Apps & Software I daily use

  • Useful tools that make their job to avoid leaks and corporations

    This is my daily software, the kind of software that you can use to replace bloated or non free software.

  • Everything I use to sail on numeric seas

  • Qwant

    Free Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad ... Chrome Firefox Website

    Qwant and I, it's like pushing out Google. I think we can do it. I did it, it's very easy, Qwant dev team is very open and learn more and more day after day. I reduced my Internet footprint since I adopted it (and also with the help of many others tools & softs I put in that list)


    Qwant icon
  • Mozilla Firefox

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet BSD iPad Snapcraft Haiku Fire TV Gecko Website

    Firefox is for me what the web created. A model of freedom, to help people to navigate on the network. I discovered Mozilla in 2001 and Firefox at the same date, I was young and since that time I didn't change it for an other. I tested some like Chrome (such a bad decision), Vivaldi, Opera, Brave (I like this one too) and some others but I am always keeping this fox near me. I'm very privacy cautious about what I send over the web and what I accept to show, that's why I use a modified version of it, privacy oriented.


    Mozilla Firefox icon
  • Inoreader

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet ... Windows Phone iPad Chrome Safari Kindle Fire Opera Firefox Website

    I use it for my constant watch, from IT to newspapers. It is simple to use. I have it on phone and on web as well.


    Inoreader icon
  • Brave

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Website

    I do like Brave, I like the project of a browser that would like to make a better web for all. From users to website administrators.
    Features are also very interesting, which browser have an ad-blocker integrated in its core ?
    Extensions aren't still present but I'm waiting, it is still in development. They need time to stabilize primary functions and appearance...Which is a bit, simple but very clear and user friendly, using familiar codes... though it is grey.


    Brave icon
  • Daily applications (for you as weeeelll :D)

    Just the usual stuff to have... from my PoV

  • balenaEtcher

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Very useful if you need LiveUSB. I also use Rufus when I need some with Windows.


    balenaEtcher icon
  • KeePassXC

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Well... after some time on Buttercup I had a need : to have it on phone as well.
    I looked back to Alternatives and came to KeepassXC (mostly because Keepass 2 interface looked old and later because I discovered that flaws existed in Keepass memory management & encryption)
    Here I am on KeepassXC and Keepass DX for phone)

    I don't even need to pay for sync because I put it on my Cloud, look below.


    KeePassXC icon
  • Films, multimedia and music

  • Pocket Radio Player

    Free Windows Windows S Website

    Just my radio player, nothing else. I always listen the same radio, day after day. A Star Citizen dedicated radio & broadcasting around the galaxy, covering the quadrant and guiding space pirates in asteroid fields. The first radio I like, which is non mainstream, without ads, community supported and where. I say the only radio who broadcast ads for spaceships :)


    Pocket Radio Player icon
  • VLC Media Player

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Windows S Android Tablet BSD Windows Phone iPad Blackberry 10 Apple Watch Apple TV F-Droid Kindle Fire Haiku Website

    Just the best Media Player ever made on Earth, supported by many people all over the world. It cans nearly listen every audio and video format. Broadcast over your network and acts as a media server and vice versa, becoming a client and extract a video or audio from a web flux, listen podcasts and more. That thing is truly magical.


    VLC Media Player icon
  • Games

    (Mostly what I have on Steam and grabbed elsewhere)

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