SSH) connections including port forwarding for secure web browsing.

    CiscoVPN Support
    AnyConnect Support
    OpenVPN Support
    IPSec Support
    PPTP/L2TP Support
    Hamachi Support
    SSH Support
    Use Keychain for Passwords
    Certificate Management
    Advanced Notifications
    Automatic (Re-)Connection
    Syncing Profiles with MobileMe
    Scriptable with AppleScript
    Global Keyboard Shortcuts


    Shimo icon
  • Setapp

    Commercial Mac Web Website

    Setapp provides a curated collection of commercial apps available through a low-cost subscription. Access to the apps is driven by a straight-forward local app that neatly organizes them in a searchable, filterable and configurable list.

    The collection includes high quality apps, many of which are sold on the Mac App Store. And the entire batch is available through just a single subscription.


    Setapp icon
  • WinZip

    Commercial Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad ReactOS Website

    The world's best file compressor in the world. Start saving your time with the world's #1 compression software. Zip, protect, manage and share all your files quickly and easily.


    WinZip icon
  • Shadowrocket

    Commercial iPhone iPad Website

    Rule based proxy utility client for iPhone/iPad.

    • Capture all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic from any applications on your device, and redirect to proxy server.
    • Record and display HTTP, HTTPS, DNS request from your iOS devices.


    Shadowrocket icon
  • Todoist

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Apple Watch Chrome Microsoft Office Outlook Android Wear Safari Gmail Firefox Website

    Todoist is a task manager thats useful, fast and easy to use.

    Accomplish more, every day.
    Millions of people rely on Todoist to get things done.

    Todoist lets you manage your tasks anywhere.
    At home. At school. At work. Online. Offline. And on 13 platforms and devices.

    • Collaborate on shared tasks
    • Access tasks everywhere
    • Beautiful design


    Todoist icon
  • OmniFocus

    Commercial Mac Web iPhone iPad Website

    OmniFocus is designed to quickly capture your thoughts and ideas to store, manage, and help you process them into actionable to-do items.


    OmniFocus icon
  • Xnip

    Freemium Mac Website

    Handy screenshot App for macOS.
    Xnip has rich image annotation tools. Easy to use.

    Scrolling capture helps you to capture a full-page screenshot even if the content not showing on the current screen.
    You can use scrolling capture to capture your source code, article, chat history, etc.

    Window capturing with the shadow effect. Furthermore, you can select multiple windows and capture all of them together.
    With the color picker tool, you can pick the color of any pixel on the screen and make pixel-perfect capture.

    Measure objects by the screen with the physical unit size indicator of selection.
    Pin screenshot or any image on your screen.

    More information:http://www.xnipapp.com

    Subscribe Xnip Pro to remove the watermark in the screenshot and gain access to all features in the future update. The subscription will be auto-renew. You can stop auto-renew 1 day before the end of the current period.


    Xnip icon
  • AirBuddy

    Commercial Mac Website

    AirBuddy brings the same AirPods experience you have on iOS to the Mac. With AirBuddy, you can open up your AirPods case next to your Mac and see the status right away, just like it is on your iPhone or iPad. A simple click and you're connected and playing your Mac's audio to AirPods. Oh, it also makes sure the audio input of your Mac is NOT switched to the AirPods automatically when connecting so you can get the best possible quality.

    With the Batteries Notification Center widget, you can also see the battery status for your Mac, including how much battery time you have left or how long it'll take to finish charging (if it's charging). The widget also shows the battery status for your AirPods, their charging case, other W1 headsets like Beats headphones and your iOS devices.


    AirBuddy icon
  • MacUpdater

    Freemium Mac Website

    MacUpdater is an application that can scan your Mac and display which of the apps that you have installed are not up-to-date. MacUpdater can also update those outdated apps to their newest versions with a simple click.
    MacUpdater takes care of updating all those apps that you've obtained outside of the 'Mac App Store'.
    MacUpdater can silently run in the background and check your apps for updates every day and let you know with notifications once a new update is available.


    MacUpdater icon

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