Apps & Software I daily use

I saw AlternativeTo offered the possibility to make lists, I found some fitting to my likes but none with all things, tools, and software I use. So I decided to make mine.
I'm someone who's cautious about its own privacy, I work a lot to keep and control what I diffuse or show on the network. I like Open Source, Linux, networking, hacking things, chill and help people. So in that list you'll find a lot of free and open source software. I can only promote it, in a society who begins to control us more and more.
On the other side I hate people or organization who think they can do what they want, like controlling people. Or tell us the way to think. That's why rebels, hackers, independent minds and those who seek trust are here.
"The net is vast and infinite" - Ghost In The Shell - 1997
“It is not society that determines people’s futures. It is people who determine society’s future.” - Psycho-Pass - 2012

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    Free Web Website

    Qwant and I, it's like pushing out Google. I think we can do it. I did it, it's very easy, Qwant dev team is very open and learn more and more day after day. I reduced my Internet footprint since I adopted it (and also with the help of many others tools & softs I put in that list)


  • Useful tools that make their job to avoid leaks and corporations

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    I made a choice between KeePass & Buttercup I choose Buttercup. Sure it is still in dev. Sure it isn't hardened like KeePass is. But I like it, it brings a fresh interface made with Electron. Random Password Generator is great and I found a tweak to sync my password database without to pay anything with a cloud. So I have all functionalities offered by software like LastPass or Dashlane. Maybe I'll make a WebDAV one of these days to sync my DB or I'll wait for NextCloud support without webDAV


  • Everything I use to sail on numeric seas

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    Mozilla Firefox

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    Firefox is for me what the web created. A model of freedom, to help people to navigate on the network. I discovered Mozilla in 2001 and Firefox at the same date, I was young and since that time I didn't change it for an other. I tested some like Chrome (such a bad decision), Vivaldi, Opera, Brave (I like this one too) and some others but I am always keeping this fox near me. I'm very privacy cautious about what I send over the web and what I accept to show, that's why I use a modified version of it, privacy oriented.